Try This: Frame A Wallpaper Sample

Try This! Frame a wallpaper sample (click through for more)I am loving all the amazing wallpaper that has been coming out the past few years. The idea that it’s just for your grandmother’s sitting room is totally out the window and there are so many fresh and interesting modern patterns. As much as I love the options, I’m still a bit of a coward when it comes to committing to wallpaper a whole room. I think it’s mostly because this is our first house in Nashville, and we aren’t really sure how long we will be at this location. So I don’t really want to make such a semi-permanent investment at the moment. I’ve done removable wallpaper in a few places and a painted statement wall to get that wallpaper feeling, but there’s also another way you can enjoy your favorite wallpaper print that’s a fraction of the cost – frame a sample of it!

Try This! Frame a wallpaper sample (click through for more)Last summer, Elsie shared with you her favorite sources for wallpaper and she had ordered some samples of her top contenders (as you definitely should to make sure you like it first!). I’ve always had major heart eyes for this hand print since I first saw it. I asked Elsie if I could have it after she had made all her wallpaper decisions for her house, and she graciously handed it over into my greedy little hands. YES!

Try This! Frame a wallpaper sample (click through for more)I used the same method I shared with you guys of making a custom sized frame on the cheap, mounted the wallpaper to a cardboard backing, and tacked the cardboard to the back of the frame with small nails. Now it’s a work of art!

Try This! Frame a wallpaper sample (click through for more)Try This! Frame a wallpaper sample (click through for more)I simply adore this print. It’s exactly the quirky vibe that I love adding into my space, and I love how it looks grouped with a few wall planters. So while you can also do a removable option or paint a statement wall if you’re too nervous to commit to a wallpapered room, don’t forget this easy option as well to add your favorite print to your home! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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