Progress Report: Dining Room

Emma's dining room progress (via sharing a little progress from my dining room. I feel like this space has really come together! I’m sure I will tweak and change things here and there, but overall this is one of the spaces in my home that I am the most happy with right now. So, I’m excited to share it with you. But first let’s take a walk down ol’ memory lane…

Dinning room progressGuys, I apologize for the TERRIBLE photo quality of that “before” photo. I was going through my house “before” photos folder as I was working on this post, and I realized that I only have two photos that show off this space, and they are BOTH blurry. Ah! The shame! So just imagine the space looked like that, but not blurry.

Although a lot about this space has changed, there are actually a lot of things that have stayed the same. Mainly the floors and ceiling are exactly the same as when we moved in. Our house is wood on wood on wood. 🙂

Also, I had hung some sheer curtains over the windows but have since removed them. Fickle, right? Really Trey mentioned that he liked it better without them, and after I thought about it, I realized he was 100% right. Our backyard backs up to the forest, and I’ve seen numerous deer and even a turkey back there this year, so why cover it up, even with a sheer curtain. Plus no neighbors will be peeking in since, again, it’s just the forest back there. So, yeah, took that curtain decision back.

Emma's dining room progress Dining room progress report Painting furniture Dining room fixture Dining room progress reportBefore we moved in, Trey and I painted all the living areas white. We had a professional paint the kitchen cabinets white at the same time. So all of that was done before we moved in, which was SUCH a luxury because if you’ve ever painted cabinets or had cabinets painted while living in the house, it’s messy and not super fun to live with.

Next we bought and hung a new light fixture in this space because neither of us really loved the fixture the house came with. The new one has, what I call, a dirty copper look, and it matches the lights that are hanging in the kitchen. Plus I just liked the shape of the new one a lot.

I also had the upper cabinet doors removed and we added wallpaper to the back of those cabinets. The bottom cabinets I recently added new (copper looking) hardware to, but I don’t think you can really see that in these photos super well.

And recently I painted our dining room table black. It was white before and I loved that, but it was just feeling like too much white in the space. The black feels like it really anchors the table in place within the dining room space.

But honestly, what really made this room feel SOOOO much more “done” and also cozy feeling was the rug. I LOVE this rug. The texture is just so cool, and I like the minimal design. Bonus points that it won’t show off white dog hair (because we have a shedder in the house for sure!), but I am a bit nervous for doggie accidents. Ah, the joys of dog ownership. What can I say? I can’t live with them (with rugs), but I can’t live without them. 🙂

Need something by the cactusThe main thing I feel I need to work on in this room is the space right next to my giant cactus. I usually have my food blogging step ladder stored there, but I feel like I either need to find a way to make it a little more attractive or I should do something else with that space. I’ve thought about moving our record player over there, but I don’t know.

Emma's dining room progress That’s about it for our dining room progress report. Thanks for letting me share! xo. Emma

Room Sources: Rug c/o Rugs USA, Chairs/Amazon, Coffee cart/IKEA, Light fixture/eBay, Wallpaper/Hands by Pottok.

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. 

  • This is a beautiful dining room! I love that rug! I used for my dining room and was so happy with the results. Their website has tons of gorgeous, expertly crafted interior design ideas which you can purchase from them at very reasonable prices. You should definitely check them out.

  • Love this room! I’m dying to know where you picked up the new cabinet handles/pulls from? I’m looking for something similar but everything I find is pricey!!

  • I love your ceiling!
    For your space beside the cactus, what about some bright artwork? Or floating shelves?

  • I feel like you touched on all my favourite parts about this space – the black table that makes the space not-too-white, that rug that matches the amazing print behind the shelves perfectly, that envy-inducing light fixture.

    Honestly, I think you nailed an amazing fresh look with this space, and although seeing the before pictures of the room again makes me realize just how spot on the “before” cabinets were with my aesthetic, I can honestly say that there’s so much creativity and originality gone into the space that I appreciate it better after.

    Not that you guys were unoriginal before, but dang Emma have you and your sis got strong, unique aesthetics nowadays.

  • This is so pretty! I am gradually finishing my place, its weird how good finishing one room can make you feel. This is completely my style as well so I love it! I also really want that gold pineapple…

    The before image is crazy, you’ve done so much!

    Jaynie Shannon * / Morphe & Zoeva Giveaway Running


  • I’m imagining a small piece of furniture there next to the cactus that maybe has some drawers and a small space on top as a catch all – it is next to a door, after all. Then the back of that small piece of furniture could have an open shelf that you access from either side, and you could store the step ladder in there.

  • I love how bright and shiny is now! And those chairs….are the best!

  • I adore this rug, I’ve been on the hunt for a similar one for my new place! Having it under the dinner table would give me serious anxiety though, are you not worried about dinner spills?

    Love what you’ve done with the space, it’s gorgeous!

  • Amazing! I love the chairs, and the table. Everything fits perfectly!

  • I absolutely adore this! Everything is fabulous, I want it all, except the chairs, not because I don’t like them, but because I’d be constantly worried about smudges.

    “Where’s Katie?”
    “Oh she’s polishing the dining chairs with windex…..again.”

  • Emma! This looks so amazing! Loving all of the gorgeous details – especially the wallpaper you added to the cabinets!

  • I agree, the size is perfect. I think the rug looks great but I’d worry about food/drink spills as much as dog messes. But maybe I’m clumsier than most. 🙂

  • Your house is quickly becoming a home-YOUR home and it is so evident through pictures. It looks wonderful and cozy and perfect. Thank you for showing us all your progress!

  • Beautiful! I love all the white. Just wondering, did you you use the same colour for the walls and the skirting and window frames? Thinking of painting our living areas white and like this look.


  • I could take a nap on that rug…it looks so cozy!! I agree the whole space looks nice and bright.

  • I think the bar cart that you showed in the las photo would like great next to the cactus!! Just my suggestion!

  • Very nice! The room is coming together really nicely =o) I think the record player would be great where the cactus is right now. That way you could listen to music during dinner parties =o)

  • Huge fan of this dining room makeover. As a fellow dog owner I know the perils of mixing rugs with our four-legged friends. In fact, we had to throw a rug away after the dog constantly rolled on it when he came in from outside all mucky. Needless to say, i love this rug & wish we could have something similar without it being ruined!

  • House is becoming so home-y 🙂 very cool and different copper backsplash thing. I love the table painted black!

  • SO bright, I love it! The rug looks perfect in your dining area as well.


  • It looks amazing! Just like everything else in your house! And I love love LOVE that rug! It looks perfect in this space. Is it still available? I couldn’t find it on the website!

  • I think it’s the perfect size because you’re supposed to be able to pull back the chair and it won’t hang off the rug (so one size down might be too small!) I think it’s just the wide angle camera lens that’s tricking the eye. And I LOVE how much it brightens up the space. 🙂 Just my opinion tho!

  • Thanks for sharing your space! As a new homeowner, I am looking for inspiration and ideas, so I love seeing what you did with your house (our house is also LOTS of wood). I am considering a similar chandelier to yours or possibly a sputnik chandelier, but I’m wondering how much light they actually provide… Does that chandelier provide adequate light at night? Or do you need to have other lights on as well…? Thanks!

  • What are the dimensions of the rug? It looks huge! I am far too spill-prone to have a rug under my dining table, but it looks great in your space!

  • Emma your dining room is so beautiful! Good luck with the rug and the dogs, maybe they’ll ignore it. I got a new dining room rug boy too long ago to replace the one my dogs kept having “accidents” on and for some reason the new one doesn’t interest them (yay!). Maybe a big mirror next to the cactus? 🙂

  • How comfortable are the ghost chairs? Both with and without the arms?

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