Project ReStyle

Project Restyle is a just-for-fun creative group focused on ReStyling damaged, unwanted or unusable goods into fresh, beautiful pieces. Project ReStyle is Rachel’s and my New Years Resolution! We are going to create weekly projects to give life to used items. We’ll make fashion pieces as well as home decor projects! Anyone can join in the fun….

Project ReStyle Guidelines

1. You must use unwanted, damaged or unusable vintage or used items to ReStyle. One of the big purposes of the group is that it encourages green living and is budget friendly. You can use items from your own closet/attic that you no longer love, thrifted finds or hand-me-downs. 

2. Take a Before & After photo of your ReStyled project. It’s that simple!

3. Share your creative work on your blogs and in our Flickr Group. If you don’t have a Flickr account, it’s free to join. We’ll be choosing favorites each week to share on our blogs, so you’ll want to be sure to join the fun. 

4. You can create fashion, home decor or gift items. There are no limits on what types of items you can ReStyle! Be creative and make items you know you can really use! 

We want you to join us this year! If you’d like to be a part of Project ReStyle, Here’s how! Leave your name here in the comments to ‘pledge’ to be a part of the challenge, join our Flickr group to share your creations and post on your blog each time you make a new project. FUN. 

Project ReStyle is the ‘love child’ of Rachel Denbow and Elsie Flannigan. Everyone is invited to join in the fun! We will have twenty six special guest designers in 2011 (see schedule and links below. the schedule will be continually updated with links to projects.) PLUS we will each be featuring favorite projects from our Flickr Group each week on our blogs. 



Please spread the word about this fun challenge by blogging about it and using these cute buttons on your blog sidebar…

See all the projects! 52 Weeks in 2011…

WEEK 1- Gold Sparkle Shoes, WEEK 2- Bed Lamp, WEEK 3-ReStyled Candlesticks, WEEK 4- Lace Mini Dress, WEEK 5- ReStyled 80s Mannequin, WEEK 6- Men’s Shirt into a Pretty Skirt, WEEK 7+8- Geometric Mobile & Cute Top ReStyle, WEEK 9+10- Tapestry Bag + Side Table ReStyle, WEEK 11+12- Necklace Display + Honeycomb Shelving, WEEK 13- Repurposed Vintage Luggage Tags, WEEK 14+15- ReStyled Camping Cots & A Dress to Top, WEEK 16- Summer Shop Display- A ReStyled Wicker Piece, WEEK 17+18- ReStyled Sailor Dress + Leather Tassel Purse, WEEK 19- Vintage Belt to Bow Tie, WEEK 20- Lace Briefcase ReStyle, WEEK 21- Painted Plate ReStyle,

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  • I think this is great stuff. Ill give it a try. 🙂

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  • Will there be a Project Re-style for 2013? I like the idea, I just found this site through pinterest, may start this up though:)

  • Awesome ideas. I am so in. I can not wait to start. I bought my first xl tee today. Now on to making so much with all of my other tees I no longer wear. Thank you thank you thank you.

  • I know it´s over for quite some time now. But I still so love the idea that I totally have to steal it and do the same project now. I PLEDGE =)

  • I am so in! Love your creative way of encouraging going green.

  • I’m so happy that I found you! I’m a crafter-senior that’s been crafting for decades, and I can’t wait to try some of your ideas! Thanks –

  • This is great! So excited to run across these ideas.

  • nice idea ❤ !!!!!!

  • Just found this site and would like to join the Flicker Group – I make jewelry, vintage projects and etc.



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  • I’m in. You can see my re-designs @ or Before and after pics to come. 🙂

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  • sounds like fun!!! it fits right in with my goals for the new year!!!

  • I love this, totally been DIY-crushing since I joined tumblr and pinterest.

  • very cool, did this same kind of thing this year. I didn’t buy ANY new clothes for my two daughters this year

  • I pledge! I just made my first refashion out of an old Indian Sari. Sadly, I forgot to take a BEFORE pic. 🙁

  • What fun!! I have a favorite pair if tall boots that have taken a shredding by my porch. Glitter will fix them up just in time for a concert weekend!

  • I have been upcycling since I was a dirt poor mom of four. Now I am grandma of six (not so poor anymore) I would love to share ideas and learn some new things too.

  • I pledge to restyle!!! I have a bunch of vintage furniture and fabrics that I’ve been drying to restyle! Expect great things from me! 😀

  • I pledge!! So excited…

    My blog is

    Check me out… I’m putting a link up to this today 🙂

  • Joined the flickr group! I am a chronic restyler and looking forward to sharing and being inspired.

  • Hi there, I took this pledge at the beginning of 2011. I have upcycled over a 130 items and sell most of them at Love Flow Creations on Etsy. I’m glad to be part of your group.

  • I so love this creativity! It makes sense to use some of the items we love, but do not wear as they are, but can be re-styled! So clever.

  • This is the greatest!! Sorry I didn’t join earlier. Love the tee shirt to shrug idea. Thank you.

  • are you still doing this? last choices were in march. I just started to upload my stuff.

  • Here is an area that might be of help for you!

  • I pledge!

    This is great guys! Can’t wait to see everyone’s creative ideas come to life!


  • Before I had even discovered your project restyle I had restyled a vintage sewing ottoman, a vintage dresser, and countless frames but had neglected to take before pictures. =[ I pledge! And will not forget the before aspect of project restyle. I have a vintage sewing table and a vintage quilt in the works and will post onto my blog and into the retyle flickr group page asap! <3

  • I’m about seven months late, but my name is Stephanie and I pledge to be part of this!

  • I may be one of the few guys that enjoys this, but I’m totally in. Cant wait to go thrifting tomorrow to scope out projects!

  • I’m green — I want to restyle! Count me in! If it weren’t so late, I’d run out to my barn & start taking ‘before’ pictures tonight…

  • i am in, i am from Croatia, I have been restyle old things a lot of time, I have my blog Medena in which I present my work 🙂 🙂

  • I’ll give it a go! Always keen on upcycling!

  • How have I missed this?! I’m so excited…I’ve been wanting to start/be a part of a re-style group and here we go…and from two of my favorite blogs! I take the pledge!

  • As soon as I get back to the States, I am in. <3 Keep up the great work!

    P.S. I’ve never upcycled before. I’m excited for the challenge. Starts August 1 for me!

  • I am officially a project re-style-er!!!

  • Great minds understand the value in upcycling things that might otherwise end up at the dump!

  • Sounds great, some much needed inspiration! X

  • I pledge! Not sure how I missed this until now, but I’ve got a few completed projects that I can’t wait to share!!

  • I would love to join and put the button on my side bar. it’s been so long since I have used flicker I am not sure how to upload my pictures. It has a few of my older ones but I don’t see where to up load more-

    I have an ugly book tote turned cute purse I posted recently I would love to share

    bee blessed

  • Just found this and I’m totally in! Love it, such a great idea!
    Melissa 🙂

  • I am jumping in I have already been doing a few things on my own. I have totally been inspired by wobisobi recently and I am looking at the way I dress my body differently.

    Thank you!!!

  • Am I too late to join? Oh well I’ll post on the flickr group. I have so much restyled projects but no before photos. Better get busy!

  • I’m a little late, but this project idea is beautiful 🙂


  • Only just found your blog So I guess I’m late but I’d still like to join!

  • Oooh I only just found this! Hope I’m not too late and I can’t pledge to do something EVERY week but I will do my best!

  • I’m glad it’s never too late, cos I’m totally in!

  • i want to try this out:-D i have few clothes needs refashioning.

  • ridiculously happy! i just uploaded to your flickr group girls and couldn’t be more excited to be apart of this ace project. thank you both for creating something that obviously has triggered a mass response.

    way to set the bar and then rise above it! cheers & a huge standing ‘O’ from your newest pledge.

  • I’m in! My first before/after is posted and another one is on the way.

  • i belatedly pledge to finish [instead of just waxing poetic and piling up projects] more restyled clothes in 2011

  • I don’t remember if I pledged here or not yet, but I’m working on ReStyling as much as possible in the coming year!

  • Hi lovelies, I am always reworking my clothes making cluthes come turbans come dresses from pillow cases and what not, so this is an idea after my own heart! I am so in! Big hugs for you both

    xx Anika


  • I pledge to continue making the world a better place by restyling what is already here.

  • Love this!

    Just posted my first to the group photos:

  • I love this idea….I have been re-working thrift store finds for YEARS and would love to see what other people are coming up with! I PLEDGE!!!!

  • I am a restyling junkie so it’s awesome to see there are others just like me!

    I’m in! Thanks for doing this guys.


  • This sounds very fun! I’d love to take part as I find time, thanks for the inspiration!

  • I will. I did. I do….I do….I do…I do. What a great idea. Here’s my blog link to the project.

  • Were in…
    I’m in the non shopping zone for a year with my 2 year old, we’ve been doing some re-fashioners already…

  • I am a huge fan of restyling! Looking forward to being a part of this!

  • oh yeah, I’m in! Can’t wait to share this at our community sewing studio too!

  • Just found this and I totally want to join! I love finding stuff at the thrift store and making it my own. Now I have tons of inspiration and ideas. Can’t wait to show off some of my own!

  • I’m in for sure! Can’t wait to find something to restyle!

  • I’m pledging – and off to the thrift stores I go!

  • count me in! might keep me motivated to work through the stash of stuff that i cant throw away cos it might be turned into something one day!

  • hope it’s not too late to join!
    i’m finally making the time to sew and restyle and i would love to join in on the party :]

  • I pledge!!! I have posted on flickr and here is my restyled project.

  • i’m glad i came across this!!!! your badge is up on my blog and uploading photo on flickr now!

  • I’m in – this is such a wonderful idea.
    I am editor on the newly started refashion co-op (a community for everyone to share their refashions) but I would also love to share all my restyled project with you gals over here.

    take care,

  • Meeeee! I’m in!

    Flickr name: bobindsayboutique

    Fun fun!

  • I love this idea. I totally want to join in the fun. Looking forward to refreshing some old goods into something new and fabulous!

  • I’d like to join in! I’m a bit late, but upcycling is an ongoing lifestyle, right?!?

  • I will I will!!! I dont have a blog however wil post on flickr. I have so much restylin’ to do-very excited

  • I am taking the pledge! On my list of 101 in 1001 I want to upstyle 10 items. Can’t wait to start.

  • I pledge! I’ve been doing a lot of restyling lately, so I have plenty of stuff to post. Woohoo!

  • I am sooo in love with this project!
    I would love to be part of it … “I can enter?
    I’m from Mexico City, I followed this blog from … I don’t know, about two years, but am a little shy, haha, and is the first time I encourage you to comment because I really like this project and believe it’s a good time to share some “before and after ” from another country … I think the ideas could be different and would be great to share with people as creative as those found in the Flickr group.
    My English is more or less bad, but I think I said what I meant … for now;)
    This was my first comment, I hope to do more eventually …
    Greetings from Mexico. <3

  • I’m definitely on it! I just posted a restyle (Turtleneck-Be-Gone Tutorial) on my blog but will continue to think of some other restyles. Great challenge 🙂

  • I’m a late joiner, but here I am! Getting ready to post my first project now. 🙂

  • re-imagining items is one of my favorite things to do! I am excited to see how other people do it, and to get new ideas!

  • I’m pledging to be part of this great project! This is awesome!

  • ok. I know it’s late to be joining but I wanted to make sure I could commit. I’m always “up-cycling” things but didn’t get a sewing machine until this Christmas(which I’ve been teaching myself since) and just got a camera for my birthday(Jan. 17). So now I’m taking the pledge!!!

  • I’d love to participate. I’ve been a naughty blogger lately and I think this is just the thing to get my groove back!!

  • I want in! This is such a great idea. better late than never for me though! 🙂

  • Ooh! I found your blog through Jungle Dream Pagoda. I’d love to join in on this kind of challenge!

  • I love ”re-altering” my clothes! i do that always and i’m gonna show you what i’ve done 😀 count me in !

  • I’m REALLY interested in getting involved in this project! I don’t really have any sewing skills but it will be fun to see what I come up with 🙂

  • This sounds terrific! I know I’m a bit late, but I’m certainly in. (I’ve got a pile of thrift store clothing in the corner of my room waiting to be remade into something cool…)


    done and done!

  • This concept has left me speechless!!! I am constantly re using and customizing things but never thought of the green element of it stupidly!!!! I was just being thrifty haha…

    Definitely going to put your badge on my blog and send in some pictures!

    You girls are such an inspiration!!!!!!!!!!

  • excited to start doing this, and to see everyones creativity!

  • I pledge! I saw a broken lamp on the discount shelf at my local craft store and almost got it (66% off). I may just go back and get it and turn into a lamp for my dresser. 🙂

  • My sister Jennifer from Whimsical Junk sent me! This is just the challenge I’m looking for!

  • great idea ! I pledge! that’s my best resolution of the begining of this year 😉 thank you for this nice project 🙂

  • Just added my first entries this weekend. I’m loving all the wonderful ideas.

  • Wow! So so so fabulous! We’d love to feature this over at Well to Do sometime…. I will email you!

    Suz from

    PS I’m a new follower, obvi

  • I pledge! I’ve already “restyled” a few things and I have a few more in mind!!

  • Count me in, I have some ideas of things I would like to restyle.

  • I pledge!!! I totally need motivation to sew again!

  • I know i’m really late signing up but I’ve been seeing all the gorgeous things people have been creating and SO want to join in so I’m gonna take the pledge !

  • Coming in late, but, I’ve been perusing the flickr group & so inspired, I’m going to start!!

  • YAY! This is my favorite free time activity. I love making junk pretty.

  • This is exactly the motivation I need to get creative! Super excited.

  • My design goals have been to do just this, using recycled material and upcycling my favorite items. I pledge to stick with each project from start to finish, then post pictures to share my ideas!

    Love, Miss Kay

  • I have no idea why it’s taken me this long to “pledge,” but I’m doing it!
    I’m in! 🙂

  • This sounds perfect! I pledge to do this and will get others to do the same!! =)

  • I’m a little late, but definitely want to pledge! 🙂 Hooray!

  • I’m really interested. I love taking old things and turning them into beautiful things! Can’t wait to start restyleing!

  • I Pledge too! I do it all the time anyways 🙂 It’s nice to know there are people doing the same all over the place!

    Loving it 🙂


  • In our chemical engineering terminologies, there is a word known as re-engineering. It is very important to redesign stuff for saving costs as well as wastes too.

  • I’m in. Only just joined Flickr so might take me a while to post on there, but just did a post about remaking a scarf into a top, so I’ve kicked off my ReStyling already!

  • I have been meaning to do this since it was originally posted! I would love to be a part of this!

  • At first I didn’t think this was something I was interested in, but after seeing everyone’s projects so far in the flickr gallery, I’m in! I can’t wait to start!

  • I am not sure if this counts in the criteria for project restyle..but I got a vintage haberdashery unit (probebly from the 1930’s i think) and gave it a new home, lined the drawers with lovely wallpaper and filled it with crafty goods! Take a look 🙂

    La xo

  • Someone just told me about this 🙂 I did something pretty quick and simple with my old bracelet.

  • I have not planned any re-style project yet,but I hope it’s okey that I use one of the buttons,a maybe write a entry on my blog about this project?

  • This is such a perfect project for the new year! I’m so in! xoxo

  • I pledge! Adding the button right now 🙂

  • Thanks for the inspiration!!! I will start restyling today!!

  • I most definitely pledge!!!
    Sorry I am late in the game


  • I’m armed with a bag of stuff that was headed to Goodwill and my sewing machine. Woot!

  • I’m in! This is just the kick in the pants I need to finish all my old sewing projects! haha! 🙂

  • I’m in. Lots of things to re-purpose and re-hab, and this may help me keep a schedule.

  • This is a perfect idea for the new year!
    So, I pledge.
    Best for all of us,

  • I’m hoping I can still join. I have no energy for sewing just right now but I often do re-styles of all sorts of things. Cherrie

  • i pledge…this is what 2011 is going to be all about for my sisters & i!!

  • I’d love to be part of it, I am joining up to your flickr group right now. thanks

  • This is definitely soooo super late! But I am totally doing it!

  • I pledge – just about to upload my first project

    This is a super idea you have here elsie to start up this group !!!!!


  • I am in (I think). These projects will be my first attempts so don’t judge 🙂

  • Sorry if this is a little late, but I would love to join! My new years resolution was to make one DIY project a week, so this fits right with it. 🙂

    xo caro @

  • I’m in…at least i’m gonna try! I’ve got a plain little letter ‘in and out box’ that was left behind in my new flat and i’ve been dying to do something with it.

  • Love this idea! Now I gotta get out to the Goodwill – I’m due for a new trip!

  • I loved following the blog New Dress A Day last year, so I’m looking forward to challenging myself to some re-dos this year!

  • i am SO in and SO excited! don’t know if i have the skills, but willing to try & can’t wait to have fun with you ladies!!

  • I’m in! I doubt I’ll get too many things done, but I’ll try!

  • This is such a cool idea…my sister already did her project and posted it on her blog (which is where I heard about this) and I am sooo in!!

  • this is sooooo darn cool. i have a zillion things to restyle already. i pledge.

  • I love this idea, and support with all my heart!! This is the motivation I need to kick my butt into gear to start working on my long list of projects I have sitting around.
    Thanks, i’ll be posting my Restyle project soon.

  • it’s official. i’m in. you’ve inspired me to join in Project Restyle! 🙂

  • I pledge to be apart of Project Restyle for 2011…can’t wait to make some recycled beauties!

    You ladies are awesome and a constant source of inspiration!

    xoxo- Christina

  • such a great idea to share what we can repurpose I’m in!!!

  • Just bought an old knocked up bed and I need a can of paint.

  • Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! 🙂 I can’t wait to “re-style” 🙂

  • I excited about this! I think it will be a real challenge for me but that’s a good thing:)

  • would love to be a part of this! i love making old things news

  • Heck yeah! This is cool. Now, what to do, what to do?

  • This is great, I’m in! Can’t wait to go through all of my scrap fabric/old clothing piles and start brainstorming!

  • I’m in! This is going to be so much fun to share projects 🙂

  • I’m a little late but I’m in! My closet it crying out for a revamp – so is some of the vintage furniture I’ve collected recently.

  • I randomly stumbled upon this blog post and I’m thinking I need to be a part of this… I join!

  • I pledge!!! And I am about to submit a little step stool I just “restyled” and love love (and am rather proud of too!) Very exciting…

  • Count me in! I want to get better at seeing things for what they could be, not what they are!

  • I want to do this too! I have a bunch of home decor projects I’ve been meaning to get around to, and this would be a great start 😉


  • We Love Fox Vintage ladies here do pledge! Thanks for this awesome challenge-so much fun!!
    Love, Faith & Benicia

  • I want to join this! fantastic idea!

    Can’t for it to start 🙂

  • Ooh great, good to have somewhere to share upcycle projects since the closure of Wardrobe Refashion. Count me in!

  • I pledge to make ReStyling my Project in 2011! =)

    Katie xoxo

  • This is a fabulous idea, I’d love to be part of it. 🙂

  • I would love to join in. I did a bunch of fun projects last year and am itching to find my next new project. I’m hoping it’s a desk. And I have a pile of saved fabrics, leather & felted wool I’ve been dying to play with.

  • I’ll pledge. 🙂
    Does it need to be new projects? I have about 7 recent blog entries that fit these criteria. Thanks!

    – Carly

  • count me in! can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! yay! 🙂

  • I am in and already have my first project to send in!!! Yeah…and I think I will join Rachel’s class too.

  • I’m in! This sounds fun and a great way to stay motivated!

  • fun times! this is just what i’ve been planning to do in 2011 – i’m in. (:

  • I’d love to join in – eeeeek. I mostly refashion stuff anyway, but not sure I can do something every week. oh well, my son needs a whole new wardrobe as he Just Wont Stop Growing 🙂 Better get started then!

  • I’m in! Hopefully this will help me get inspired to get started on all the projects I’ve been meaning to start…

  • I pledge allegiance…to the sewing machines of Project ReStyle!

  • I saw this days ago and could have sworn I left a comment about participating. But apparently I had Holiday brain and didn’t. I’m in and thrilled to be a part of this!!! – Katy

  • I’m in too! I already uploaded a picture to the flickr group! 🙂

  • This will be good motivation for me to work on some fun projects this year!

    ~twiggy h.

  • Yeah! What a wonderful idea! I think this is the push I need to finish projects rather than continually start and stop new ones.

  • I have been thinking about this in the back of my mind since I read the post on Rachel’s blog– and I’m in! I pledge!

  • I’m hoping to move and upcycle old furniture for our new home! Very excited to pledge a Catlong Sighs Project Restyle.

  • This is my life already! How fun to be able to share the restyled lovin’

  • Yes!! What a great idea – I did heaps of this last year so am looking forward to sharing and being inspired in 2011 🙂

  • I’m in. sounds like fun and I look forward to seeing what other people get up to as well.

  • I’m pledging to be part of Project ReStyle in 2011. Thanks for this great idea!

  • this is so fun and exciting and perhaps a way for me to get out of my dreary and lazy black and grey clothing! I’ll definitely at least attempt this though my sewing skills are quite dreadful!

  • This sounds super exciting. I can’t wait to get started.

  • I AM IN… DEFINITELY! This is what I am committed to doing with my crafts and designs already, so this is right up my alley!

  • Found the perfect unloved chair in my apartment complex parking garage. Can’t wait to get started!!!

  • I’m in! I have a few projects plannned. One with vintage some with just old clothes… Cool!

  • i’m all over this. white on rice. count me in girlies. xoxo

  • Creativity on a budget? Count me in!

    This is going to be fun 🙂

    Much love,

  • I’m excited to find this on the first day of the New Year! I’m in!

  • I’m in! I posted here and added a button to my side bar. I have a great camel color coat with moth holes in it that will be first on my list for re-purposing. Thank you for putting this fabulous project together. <3

  • I’m in! Not because I’m handy, crafty, or can sew, but because quite the opposite is true. This will make me find my creative side. Thanks for a great idea! And, thanks Tina with glam.spoon for introducing me to the idea via the button. I shall grab a button now.

  • This is a great idea! I will definitely be following and will do this in my spare time!

  • If it’s not too late! I’m in! I will be reusing/restyling my couch cover. Too pretty of material to toss! 🙂

  • Wow, exciting! I have heaps I want to do and this is going to be my motivation ( I might have to do less shifts at work!)
    Cant wait, might even start tomorrow the 2nd day of the year.

  • Oh I am all over this. I plan on restyling my entire life. Home, wardrobe, job – the works.

    I’ve reached the point where I want to be surrounded by things I love, that brighten my day, make me happy, and are decidedly me without worry of others’ views of what that should be.

    Rebecca Jean

  • This sounds so great…I already have some ideas in my head!

  • i’m soo excited! i have so many things that would be so fun to restyle. I PLEDGE!

  • I’m in. This looks marvelous! I love a good crafty challenge.

  • I’m in! I’ll add pics and projects to the Flickr.

  • exciting!! & free, amazing.

    i’m moving into a new place in february so i am looking for inspriation and ideas for it and this is perfect timing! you guys are wonderful, please stay that way 😉


  • This is great. I am in and pledge to be a good crafter/restyler!!!!!!!

  • I’m super excited about this project. I’m definitely in! 🙂

  • This is such good timing my new years resolution was to make more time to re-style my little flat but using the many treasures I already have. The first challenge of mine is to transform my dining table and 2 benches.

    I pledge.


  • I’m in – I’m already into restyling, and I can’t wait to see what everyone else does!

  • I think I would like to give this a try. I have been trying to be more creative 🙂 This could really help.

  • Just found your blog, through this button posted on a blog I follow, have gotten lost in your little world, and am thrilled I found you. So much inspiration, THANK you for sharing!!!


  • i am so in.

    i didn’t realize until tonight this was free. you and rachel are awesome for doing this.

  • Count me in! Project Restyle sounds fantastic. Off to join the flickr group! :>

  • Let’s do it! Last year I tried to do a weekly refashion on my blog but missed the mark. This will keep me accountable.

  • I would love to be a part of this! It’s awesome! Happy New Year everyone~

  • I’m in. I’ve got a passion for crafting, but rarely find the time. This year, I’ll make the time!

  • I in too!!

    I already have a children clothing line made with reused clothing!! this shall be fun!

    Have fun everyeon

  • sweet petite is in. I added my ear warmer headband photos. hope you enjoy them.

    p.s…love this idea. I’m all about ‘upcycling’ things and think its fabulous.

  • Count me in!!! I can’t wait to add this as a regular part of my blog schedule. Plus, it makes me feel like I’m a part of the crew over at Red Velvet (and what up and coming blogger wouldn’t want that feeling?)

  • I’m going to do this with my stuff and at work! We’re always re-purposing what others think of as “junk” and I can’t wait to post our projects

  • I’m gonna give it a go. I have a large bag of fabric waiting to join in as well. Looking forward to it

  • I’m in. I certainly do not need to be spending money on new clothes yet if I am creative I can have them. Cool!

  • Sounds like fun! I have a kid’s rocking chair I got when I was 3. Time to get it out of the garage!

  • Wonderful! Im in and can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

  • This is a great idea and I’m so there. Actually when I first read about this I chuckled and thought “Isn’t this what being poor is about?” haha

  • wonderful idea!!!
    i´m in!!!
    and sooo excited about it!!!


  • This is an amazingly wonderful idea! I can’t wait to see the incredibly creative work that I know this will inspire! I’m in!

  • i would love to join. i have several vintage items that need be given new life!

    how to i officially join?


  • Oh, this is such a great idea. I love to join but I am also a bit nervous.
    Hope I will be able to make things more often 🙂

  • I pledge to be a part of it!! Great idea!! 😀


  • Hello!!! I just want to share with you my first Project ReStyle…. I couldn’t wait for the New Year… SORRY!!!


  • I’m in! I can’t wait to see what people come up with! We just got married and have a new apartment so I’m eager to get some vintage vibe in here. :]

  • I’m so excited to be a part of this. I like that I don’t have to do a weekly, daily or monthly commitment as that adds stress. 🙂

    I’ve JUST set up my new craft blog – although I already craft-blog for This is my first craft commitment for the new year and I’m so excited! 🙂

    Quick Question as for how strict the rules are: if I take an item and recycle it and use a new item such as twine to spruce it up, does that count?

  • Sounds great! It fits in with one of my other goals to start thrifting more!

  • oh im defn in – should be fun and who doesnt love a creative challenge!

  • I would love to be a part of this!

    There are so many little “restyle” projects I have lined up, this would be the perfect inspiration to finish them all.

  • I’m in! I just started my blog this week and this looks right up my alley! I’m excited to see all the fabulous ideas!

  • im so in, i cant wait 🙂

  • Hi Elsie, I pledge to do this! I’m very excited, I am a new blogger but I do love to restyle things. I have so many projects that I want to do but finally this might be motivation to get me to do them! I can’t wait. 🙂

  • I pledge! With a heap of crazy disasters recently I’ve been having to get creative craft and money wise to keep us going and sane! I already have an idea to re-style my sons old corduroy pants into a handy wrap-around-the-neck heat pack 😉

  • Iam in. This is my world, cant wait to see what we all come up with

  • I pledge, can’t wait. I do this all the time, but havent had such a fun way to share it.thanks!

  • I pledge allegiance to Project ReStyle and to the spirit of re-creativity.

  • This is awesome! I can’t wait to see everyone’s restyles. Hopefully this will give me the kick I need to get up off my pregnant behind and tackle some of the projects I’ve had sitting in my crafting closet. Including the toy box and dresser I picked up to redo before we even knew we had a little one on the way.

  • This is just what I needed to get my butt in gear for the new year!

  • I would like to join for a couple of reasons: It will get me more time to sew and stitch! Also, it gives me a stress outlet every week!

    Thanks so much!!

  • Je suis votre blog depuis un moment, mais je n’ai jamais osé laisser un message. Aujourd’hui je me lance car étant moi même fan de la récup, j’ai même lancé un challenge dessus il y a peu de temps, je ne peux m’empêcher de vouloir participer à ce projet !
    J’ai fais dernièrement deux ouvrages qui viennent de tissus chiné, est-il possible de les mettre dans le groupe Flick ?
    Merci pour cette idée, à très vite et impatiente de voir le travail des autres.

  • I’d love to join in- I mean, I do tons of reconstructions anyway, so why not find another venue to share them!

  • I pledge! Much of my art is made from discards, and this might motivate me to get on a schedule (and update my blog on a regular basis)!!

  • I’m in. This is such a great idea and should be so much fun!

  • Awesome idea! I pledge to participate… let the ideas start rolling in 🙂

  • I’m in! My first “29 before 30” is to start a blog, so this is helping me light that fire! Happy New Year!! xo

  • Oh, oh, I want to join in with this! This sounds so exciting! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with 🙂

  • This is so excited! I’m grabbing the button and putting it on my blog right now!

  • I pledge to a grand year of creative restyling. Absolutely adore this idea and can’t wait to see what we all come up with.

  • I want to do this! I am nervous but I am going to give it a try!

  • I pledge!! I’m moving (AGAIN) next year, and I’m going to be starting from scratch, so this will really come in handy.

    It’s going to be soo much fun!!

  • This may be the easiest resolution I make this year, please count me in! A great idea!

  • i am pledging to restyle! So excited, my head is swimming with ideas.

  • I’m in! I just started my own blog and I’m excited to share this! I have tons of baby clothes I’ve been storing away to make stuff with. Hopefully this will give my the added motivation to get in there and start some projects!

  • I’m in, this is fantastic & I already have some great ideas – this will be my motivation to get to it!

  • This sounds fantastic..I can’t wait to get started! So, count me in! Xo

  • I love this idea. I really want to be a part of this 🙂 I’m so excited!!!

  • I would like to join up. My blog is

  • i’ve been doing this for years, so i shall certainly, take the pledge!

  • Oh great! I’ve been doing it for the past months
    …can I join?

  • I want to do this! Hopefully I can do it each week, I’m totally into the idea. I pledge 🙂

  • I pledge to raid my local thrift stores till they’re bone dry!

  • Sweet as! Sounds like fun.
    I really hope I will be able to find time while starting university, but I am sure I will make it work. : )

  • Absolutely! I live at the local flea market and have finally decreed that I have bought enough “stuff”! I commit to churning out some products to show for my efforts (in hoarding,) lol.

  • Count me in! I wanted to redecorate my room this year, so this will be a good way to do it!

  • totally in!
    i will be moving to a new place in the spring and want to decorate the whole apartment with unique things. love it.

  • I’m in. We are currently purging and trying not to buy anything new. How fun to have new without having new!

  • I like it! I have a house full of items that need to be turned into items I might use. thanks.

  • very in! what a great idea! I’ll be sure to put a button for the project on my blog as well:

  • Oh! I can’t wait to do this. 😀 I just have to get my blog set up, but I have my website.

    (blog coming soon this new month!)

    I have lots of ideas for re-styling some clothes and home items as well…

    What a fun idea.

  • I already do this all the time! Yay!!! I am excited to be a part of this. 🙂 So fun!

  • Definitely pledge! I just got a huge lot of vintage pieces that need repair, so I’m SO excited about this!

  • I am definitely in! I’ve already been doing some of this, but I can’t wait to be more consistent and creative in 2011! 🙂

  • Yes Yes! Count me in! 🙂

    Fun fun fun!!

    Thanks dolls!!

    xoxo Jenny

  • this is an amazing idea, rachel and elsie! thaaank you!
    it’s going to keep me inspired and working my creative brain cells for sure. can’t wait to start!

  • I’m keen too join in on this.
    sounds like a lot of fun 🙂

  • I think this sounds perfect and I can’t wait to join in the fun 🙂

    ♥ Crystalyn

  • I’m so in! I don’t have tons of time to do all the crafts I love, but this seems like a perfect thing to be part of in those moments I’m able to craft! I save tons of “don’t wants” that will be great for this! 🙂 Yay!

  • Sounds like SOOO much fun! I do this all the time anyway.. and needed a lil motivation to take pictures and share my projects 🙂 Cant wait. I PLEDGE

  • i pledge–how fun and what a great way to boost creativity. plan to include my kiddos as well!

  • Yeah. This is exactly what this *tumbs pointing in* reFind Rebel is all about.

  • I love it when a group of women get…

    I mean really “get” what I do.

    I am so in.

    I want to inspire and be inspired!

    Love this!

  • I started to up-cycle at the end of last year and it is more than a little fun and amazingly rewarding. Count me in

  • Too awesomely cute to pass up! Can’t gaurantee I will get pix up every week since the environmental center I work/live at lacks reliable internet, but I am so in!

  • Would love to be apart of this! Joining the flickr group now.


  • Fun fun fun!!! Totally up my alley! Perfectly in sync with my hopes and wishes for 2012!!

    Thanks girlies!!!

    XOXO Jenny

  • i pledge-a-roo! & my sister would love this too!


  • I have a very very very long list of items that need to be repurposed. This will be a great motivator!

  • I absolutely pledge! What a rad idea to get motivated for the new year!

  • What a great project! I can barely sew by hand, but I have a ton of baby clothes that my daughter grew out of and I’m having a hard time parting with them. So, I’m thinking, why not make them into something else for her to enjoy?

  • I pledge! This sounds amazing! you gals are so inspiring, thank you so much for your contribution to the crafting world!


  • I’m in!!! This is perfect for our still kinda empty new home!!!

  • such fun! My house is bursting at the seams with all sorts of projects! This is right up my alley!

  • I love restyling/re-purposing… I can’t wait to see everyone’s ideas!

  • Wow — this is an amazing fit with my plans for 2011! Thanks for the help!

  • This sure sound like fun. I’m not sure if I am that creative but I’m going to give this project a try.
    blooged about it at

  • this is great! i’m sure it will be a lot of fun! i’m in!! 😉

  • Yes Yes Yes, I needed some outside motivation to get crafting again. I always put off doing this stuff. I have used every excuse in the book over and over (kids, tired, blah, blah, blah). I’m down!

  • This is exactly what I need! Less shopping, more creativity.

  • I am over the moon excited about this!! I have a few ideas in my head and this is just the thing to push me to actually make them! Yay!!!! I pledge to take on this challenge in 2011 (and I’m on the edge of my seat)!!!!

  • fantastic

    i have a little project i am so excited that i will be sharing with you soon

    thanks so much for setting this up

    it is a fabby idea !!!!!


  • pledging too, this is great fun. and i hope it reminds me to take BEFORE photos of my projects, this is usually something i forget 😛

  • I am absolutely in! Moving in March to a big 4 bed house from a little 2 bed that needs redecorated & furnished, so was planning on doing a lot of ‘upcycling’ anyway 🙂

  • I would love to participate! Sounds very inspring and productive! 🙂

  • i’ve just started my own blog, and proud to say i’ll definitely be a part of this.

  • Wow, this is cool. I will give it a try. At least for 2 times a month. today i’m gonna make a blog and i will post here a new message. Exciting, inspiring…love it!

  • I’ve been working on “restyling” and “upcycling” for a while, so this will be fun! I’m totally joining in and I’m gonna post about it on my blog!

  • I’m totally into this. I do it all the time. I actually already have a restyled project here… I’m not sure if that counts since I did it before the New Year. I don’t know about posting it to the flicker group though becasue the photos are kind of BLECH..

  • such a cool project!
    ever since i saw Dottie Angel’s challenge ( i’ve been meaning to be a part of something like this. this seems like a do-able and super fun thing to be a part of 🙂

  • Wow! This fits perfectly with one of my new years resolutions! I am taking the pledge for sure!

  • i’m sold! i have allot of d.i.y./restoration projects lined up for the my blog and would love to join this group! can’t wait!

  • Im in!! I think this is an amazing idea and it will help me stick to my creating goals in the coming year!!

  • I have a stack of goodwill finds waiting for a better life… literally.two.feet.away.

    i’m down.

  • I’m definitely in! I can’t wait for the inspiration!

  • I pledge! This is so awesome, and I love anything that is eco-friendly and FUN!

  • sounds fun! i love doing this kind of stuff & can’t wait to be inspired 🙂

  • Ooh, what a fantastic new year’s goal! I pledge to join in on the fun 🙂

  • wow, this is too exciting! i’m pledging to join! great idea Elsie!
    <3 mk

  • I’m in. I’m actually working on a restyle now, no before pictures though!

  • This is something I’ve recently challenged myself to do more often, so count me in! Can’t wait to see what everyone does! 🙂

  • I’d love to share in this project!! I pledge to restyle in style. 😉

  • Definitely count me in!! Can’t wait to get started, sounds like fun!!

  • Love this and I am in! I work as a sustainable fashion designer and last year ‘restyled’ candy wrappers and vintage/discarded fabrics into a dress. I was actually planning on posting about it on my blog this week! I’ll be sure to post pics in the Flickr group too. I have an old bedside table I’ve been planning on restyling as well, so that’s next! It’s really amazing what you can create out of ‘unwanted’ items, and doing so can in turn create a profoundly positive effect on the environment (even more so than producing new items out of organic or eco-friendly materials). So excited!

  • count me in on this one. i have zero creative budget this year, but loads of things to repurpose for sure!

  • I’d love to get involved!! This is a great way to reduce, reuse and recycle!

  • i was so excited to read about this project. i cant wait to see all the amazing things in the flickr pool.

  • this is me… PLEDGING! thanks so much – i needed this! and this gives me a GREAT thing to start blogging… again! haha!

  • I am more glowing right now than a jar of honey in the morn:) I am in:) I pledge my love to this lovely project:)

  • I’m in!! this is something I love to do already-my whole house is a restyle:)now I just need to remember to take pictures of it!

  • I pledge! I’ve actually already begun doing this very thing, so I think it is a beautiful idea. 🙂

    ~ Rosie

  • This is SO cool Elsie!! Wow! I am definitely in:) What a superb idea.
    Can’t wait to experiment!

  • this is great! i’m excited to share some fun restyling projects! 🙂

  • This is a GREAT idea! I have some home decor projects I was planning to tackle anyway, so now I just need to remember to take the “before” picture! Installing that cute button over at my blog now 🙂

  • I definitely want to do this! Thanks for creating this challenge! : )

  • uuuuuhhh… loving it. got the ugliest piano stool waiting for its make over (it has a hidden pocket!) … would be fun sharing this!

  • I’m totally in – I basically do this anyway, and it’ll be fun to share!

  • I’m in! I got some great ideas over the holidays and I DEFINITELY have the items to restyle!

  • Oh oh oh! Count me in! I pledge to restyle as much of my stuff (I really want to say crap) as I possibly can (given realistic time constraints, and the fact that I’m a world-class procrastinator)!

  • I’m excited to be apart of this challenge! I can’t wait!

  • This was one of my 2010 goals. So excited to do it again (with everyone else)

  • You can definitely count me in, this sounds like so much fun!

  • oh this is so fun, i love to restyle things! i’m in as well! xo

  • I’m SO in!!

    I hope everyone makes some lovely treasures.

    xo. Kyla

  • i’m definitely in! what a wonderful idea! this is my official pledge :0D

  • This is such a lovely idea! I can’t wait to go find some things to transform, I’m already thinking of what I can do.
    I pledge!

  • I am totally in. I have so many things just waiting for a restyle. Yea! Looking forward to seeing what people are doing.

  • My daughter, Megan, and I are in! While revamping her workroom yesterday, we came across a long, pink dress that in it’s current state is pretty awful, but, we’ve got a plan…..

    Plus, I’ve got a desk my mom and I trashpicked nearly 3 years ago that is sitting in my living room, in all it’s sad glory, this will give me the kick I need to finish it!

  • I’m in. I have a vision for a project already. Just got to get around to it. Blugh.

  • I was already hoping to repurpose rather than buy new furniture this year – so thanks for the inspiration!!

    I’m in!

  • yeay! this seems like a great goal for next year 🙂 Count me in!

  • i really really really wanna be budget smart in the new year sooooo PLEDGE!


  • I’ve been interested in ‘re-purposing’ thrifted and old items for a while, and I’ve dabbled in it a little! Very excited about being involved in this project!

  • I pledge!

    With my new sewing skills (thanks to the Home Ec class) I’ll finally be able to do something with all the old work shirts of my husband that I’ve been saving.

  • I’m already doing this, so yes yes yes, I. A.M. I.N. Excited!

  • this sounds like it’ll be so much fun! You guys are always so brilliant and creative 😀

  • Ooo I’m in! I pledge! This is exciting! I can’t wait to get going on some new projects! 🙂

  • I PLEDGE!!! This just made me so excited because I had a similar new years resolution in mind. Thank you thank you!! I can’t WAIT!

  • This sounds like so much fun to do. I hope I have time or can make time to do this with you guys. I am here all the way and hope I can play along with you as much as possible.

  • this is really fantastic! thank you for motivating all of us to reuse and recycle – this is going to be a lot of fun!

  • I pledge to do this next year! This is something I’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t had enough motivation, so this group is perfect. Thank you!

  • I am so going to make this a point in the new year! We have some great stuff that I’m not loving and I’ve been afraid to “ruin” it by changing it… well, this will be the kick in the pants that I need to just do it! Thanks!

  • wow! this is so great! i have a desk i have been wanting to re-do for months now. (seriously, i’ve had this desk since i was about 6 yrs old! i love it and will never get rid of it. just needs some restylin’.)

  • I pledge most definately!!

    This works so well with one of my resolutions, to upcylce and restyle as often as I can!

    Great idea, can’t wait to see everyones ideas and projects grow! ♥

  • oh, that is just my cup of tea..would love to be a part, BUT a big but unfortunately couldn’t make time I guess! next few months are going to be hectic! awww…

  • i do this anyway! one of my favorite projects to keep busy 🙂
    i pledge! cant wait <3

  • So IN. May be MIA the first few weeks, as I’ll be traveling in China. But excited to join!

  • Love this! I don’t know how to sew but I want to! This should get me motivated:)

  • Yes, please! I’ve got various projects I’ve been putting off for ages so this might be the push I need!

  • I’ll pledge 🙂 I planned to do a “thrifty makeover” for my blog once a week, and this is further motivation!

  • I do this all the time!! so very excited! 🙂 pledging…

  • I can’t WAIT to get started! Such a wonderful idea, ladies!

  • This is perfect! Almost everything I craft is made from repurposed materials. I’ll be sure to share some before and after photos in the Flickr group.

  • I DEFINITELY pledge to join in, the button is now on my blog! I often buy things from charity shops and alter them to suit my style. I’m looking forward to having some new ideas 🙂

  • New Year’s Resolution #1 – Project Restyle

    Time to get excited and (re)make things! 🙂

    Bethy x

  • I can’t believe I am doing this. I’m currently pregnant, so who knows if I can even pull this off. haha But, heck, let’s do this! 🙂

  • Yay! I do this too, but it’ll give me a little kick to get some long-awaited restyles on the go. I pledge!!!

  • I pledge to be a part of this…I love doing things like this…great idea! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  • I can’t wait to get started. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • this is awesome! i have some things that i have been wanting to restyle but have not gotten around to. sooo excited!

  • what a fantastic project !
    it’s all I love and according to my own year’s projects 🙂
    I’m in !!!!

  • I’m so in! I just need to learn how. I hope it is easier than sewing clothes from scratch!

  • Yay! This is totally what I’m all about 🙂 I can’t wait to see inspiration from others, and hopefully be motivated to continue the re-style type projects I’ve already started!

  • i’d love to be a part of this!
    i have some ideas already.. vintage pillow cases and thrifted dress patterns are on my mind.. 🙂

  • Oh my goodness, this is so exciting! And such a great idea!

  • This sounds like so much fun! I really like the reuse and recycle idea and I try to make things like that as often as possible. I hope I’ll be able to keep up with this.

    p.s. Merry Christmas to you all and your lovely families! <3

  • I’m excited to be part of this! I try and get motivated to re-purpose items all the time so I can’t wait to see what others will be making to inspire me, and I hope I inspire them as well!

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