Peppermint White Russian Recipe

Peppermint White Russian RecipeIn our group of friends everyone loves White Russians. We even served them at our wedding! Here's a fun Holiday spin on an old favorite. We're big fans of peppermint over here! Peppermint White Russian… a perfect Holiday cocktail!Peppermint White Russian, serves one 

Fill a glass with ice and then combine- 2 parts peppermint schnapps, 2 part Bailey's (the coffee flavored kind), 1 part half and half. Garnish the rim with crushed candy canes (I used honey to make them stick) or add a peppermint stick to the drink! 

The recipe above is mildly minty. If you like a lot of mint flavor, try dipping your straw in peppermint extract and stirring it into the drink. Peppermint White RussianDo you have a favorite Holiday cocktail (or mocktail) recipe? If so, please share! xo. Elsie 

  • I’m partial to this Spiced Cranberry Cocktail (probably because I invented it!) 🙂 But we will be trying yours tonight! I picked up the stuff for it a couple of days ago. Merry Christmas!!

  • I’ve had really good self-control with the Bailey’s this season, but this might be my breaking point! I’ll have to get some now!

  • Before this post I didn`t even know that peppermint schnaps existed,but I have to say this looks sooo delicious I might wanna try it 🙂


  • Yum! I have been looking for a recipe to use my homemade irish cream in this year… found!

  • I love white Russians, and this recipe looks yummy! Just missing the “Russian” part – where’s the vodka?!

  • This looks amazing, will definitely have to try this. It might become my new favorite holiday drink! Although my mom has a pretty great concoction she starts making months before the holidays, cherry bounce its delicious!

  • Looks devine! Love the sprinkles for a Christmas touch! The other day I tried a White Russian with Tia Maria, Vodka, Milk and shed loads of double cream…..although it was incredibly naughty it was heavenly! May have to try your recipe next, Peppermint flavour sounds too good to miss! TPS xx

  • This looks great. And it’s making me thirsty! Great way to present it too, perfect for Christmas. Love it!


  • White Russians are my favorite! I will have to try this one!

  • oh gosh, I love white russians! I will definitely have to try this!! Great idea 🙂

  • Q: Haven’t you forgotten the milk/cream in this recipe?
    A: That’s what the “half and half” is. 😀

  • My husband & I just watched the Big Lebowski and he was saying how he wanted a white Russian. I’m going to try these at Christmas. Thanks for the idea!!

    We always make Caribbean food for Christmas and drink Lime Squash. It’s prefect with or without Rum. Your bar cart makeover has been making me crave some Pimm’s though. I might have to get that too!

  • Mmmm this looks so good! Baileys is an all time fave of mine, can’t wait to give this a go!

  • Haven’t you forgotten the milk/cream in this recipe? I really love a good white russian too, but I’m not a big fan of peppermint unfortunately..

  • That might be delicious!

  • I love White Russian! Not sure about the peppermint. Would have to try this…

  • Delicious! See me get into the holiday spirit in Winter Wonderland here:


  • Wow looks so yummy !
    New post up:

  • In my family we always make Snowbunnies! Hot chocolate, vodka and peppermint schnapps! So yummy!

    Thanks for the recipe! Can’t wait to try it 🙂
    Smiles and all the best,

  • That looks great. And in my country we drink always Christmas punch, mulled wine and mead. The last ist the best. You could drink it hot or cold. Have a nice day.

  • I have had some fun nights drinking White Russians! This twist looks great!

  • I’m not a peppermint fan but I am a Baileys fan, so I may or may not have to try this!

    xo Jennifer

  • Awesome cocktail! Feeling totally Xmas inspired now!

    Here’s another one for I designed a couple of years ago and till haven’t tired of it yet!

    Dashing Through the Snow –

    30ml of 42 Below Manuka Honey
    1 dash Vanilla Liquer
    120ml Pineapple Juice
    Vanilla Bean to Garnish

    Prep: Fill a tumbler with ice. Add 42 below manuka honey, vanilla liqueur and top with pineapple juice. Stir and garnish with a vanilla bean to serve.

    Hey presto magic in a glass!

    For a couple more of my delicious cocktail recipes see the link below.

  • Mulled wine, baby! I use red wine, a couple shots of bourbon or rye (brandy is also wonderful), mulling spices, sliced apples and oranges, a bit of sugar. Mull in the slow cooker until hot. Delicious all day long during our Christmas Eve party.

  • Oh Em Gee. I am so stoked that it’s winter. Much as I loved all of your fall posts, I’m not a fan of chai or pumpkin. Bring on the peppermint! 😀

  • YEAH!!! I’m totally heading to the liquor store before it closes!! I love White Russians!! =) Peppermint ones sounds delicious!!! =)


  • We love White Russians around here too…have to try this version, yum!

    I am a sucker for Hot Buttered Rums around the holidays. They’re easily vegan-ified with Earth Balance 🙂


    -Daisy Nguyen from the PS BANANAS! fashion blog:

  • Oh my oh my! White russians are a weakness! I have a few stories that need to remain untold! But this is definitely the way to drink it right now! What a great idea with the peppermint!

  • Santa Baby!
    25ml Cointreau
    25ml vodka
    50ml apple juice
    25ml cranberry juice
    Shake with ice and garnish with a cherry 🙂

    Lovely and fruity, great after a heavy dinner!

  • White Russians are my favourite! Peppermint is my other favourite! Why didn’t I think of this before!? >_<

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