Setting Up the Perfect Guest Bathroom

Setting up the perfect guest bathroomI love having friends and family stay over at my house. One of the biggest items on our list of new house must haves was a space for guests. So I am so excited to have partnered with Parachute to help set up the perfect guest bathroom in my home. Now, everyone that comes to stay will feel like they are in a fancy hotel, only better. Although it may seem trivial, having a fresh and well stocked bathroom for your guests can really make a difference in how comfortable they are in your home. And it’s easier to accomplish than you might think. I will walk you through a few of my favorite ways to elevate my bathroom and have guests feeling pampered.

Of course the number one thing on the list is to make sure you have clean towels for them to use. And I’m not talking about those 4-year-old ones that you subject yourself to. I am talking about crisp white towels like you would get at the spa. My favorite are these white waffle towels from Parachute. They are lightweight but absorbent and dry quickly. I always make sure to keep several on hand and easy to find in the bathroom so that my guests don’t have to rifle around or feel like they are bothering me by asking for more towels. A few wood and wicker baskets do wonders to corral the folded towels.

After the towels are stocked, I try to add a few little essentials like an extra toothbrush, toothpaste, tampons, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, makeup removing wipes, and plenty of extra toilet paper. Basically anything that they could possibly forget and may need. For these essentials I like to have them easily accessible either on the counter, nearby shelves or in the vanity. So that in case the need arises, they can easily find what they need. It’s little extras like this that will make your guests feel at home in your home.

Setting-up-the-Perfect-Guest-Bathroom-7 Setting-up-the-Perfect-Guest-Bathroom-7The last step in making sure my guest bathroom is ready for visitors is the luxurious extras. Parachute carries so many of these additions that raise the comfort level and really elevate your guests’ stay. A few of my favorite extras include a plush robe for them to use, slippers to keep their feet warm, and a gently scented candle that they can light to relax (or cover up odors!). All it takes is adding a few luxe items like these to make your guests feel pampered.



Setting-up-the-Perfect-Guest-Bathroom-7One final touch is a bit of greenery. My guest bathroom doesn’t get any natural light, so I have to go with faux plants in here, but that pop of green contrasts so nicely with the crisp black and white. With just these few details, my guest bathroom now feels like a relaxing spa retreat every time I step inside. And I know if I enjoy it that much, my guests will too.


So just remember to start with the staples, layer in the essentials, and top it off with the luxurious extras. xo. –Kara

Credits//Author and Photography: Kara Whitten.

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