Peter Pan and The Lost Boys Costume DIY

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys-- such a fun costume idea!Every year we try to think of a good family costume idea that everyone is on board with. My oldest daughter, Hope, is usually the most opinionated (it NEEDS to be special!). So I usually figure I’ve found a winner if she’s into it. This year we chose Peter Pan and the Lost Boys and had too much fun with it!

First things first: How do you make a Peter Pan costume? I was pleasantly suprised at how simple this was. Make sure the fabric you buy is fleece. Fleece is SO forgiving.

Peter Pan Costume DIY StepsSupplies: green fleece (I bought 2 yards and had extra), large paper for creating the pattern, sewing machine, measuring tape, scissors, red feather

Step 1: Create your pattern by tracing around an existing piece of clothing. I chose one that was sleeveless and just created my own sleeves later. Cut out the back piece using the pattern. Set aside.

Step 2: Cut your paper pattern in half. We want this to be a wrap dress/tunic, so use half of the pattern to cut the front piece. On the straight side, add an extra 5 or 6 inches out before you cut. This way the edges will be longer and able to wrap around the body.

Step 3-4: Your pieces should look something like this. Sew the edges with the cutouts together (in the photo, the edges that are closest are the ones sewn). Also, sew the shoulders.

Step 5: To create your own sleeves, measure around the inside of the arm hole. Cut a rectangle that length (as wide as you want) and sew around the arm hole. Make sure your seam is on the inside of the dress. I had to redo my first one because I wasn’t paying close enough attention.

Step 6: Once your sleeves are attached, cut out triangles around the sleeves and bottom of the dress.

Step 7: For the hat, measure from your forehead to the back of your head. Cut two triangles with a curved bottom from the fleece and stitch, leaving the bottom open. Turn right-side out and cut two notches out for your feather.

Darling Peter Pan Costume DIY

Love this family costume idea-- Peter Pan and the Lost Boys (includes costume DIYs)Creating homemade costumes is a lot of fun because you get to make some things, grab things out of your closet, and buy this or that to complete them. Everything we wore came straight from our closets (yes, even that fleece animal suit—recycled from Where the Wild Things Are costumes from a couple years ago), minus my youngest daughter’s animal hat. Making ears is really simple if you have a sewing machine and some faux fur on hand!

Animal Ears DIYStep 1: Cut two same-size triangles from faux fur.

Step 2: Turn inside out and stitch around the edges, leaving the bottom open for stuffing. Make sure to tuck the extra fur inside as you go around with the sewing machine.

Step 3: Turn right-side out and stuff.

Step 4: Hand-stitch onto a hat or headband.

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys costume DIY

One of the Lost Boys helping Peter Pan fly-- great costume DIY!

Perfect Peter Pan and the Lost Boys costume DIY

Adorable Peter Pan and the Lost Boys family costumeWhat I love about this costume theme is it’s not just great for families. If you are hitting up a Halloween party, this would make a great costume set for a bunch of friends!

If you’re looking for more family/group costume ideas, you might check out this one or this one. The classics are great because they never go out of style! xo. Katie

Credits // Author: Katie Shelton, Photography: Janae Hardy

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