Geometric Stenciled Floor

Painted Floor DIY    Hi, it's Sarah Sherman Samuel here again from, Smitten Studio & A Sunny Afternoon, with another fun DIY. I wanted to spruce up the flooring in my new studio (dreaming I had the funds to install beautiful cement tile like these), and I realized the least expensive and biggest impact would come with painting the existing tile. I wanted the floors to have some personality but not compete with all the patterns I create for my A Sunny Afternoon products, so I came up with the floor design to compliment a couple of my favorite prints (like here and here).Painted Floor DIY Supplies needed for this are: 1. paint roller 2. 2"-3" paint brush 3. floor paint, I used this one in white. 4. poster board 5. Xacto knife 6. 1" foam brush

I started with prepping the floor by cleaning it thoroughly making sure to let it dry before beginning to paint. I then cut in the edges with a paint brush and rolled the paint onto the rest of the floor. It took me two coats of paint, one saturday morning, and a fantastic shoulder workout to fully cover the dark tile.Painted Floor DIY  To create the stencil I printed out a triangle that I made in Adobe Illustrator and then placed it on top of a piece of this poster board (you could probably just as easily draw a simple triangle). Holding the paper and poster board down with one hand I cut the triangle out with an Xacto knife, tracing over the printed triangle. To use the stencil I held it flat against the ground and dabbed a small foam brush to apply the paint. You only need a little bit of paint on the brush so I'd recommend blotting it on some scrap cardboard before bringing your brush to the floor. If you have too much paint it can seep under the stencil and give you a globby triangle.Painted Floor DIY   The best part about this floor is there's no measuring! I wanted it to look random so I just placed the stencil wherever I felt like it, making sure to tilt and turn it so that all he triangles didn't end up facing the same way. 

Once I had all the dark triangles down I mixed in a few metallic gold ones to give it a little more dimension. The gold paint I used is just craft paint so I am not banking on the fact that it will last forever, but it isn't a high traffic area and even if it eventually gets scuffed up I wouldn't mind. I would not recommend using that type of paint for this in large amounts or high traffic areas. If you want the best long term results, I would say stick with the floor paint.Painted Floor DIY abeautifulmess.comAnd that's it! These little triangles will definitely put an extra skip in my step while I'm at the office. Would you, or have any of you, tried painting a floor?  xo  Sarah

Credits // Author & Photography: Sarah Sherman Samuel

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