Peter Pan and The Lost Boys Costume DIY

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys-- such a fun costume idea!Every year we try to think of a good family costume idea that everyone is on board with. My oldest daughter, Hope, is usually the most opinionated (it NEEDS to be special!). So I usually figure I’ve found a winner if she’s into it. This year we chose Peter Pan and the Lost Boys and had too much fun with it!

First things first: How do you make a Peter Pan costume? I was pleasantly suprised at how simple this was. Make sure the fabric you buy is fleece. Fleece is SO forgiving.

Peter Pan Costume DIY StepsSupplies: green fleece (I bought 2 yards and had extra), large paper for creating the pattern, sewing machine, measuring tape, scissors, red feather

Step 1: Create your pattern by tracing around an existing piece of clothing. I chose one that was sleeveless and just created my own sleeves later. Cut out the back piece using the pattern. Set aside.

Step 2: Cut your paper pattern in half. We want this to be a wrap dress/tunic, so use half of the pattern to cut the front piece. On the straight side, add an extra 5 or 6 inches out before you cut. This way the edges will be longer and able to wrap around the body.

Step 3-4: Your pieces should look something like this. Sew the edges with the cutouts together (in the photo, the edges that are closest are the ones sewn). Also, sew the shoulders.

Step 5: To create your own sleeves, measure around the inside of the arm hole. Cut a rectangle that length (as wide as you want) and sew around the arm hole. Make sure your seam is on the inside of the dress. I had to redo my first one because I wasn’t paying close enough attention.

Step 6: Once your sleeves are attached, cut out triangles around the sleeves and bottom of the dress.

Step 7: For the hat, measure from your forehead to the back of your head. Cut two triangles with a curved bottom from the fleece and stitch, leaving the bottom open. Turn right-side out and cut two notches out for your feather.

Darling Peter Pan Costume DIY

Love this family costume idea-- Peter Pan and the Lost Boys (includes costume DIYs)Creating homemade costumes is a lot of fun because you get to make some things, grab things out of your closet, and buy this or that to complete them. Everything we wore came straight from our closets (yes, even that fleece animal suit—recycled from Where the Wild Things Are costumes from a couple years ago), minus my youngest daughter’s animal hat. Making ears is really simple if you have a sewing machine and some faux fur on hand!

Animal Ears DIYStep 1: Cut two same-size triangles from faux fur.

Step 2: Turn inside out and stitch around the edges, leaving the bottom open for stuffing. Make sure to tuck the extra fur inside as you go around with the sewing machine.

Step 3: Turn right-side out and stuff.

Step 4: Hand-stitch onto a hat or headband.

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys costume DIY

One of the Lost Boys helping Peter Pan fly-- great costume DIY!

Perfect Peter Pan and the Lost Boys costume DIY

Adorable Peter Pan and the Lost Boys family costumeWhat I love about this costume theme is it’s not just great for families. If you are hitting up a Halloween party, this would make a great costume set for a bunch of friends!

If you’re looking for more family/group costume ideas, you might check out this one or this one. The classics are great because they never go out of style! xo. Katie

Credits // Author: Katie Shelton, Photography: Janae Hardy

  • Katie, thank you so much! I always was just dreaming to create Halloween costumes for my kids. This year I am did it. We were using your tips and created Robin Hood costume for my daughter;) It looks awesome. She needs it for the camp but she decided to use it for Halloween as well. Thank you! Have a great summer!

  • You are my hero! I made a costume based off of another pattern, out of felt, and while the hat and shoe covers turned out really great, the tunic was like a shapeless, itchy, horrible green felt sack. So I got some fleece that matched my great green felt hat well enough and made a tunic out of your pattern and it looks SO GOOD. I am an adult woman, and I accidentally cut the V in the neck slightly too big, so I used some velcro at the neckline to make it stay closed and not look scandalous, but this is the best, easiest, most comfortable pattern for a good-looking Peter Pan tunic I’ve seen in all my extensive research this Halloween season. I was seriously bummed with my felt tunic and now I’m excited about going out on Friday in my fleece one. I’m 26, but I was sort of trying to recreate the costume I wore many, many times, and not just at Halloween, as a child when I was obsessed with Peter Pan. Thank you so much for your help! (I convinced my boyfriend to go as Wendy, and now that my costume actually looks good, we’ll win so many contests!)

  • how did the side pieces from picture 3 turn into the front of the costume shown on picture 5?

    my girlfriend and I are doing Peter Pan and Hook. I am trying my first DIY costume. will be first time with a sewing machine, too, but I think I can do it!

  • I love this idea, and these pictures are awesome haha!!


  • Not sure if this generation knows about Peter Pan..But this costume is really cute and easy to make.

    We have decided to go for the Monsters University costume this year

  • Amazing costumes, you all look so great! 🙂 Shame we don’t really do costumes for Halloween here in Poland, it sure looks lke lots of fun! 🙂

  • Oh my goodness, so cute!!! Such a great idea!

  • Omg this is too cute! Great idea, if it was only more than just my husband and I.


  • OMG Hope!! She looks gorgeous! But also too grown up 🙂 and I LOVE Poe’s face in that first picture! She’s too precious.

    These costumes are super amazing! I love it!

  • Seriously, this is the cutest thing ever! When I have a family, this sounds like an amazing tradition!


  • Such awesome ideas for DIY costumes! Love the Peter Pan costume made from fleece – they all are very creative and original. I wanted to let you and your readers know about the Creative Costume Contest happening at – it’s open to everyone and you are free to submit multiple entries as long as each one is a different costume.

    Thanks again for showing us how you created the outfit for Peter Pan 🙂


  • Not only are these costumes incredibly cute and I am SO in love with your little family… the photographs of Hope and Poe are just BEAUTIFUL. Janae is SO talented 🙂

  • this makes me want to have a family just to be able to do this! lol

  • oh my gosh. I die. this is the absolute cutest halloween, DIY, family costume series ever! precious. if life could be this cute everyday, i’m pretty sure it would be close to heaven. so so good. thanks for sharing this! amazing.

  • Wow, this is magically cute! And it looks warmer than any costume you can buy from a store! Halloween is cold! I don’t understand how people can dress so light and not be freezing the whole time!

  • adorable family! that little one is so precious


  • KATIE!!! I don’t think Ill ever get over how cute your whole family is!!! These are fantastic! Poe is sooooo adorable in these!! Love love love!

  • Oh My Goddd!!! The youngest baby is too much for the heart specially with those 2 furry ears!!!
    Love love love it!


  • Awww. this is so cute!!!!

  • So cool. Want to join the family lol Always love making a costume with pieces you have or find.

  • This is so adorable and the pictures are just great! The girls are so beautiful…all 3 of them!

  • I love it! That’s the greatest idea that i ever seen. I love it! Simple and pretty..

    Irene Wibowo

  • This is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen!


  • This is so adorable, great idea for halloween!

  • I love u peter pan :))) <3 Great great great!!! Really really love it!


  • This is the most adorable family i have ever seen!!

  • I love how this can be used for all ages and all genders! I definitely wanted to be part of the lost boys as a little kid, and I was told I was a girl so I couldn’t be one. Shows them wrong! Great costume idea.

  • Oh MY! I LOVE Peter Pan. This is AMAZING! So adorable!

  • This is adorable! My roommates and I went to a halloween party as max and the wild things last year and i spent hours slaving over our costumes! It was so much fun and we ended up winning the costume contest!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  • !!!!!! YOU GUYS this is so cute!! I just caught the play peter and the starcatcher so I’m peter pan crazy right now.

  • Hope is the absolutest prettiest little girl! Love the family costumes you come up with!

  • That’s so CUTE
    I can’t believe it… so cuuute 🙂
    Your family is lovely 🙂

  • SO CUTE!! Your girls are so precious. These are such great family pictures!

  • Really cute costumes, I love the Peter Pan story, plus, with fleece you are comfortable enough to party for hours, just great!

  • Really cute costumes, I love the Peter Pan story, plus, with fleece you are comfortable enough to party for hours, just great!

  • LOVE this! You have such an adorable family! I actually made my own Peter Pan costume last year and was happy with how easy it was to put together 🙂 I love that you have the lost boys too!

  • Ohhh my gosh, how adorable! This is the sweetest idea in the world! Love it!

    Jamie @

  • This is seriously one of the cutest family Halloween costumes I have ever seen! Definitely going to do this when I have kids!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • these photos are fantastic!
    such a sweet idea 🙂

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • Wauu… I just simply love these pictures. I agree, it is really fun to create your own costume. I made my own pumpkin costume this week and it came out really good 🙂

    /Anja N, Denmark

  • Ahhhhhhh!!!! This is the greatest! The Lost Boys were always my favorite characters in Peter Pan. I’m always bummed at Halloween that we never have an opportunity to dress up as a family – just the littles when they Trick or Treat – but this year, I may put something together just for the heck of it. It would make for fun pics at least! HAHA!

    Lots of love,

  • Ahhh you have the cutest family on the planet! I love this idea and how simple it actually it! Good one 😉

    xx -b.

  • Oh my gosh, this is way cute. love how awesomely real they look and LOVE the photography!


  • SO cute, and they’re such an adorable family. The cardboard swords make me smile. I’m going to do a DIY Thor costume, mostly cardboard, except for the cape.

  • Oh my goodness, best family costume ever (because i’d actually wear that)! Love the little details like the red feather in the cap, and the blue button up body suit–just like what Michael wears! 🙂
    Sarah M

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