Peppermint White Russian Recipe

Peppermint White Russian RecipeIn our group of friends everyone loves White Russians. We even served them at our wedding! Here's a fun Holiday spin on an old favorite. We're big fans of peppermint over here! Peppermint White Russian… a perfect Holiday cocktail!Peppermint White Russian, serves one 

Fill a glass with ice and then combine- 2 parts peppermint schnapps, 2 part Bailey's (the coffee flavored kind), 1 part half and half. Garnish the rim with crushed candy canes (I used honey to make them stick) or add a peppermint stick to the drink! 

The recipe above is mildly minty. If you like a lot of mint flavor, try dipping your straw in peppermint extract and stirring it into the drink. Peppermint White RussianDo you have a favorite Holiday cocktail (or mocktail) recipe? If so, please share! xo. Elsie 

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