Print Your Own Recipe Cards!

Whether you love or hate to cook, there’s probably one question that we all ask ourselves several times a day: “What should I make to eat?” While I do use different sites like Pinterest to keep and compile different recipes I would like to try, I have to say that I still think the best thing is a good old recipe card with all the info I need right on the card. I love that I have recipe cards in my binder that are almost 20 years old (written out in my Mom’s beautiful handwriting), detailing how to make some of my childhood favorites. And they are right next to recipes from my grandmother and friends with little notes in the margins for tweaks that I wanted to make as I made them. In case you haven’t started a recipe collection yet (or just want more cards and dividers to add into yours), we’ve teamed up with our longtime partners and friends at Canon USA to create a cute printable set that you can print from home so you can get started tonight!

Download your printable recipe cards and decide how many categories you want to have in your recipe box (like “Snacks”, “Desserts”, etc.). Print out that many dividers so you can label them and separate your cards into sections for easy location later. The Canon PIXMA TS8120 is perfect for a project like this because you can print on different paper formats and not sacrifice any of the colors or quality of the prints. And it’s so nice being able to print them at home, as there’s no limit to the number of recipe cards you can print! If you like to use a recipe book/binder, then just print out how many cards you need instead.Use scissors (or an X-Acto knife and metal ruler) to cut out your cards and dividers. So cute! Isn’t that such a pretty recipe box too? While recipe cards may be the “old school” way to do cooking, they certainly add a personal touch to the process. They are also a great way to share a recipe you love, and you can attach one to a giftable food item like our cookie butter spread (the Oreo one is ah-mazing!!), so the recipient can make more once the gift is gone! And speaking of cooking, don’t forget to grab a copy of our new cookbook Weekday Weekend so you’ll always have something delicious you can make any day of the week! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Graphic Design by Mara Dockery. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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