Round Velvet Pillow DIY 

Other than furry items, I always think that velvet is the most luxurious looking fabric. Especially when it’s in a light color so you can really see the different ways it kind of shimmers in the light, ugh, it’s so pretty. Sewing lines over the top of velvet gives it an “embossed” look and it’s an easy way to add a bit more texture and interest to a simple circle pillow. I’ll show you how!

1/2 yard velvet fabric (something like this would be great)
-thread in a color that matches the velvet
sewing machine
fabric scissors
straight pins
pillow stuffing

Fold your fabric in half, pin together, and draw or trace a large circle onto your fabric (I made mine 16″ wide). Cut out your circle so you have two identical circles.

Take one of your circles and use your ruler and a pen to draw a line down the middle of your circle on the backside of the fabric (you can fold the circle in half to find the halfway mark). Draw another line dividing your circle into 4 equal parts. Keep drawing lines that divide your sections in half until you have 16 equal parts. Thread your sewing machine with the matching color thread and sew down each one of those lines, and when you flip your fabric over you’ll see the embossed pinwheel design.Pin your top circle piece to your bottom circle piece (right sides together) and sew all the way around the edge, leaving a 2-3″ gap. Use that opening to turn your pillow right side out and stuff with your pillow stuffing. Close your pillow opening shut with a blind stitch.Thread a needle and find the center of the backside of your pillow. Pass the needle through to the front, making sure to come through in the center of the front piece as well. Pass through to the back again, pull lightly on the thread to draw in the center of the pillow just a bit, and knot the thread. Trim your thread and you’re done! Such a simple shape but so pretty! You don’t have to draw in the middle of the pillow like in the last step, but I think it does help to define the embossed lines with the slight pucker that happens. If you want the sewn lines to stand out a bit more, just choose a thread that’s a lot lighter or darker than your velvet color and you’ll accent the pinwheel effect further. Overall, this is a super easy pillow to make, but the embossed look of the lines will make it seem a bit more special that just a round pillow would (you can also get one like this if you aren’t the DIY type or you can go for a larger floor pillow version!). We’ve got a ton of pillow DIYs here at the blog so see which ones strike your fancy! Simple and cute—my favorite combination! xo. Laura

P.S.- You can find the winking eye pillow here. 😉

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Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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