Photos from Switzerland

Swiss flagsHere are a few of our very favorite photos from our honeymoon in Switzerland. Believe me, we took a lot more. 🙂 Looking through these again, trying to decide which to show you here, I keep thinking what a wonderful trip it was. If you ever have the chance to visit Switzerland we cannot recommend it enough. It's a truly fantastic country and I'm glad we got to see a little bit of it!Gelato loveOld townZurich bridgeEmma in zurichDessert!SwansStrong coffeeLove locksEmma at dinnerFavorite dinnerWe spent a few days in Zurich. You can read about some of our recommendations hereThe beautiful swiss alpsEmma chapmanTrey in the swiss alpsSwiss alpsSwiss chocolateEmma on her honeymoonHoneymoon beersTremma honeymoonEngelberg angelsView from our hotel balconyNext we spent some time in a quaint little town called Engelberg. We hiked in the Alps, ate some good food and drinks and enjoyed some relaxation time together.Ski lodge dining roomBreakfast at the ski lodgeOutdoor seating at the ski lodgeSki lodge dining areaSki lodge dining room2Ski lodge barSki lodge lobbyAnd I have to share a few more photos from the hotel we stayed in while in Engelberg because it could not have been more perfect. Loved it!

I'm so glad Trey and I took so many photos while we honeymooned. I just know I'm going to treasure all of them forever. Thanks for letting us share! xo. Emma (and Trey)

  • I’ve only just come across this post and it’s such coincidental timing – I’m sitting here planning what I need to pack to move to Switzerland two weeks from today! So glad you enjoyed my country (I am originally Swiss) and thank you for making me excited for the big move!

  • i was just in switzerland myself! i was primarily in interlaken. it was our last stop of a 35 day backpacking trip and the most beautiful place in the world, my goodness. your pictures are beautiful!

  • Beautiful photos!!

    Lulu xx

  • I need to get to those mountains!!!!! Those are my favorite shots out of all these pics 🙂 Thank you for sharing these!


  • i love all these shots, i bet emma’s new all blonde do fit right in there!!

  • It looks beautiful! Definitely a place to put on my Bucket List! 🙂

  • We went to Switzerland on our honeymoon too! I am so happy you loved it! I am originally from there (moved to Canada when I was nine)…we are actually planning to move there (my husband, son and I) next Summer 🙂 It really is a magical place 🙂
    Congratulations again!


  • I went to Switzerland last week to visit my sister – Its such a beautiful place isn’t it! It looks like you had a great time, your photos are amazing! x

  • Amazingly beautiful…my hubby works for a Swiss company and we may have the chance to move there! Will take it in a heartbeat 😉

  • Such beautiful photos!

    xo Lisa

  • Beautiful photos! Looks like you had a wonderful time, full of lovely memories.

    Alex from

  • Your trip looks AMAZING!! You guys are such a cute couple! Also? Trey can fucking jump!!!

    What’s the story behind the locks? I forget what the significance is, but it looks really cool.

  • Beautiful photos – Switzerland looks so quaint and lovely!

  • Beautiful photos!! Glad you had a great honeymoon, it looks absolutely gorgeous there. 🙂

  • I absolutely love these, gorgeous. So glad that you two had such a wonderful time together! The pictures are just magical 🙂

  • Congratulations! Gorgeous shots, but I also need an ID on the black shorts with the scalloped hem. 🙂

  • It looks beautiful! I really have to go to Switzerland soon, I mean come on, I live in France, we’re neighbors!!
    Looks like you had a lovely time there!

  • Ron Diplomático! Reserva exclusiva. Directly from Venezuela in Switzerland 🙂

  • Love the pics! It looks like an amazing place – the walls with the drawings all over them are so cute and clever! Beautiful views too –

  • Thanks for sharing some of your honeymoon moments with us! it looks like a pretty special trip! i wish you all the best

  • great photos. switzerland looks amazing.

    – Janine

  • This is so cool! Like, way better than hanging on some crowded beach, right? Also, I can’t lie, I love your hair blonde like this.


  • stunning photos! love the brick streets and the scrumptious ice cream and the one with your hubby jumping! awesome!

  • Such amazing photos! I love the look of the resturant with the doodled wall… So awesome!!! 🙂 You guys look so happy in these pics. Congratulations for marry someone you love who makes you this happy!

  • What beautiful photos and what a beautiful couple! Switzerland was one of the EU countries that I may have overlooked. Seeing your photos- I now realize that I have yet another country I want to tack onto my “to-go-to” list. Thanks for sharing! x

  • So fun that you were having Venezuelan rum in Switzerland. As a Venezuelan, I feel proud, and I love Diplomatico. Cheers!

  • the epitome of beauty-full!

  • Gorgeousgorgeousgorgeous, Switzerland is a must on the places to visit list!

  • Thanks for sharing! What a nice pictures and what a nice honeymoon!!!


  • Love the wedding dress; it’s so beautiful!
    Best wishes to the newlyweds from Bern!

  • I just got home from Switzerland <3 It’s my second home and I long to be there most of the time. Absolutely gorgeous shots!

    I did a fashion post on my blog in Zurich…Check it out!

  • Your photos are beautiful! The food looks divine! European architecture is amazing, hope to make it over there soon!

  • How wierd is this! In that photo of you in the striped black & white tank top standing in the street….I live just down the street and to the right!
    Switzerland is insanely gorgeous, I’d recommend it to everyone. I’ve lived here for 10 years now and I’m still enjoying every time I can just stare at the beautiful views – it’s unbelievable! xo, Michelle
    (I also have some pretty photos of Switzerland and Engelberg on my blog if anyone’s interested)

  • wonderful! love it! 😉

  • I love swans, they’re so elegant!

  • These pictures are beautiful!!

  • Switzerland is so beautiful! And the interiors! I love it!


  • I need to know what kind do camera you used!! Your pictures are amazing!!

    Dana Ivy – check out my blog!

  • lovely photos, i’d love to travel there someday 🙂

  • Switzerland look so fun! I want to visit there someday too!

    with love, Cassandra xx

  • So gorgeous! Definitely a place I want to travel to someday. Congrats 🙂

  • Haha! I laughed so hard at Trey jumping! Cute! Glad you guys had fun!

    love, polly 😀

  • really beautiful! I hope I can return back to the alps, it was such an amazing experience and view

  • Felicitations. So glad you had a nice time in our country I hope you come back again soon. Enjoy reading your blog, thank you.

  • Weather was so bad lately in Switzerland.. seeing those sunny pictures, i guess you guys were lucky for your honeymoon!

  • Do you know, what Engelberg means?
    Angelmountain 🙂
    That’s definitely a place for honeymoon!

    Love, Midsommarflicka

  • The photos are beautiful. I still have not made it there. I will have to go soon. It is a beautiful place.

  • Being Swiss, living in Texas – I truly enjoyed some pictures of my homeland. Glad you had an awesome time there on your honeymoon, hope you will publish some more pictures.

  • I live in Zurich and I’m very happy that you liked it!!!
    Your pics are beautiful!Thanks for sharing them 🙂

  • These pictures are all so wonderful! Seems like you had an amazing time! xxx

  • Oh, we are on the way to go back to live in Switzerland next month, in the french part of it. Nice you loved your honeymoon there and Engelberg is a nice little town, I was there in the winter when I was young and have lots of beautiful memories.

  • Your photos are great! Where did you take those photos with doodles/drawings on them? I loved the idea! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • I’m swiss/american, grew up in switzerland and live 15min from Zurich. Fun to look at your pics, next time call me up and i’ll give you some ‘insider-tipps’ 🙂

  • It’s soooooooo Beautiful!!! Congrats! You look so Cute together!!! XO! <3

  • These photos are so wonderful! Definitely on my to-visit list!
    Juliette Laura

  • I love that you showed so many! I’m currently editing ours from our Eurotrek 2013 and I just love posting about it because it’s like I am re-living those wonderful moments all over again!

  • This looks so beautiful! My dad actually used to live in Switzerland a loooong time ago and now my best friend lives 15 minutes away from Geneva. 🙂


  • Looks like such a beautiful place, especially for a honeymoon! Congrats to you two 🙂 xx

    Allie @

  • I definitely would love to visit Switzerland too. Thanks for the photos 🙂

  • Looks like an amazing trip! I’m jealous 🙂

    Carina xx

  • Oh looked absolutely beautiful and glad you both had a great time. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful photos and memories here with us!!

  • These photos are so, so beautiful! Now I really want to visit Switzerland! Where did you get your shorts with the scalloped edges from? They’re really cute!

  • I lived in a politically German town in the northern Swiss borders for about a year and a half. I – love – Switzerland! (shoot, I just realized I named my blog and shop from Swiss German – yes! i do love it!)

    So glad your honeymoon experience was a success. Keep the pictures coming. Brings me back…

  • I don’t think Switzerland would come to mind when thinking about a honeymoon but I am glad you loved it!

    xo Jennifer

  • Such a beautiful place to honeymoon! We lived outside of Bern for almost a year, and this post brought back wonderful memories…

  • Wow- Love the photo of Trey-the one where it looks like he’s about to jump off the mountain 😀

  • Oh that looks so awesome!! I’ve always wanted to go somewhere by the Alps, its so breathtaking!!

  • Switzerland is such a magical place. I used to go there so often when I was younger and I always loved it so much. Lovely pictures!

  • sweet! thanks for sharing 🙂 my big brother lives in switzerland (in lausanne) and I’ve been dying to visit him.

  • Congratulations again! I looks like such a fun and memorable time 🙂

  • Oh, I just love it! I can’t get over that view. WOW. 🙂 Such beautiful imagery!

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