Sew Your Own Mittens

Make your own mittensAfter we finished making the snow hat, I begged Missy to teach me to make a pair of warm winter mittens!
Make your own mittens 3Follow these instructions and tips to stitch the perfect pair of mittens from a sweater! The only "trick" is to open your thumb a little (so that it's not close to your other fingers) when chalking the line to stitch. This will make your new mittens more roomy and comfy! 
Make your own mittens 2These mittens were easy as pie to stitch up! I want to make them in every color. Now I have another reason to collect sweaters! 
Make your own mittens 4Make your own mittens 5Practice makes perfect! Try sewing as many knitted pieces as you can. I loved making these and the stocking cap too. XO. elsie 

This sewing basics series was created in collaboration with Missy Creed of Momentum Fashion. Missy is a talented seamstress who sews for Red Velvet!

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  • Those should deeitinfly keep your mom’s hands warm! It’s a very lovely textured pattern. I’m sure it kept your interest up while you knit them.

  • So this is crazy but do you mind telling me more about your jacket? I’ve been trying to find one similar but nothing quite looks like it and then I stumbled onto this picture which is exactly what I’m looking for!

  • Making these today after popping down to the local thrift shop… so excited!

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  • Really love these, and the mug that features in the first picture was given to my husband and I as a wedding present, super cute!

  • Thank you for having content worth linking to! I love these sweater mittens and linked to them on my own blog. Cheers.

  • this is so cute. i made some gorgeous mittens for my little girl following your tutorial. i added adorable red and white polka dot ribbons too (here’s a pic of them on my flickr photostream ..

    i also mentioned this tutorial on my blog and linked. hope that’s ok with you xxx

  • They look super cute! I’ll have to try this in winter.

  • I love those, they are adorable and I make themselves for me either 😉

    I really like to hear your comment about mines =)

    They are here:

  • These are too cute! I’m never tossing sweaters again, especially ones with holes and flaws I normally wouldn’t try to give to a resale shop… Now I can make tons of mittens!

    What a cute gift these would make!

  • These look SO cozy! I simply had to feature your idea in my blog roundup today: Thanks for the inspiration!

  • sooo cute and such a great idea. They came out so great and look really professional!!!


  • oh these mittens are adorable 😉 I saw it here and I made myself, too =) check my mittens here =)

  • this is very cool. pitty its summer here (who says that?!) hehe cant wait to try this once winter rocks around! thank you x

  • I’m so buying an old jumper tomorrow from a charity shop! Thanks for the tutorial. Soooo making them over the weekend.

  • Woodbridge Arbor Curvy Plus Coat
    LOVE that Ruche has plus sizes!
    Thanks for the opportunities you are presenting/sharing here!

  • So amazing!! I am going to make them right now! It is -30 where I am now!!

  • Incredible idea! I have been looking for some cute mittens recently but now I know my old Christmas jumper would make a perfect pair. Thanks so much! xx

  • Great Gravy, Oh My! Love This. There’s this Star Wars fabric pattern I can totes use for this! Muhaha.

    <3 jordan

  • I will sooooo be doing this!!! Thanks so much for the GREAT idea! 🙂

  • Lovely! Your diys are always so great 🙂


  • Very informative blog. I always learn new things from your site. You gave me new idea to use old sweaters. Thanks for sharing this nice article with us.

  • These are SO cute! And I just have to say – that skirt is REALLY lovely (oh and so is your blog) 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  • I love them!! i want to do them too! 🙂 i put a link on my blog to your tutorial!
    ciao from itay!

  • You have done great work to make that winter mittens. I like your idea and it’s looking brand new pair. Thanks for sharing.

  • great for the little peeps too!


  • MIttens!!! I love love mittens!!! My little hands are going to be happy in winter when I make theses for them. Thank you V

  • those have got to be the most adorable thing ever! i can’t wait to figure out fun things to do with all the old sweaters in my closet.

  • niiiice!
    if you found a massive sweater, then you could do the mittens from the sleeve cuffs and hat from the waist hem. matchy matchy! haha

  • This is so cool!!
    I definitely want to try these out with an old sweater or something 🙂


  • These are so cute! I have to know where you got that GREAT jacket though! Do tell…

  • This is completely unrelated to those very cute mittens up there, but I spotted this article online and thought it might be of interest:

  • Those are adorable and you make it look so, so easy. Can’t wait to get my own sewing machine 🙂

  • Great idea, as always… now if it would only get cold & snow out here in Tennessee so I could wear them!

  • i always love your posts. best diy blog in my opinion 🙂

    love kelly

  • Those came out soooo cute! Totally loving this idea!



  • I think i may find myself to a thrift store and cut up some sweaters!!

  • The mittens are lovely! I always thought of home made mittens as something you knit or crochet vs. sew.

  • I just got out my sewing machine today for the first time ever and made my very first stitches on a machine. This will be a fun, easy first project to tackle! Thanks so much for the ideas 🙂

  • Funny! In November last year I’ve submitted to you such project 🙂 Later I posted it on my blog

  • Such a clever idea! i love the idea of turning comfy Christmas sweaters as mittens

    Thanks for sharing!

  • I Just bought all my supplies to make these can’t wait!! Super cute Idea! I will definitely be blasting the song Atlas Hands by Benjamin Francis Leftwich while attempting to make these:)


  • Love, love, love this! I’m going to make some ASAP!


  • i was going to try knitting gloves, but considering even my scarfs are crooked, this will be a more successful method.

  • what a clever idea. the mittens are so cute!

  • They are so cute. I love the pattern :)! I always have problems to find cute mittens, because I have such small hands, so this could help. Only problem: I can’t sew :)! I have to work on that!

  • i love love love this idea! So easy and cute! I want to make my own pair right now!!

    love, polly 🙂

  • Those are so cute! I love the pattern on the sweater you picked. Adorable!

  • wow that’s awesome! so creative! I love the tips this week!

  • so lovely!
    i find so many sweaters that have lovely pretty patterns but awful fits from good will.
    i’m going to make endless sweater mittens i think!!

  • This is such a lovely idea! I am heading to the thrift shop to get a sweater! Oh, I just remembered I have a cashmere sweater in the attic that got shrunk…I will use that!

  • But what about the rest of the sweater? I hope they don’t end up in the trash.

  • Ohhh my goodness. So adorable. Makes me want to run out to Goodwill and get a sweater with a cute pattern : )


  • Very cute idea! I have a few old sweaters that I can definitely re-purpose to make new mittens! Great idea.

  • Have you tried making things with felted/fulled wool sweaters? It’s great because the fabric doesn’t fray once you felt it (aka shrink it in your washer and dry it). There are a lot of fun possibilities there!

  • So cute! The sweater print adorable. I’ve been sewing using a lot of thrifted sweaters lately, and you’re absolutely right – practice makes perfect. All your tips lately have been super helpful! xx

  • For some reason the link to instructions on how to make the mittens goes to the stocking cap instead! Cute mittens nonetheless.

  • You can win products from RevitaLash for over 300 euros here:

  • Such great idea! Can’t wait to make these someday soon 🙂

  • So cute! I actually planned on doing this soon once I found my old sweater – but I would have made gloves! ^^

  • These are awesome!!! I foresee Christmas presents a la 2012. Maybe a stop by the local value village to make some extra warm mittens for the extra cold weather here in Canada is how I’ll spend my evening.

  • Ok, this is crazy!! I just made a pair of mittens from an old sweater this morning!!! When I checked your blog a second ago I couldn’t believe it!! Didn’t think about making a hat, though. That’ll be my next project. Thanks for the great idea. This is my new favorite blog.

  • Elsie! I love your jacket! I’ve been looking for something just like that! Where did you find it?

  • These posts are my favorite things ever!! Thank you dear!

  • These are SO ADORABLE! Such an easy and inspired idea 🙂

    I will definitely be on the lookout for fabrics when thrifting!

    a cup of subtle tea

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