Simple Beaded Statement Necklace DIY

DIY Simple Statement NecklaceDIY Simple Statement NecklaceDIY Simple Statement NecklaceLately, I've been realizing that all of my jewelry looks the same. I love simple gold necklaces, rings and earrings. Sometimes at outfit calls for something more colorful! I always admire statement necklaces when I'm shopping, but for whatever reason I'm nervous about buying them. I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and make some fun, colorful jewelry. Here are the first two necklaces I made… 

I painted some wood beads and purchased some colorful beads from the craft store. Next I used a small piece of twine to string five small beads. I tied these strings to each side of a necklace chain and added a hook to the back of the necklace.DIY Simple Statement Necklace Here's the finished necklace. I love the frayed twine look, this is defintitely something I would wear. If you're a fan of something more "finished" looking, here's a second easy necklace idea… 

DIY Simple Statement Necklace (steps)To create this fun design, you'll need a pack of 2 inch head pins, jewelry pliers, wire cutters, chain and beads of your choice. Add 1-3 beads to each head pin, twist it onto the chain forming a loop then trim the excess wire and press the loop together with your pliers. Repeat until you've added the perfect amount of beads for your look. I used about 35 pins to create this design.DIY Simple Statement Necklace- super simple! I can't wait to try a monocromatic version of this design next! 

Do you like making your own jewelry? I think I'm actually getting addicted. I did this one project over the weekend, and it turned into like… five! Fun. :) 

xo. Elsie 

  • so beautiful

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  • Color me impressed! I always want to make something but am not the crafty type. This looks like something I could do – I might give it a try. You should sell your designs!

  • i like the more finished look better. i’m a fan of big statement necklaces with bold colors.

    love, moon

  • Such a fun and cute DIY!

    Juliette Laura

  • Lovely !

    Check out my new outfit post :

  • I love statement necklaces, especially combined with a black dress or something like that. Makes me feel dramatic 😉

  • Such fabulous necklaces. I love the blue and white beads in particular.

    I too love making my own jewellery. I had a blast making these alpaca felt ball necklaces ( and these resin bangles ( The resin bangles were like a high school chemistry experiment but with a much better end product!

  • Lovely !!! Will try doin something like that!!

  • pinning this for that moment when i feel that itch to REALLY do this 🙂

  • Cute as always.

    Girls you should visit my page for beautiful handmade jewellery!

  • When I was younger I used to make beaded necklace all the time, so naturally, I love this.


  • I recently started making jewelry. It is such a fun hobbie and I love it! Thanks for this great idea!
    ~ Hanna

  • Unf i love jewellery making. I haven’t updated/focused on my jewellery etsy in a while, now I’m totally stoked especially w summer break coming up to get started again.

    These are lovely designs btw! I love the beads


    This is totally unrelated to this post but I just did a post about my sister that I think you gals would enjoy, if only we were as cool as you two . . .
    Love y’all,

  • I love this! I seriously have so many beads from broken necklaces and I should recreate them. Love how simple and beautiful yours turned out to be.


  • I made a very similar necklace! Yours is gorgeous!!product/prd1/589632251/the-gables

  • Yesss 🙂 I love making my own jewelry! I’ve being doing this for like years… since I was a little kid!

  • this looks absolutely amazing. I’m going to have to get some supplies to make my own necklaces. beautiful work & unique too!

  • Those bright colors are beautiful! I’m not much of a jewelry maker but I think even I could pull this off! Thanks!

  • Making jewelry is a lot of fun. I had a phase of making earrings and bracelets for friends (and myself, too). Every now and then I just take out my old supplies and throw something lovely and unique together. 🙂

  • sorry for an offtopic comment, wanted to add it to the original article, but the comments were, here goes: i used your tall’n’skinny font in my blog makeover, it was free so i thought i could. if you disagree, please let me know …

  • I’ve been making jewerly as gifts and a hobby for a few years – I love it!

  • Gorgous! My blog is all about jewelry making 🙂 and beware, it’s addicting!! If you’d like some more inspiration here are my DIYs:

    Also, if you ever would like any jewelry guest posters, let me know!!! xoxo

  • How funny, I just posted a d.i.y. for a painted wood bead necklace with gold chain on my blog this past weekend! And I made a monochromatic version! Mine also happens to have bits of gold and a few glittery accent beads. Apparently there is just something about spring that makes people love necklaces again, maybe because we don’t have to wear giant knit scarves anymore – or at least thats how it goes up here in Canada 🙂 I love how cheerful your version is!

    You can see mine here:

  • I just started reading your blog and I love it!! I recently started a little business to make some extra money (aka: support my crafting habit). I opened a store on etsy to share my jewelry creations. I hope someday to make it my full time job. Keep your fingers crossed!
    You can also check it out at

  • Love this! Super cute! Off the the craft store!
    Elizabeth Kathryn

  • I love making my own jewelry! This is a great project, I’m going to have to buy some colorful beads now. Or even make some!

  • These are so pretty! they remind me of something you would find at Anthropologie!


  • The second is so lovely! I don’t really dig the string knotted at the end girls… I don’t think that looks very classy… just my opinion though

    Love the bead colours!


  • Grea DIY project and an easy way to get a new look on the cheap! I like to do a final coat of paint with fingernail polish on small projects like this- it’s shiny, sometimes has a metallic sheen, and it’s safe against you skin! Plus no worries of the color rubbing off on your clothes.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • very cute, i’m looking for bridesmaids gifts and this might be the perfect thing, for them to also wear on the wedding day!

  • I love making jewelry, especially necklaces. Its also nice when someone asks you “where did you get that necklace?” and you can say I made it!

    This diy is so cute and I love the color combo. The gold chain really makes those orange and red beads pop.


  • Oh how fun! I love making jewellery. I really should get around to doing it more often xxx

  • I love making my own jewelry! I make rosaries as a side business! Lately I’ve been into very chunky pearls, I’ll email you pictures once I’m done with this batch.


  • Love these beads!

  • Obsessed with the first necklace! LOVE the frayed ends, gives it a little something. This would make such a meaningful gift for a girlfriend. Thanks for sharing!

    brandy j |

  • Great idea — I love the mix of a gold chain and wood beads. I actually just bought a similar necklace from a local artist who makes all of her jewelry with vintage chains. Thanks for sharing!

  • Love the second necklace especially. DIYing statement necklaces also makes so much sense when you consider how much a decent statement necklace costs compared to how much wear you might get out of the piece.

  • I really love that top one, such a good idea to make your own.. they’re always so expensive whenever I come across one I love x

  • I am definitely going to have to try and make top one!! Both of them are fabulous.


  • I love the simplicity and asymmetrical design of the first one. So pretty and such a lovely colour palette 😉

  • I love the colors…they just pop! It’s cool that you like making jewelry because I just went shopping for more supplies for my jewelry making skills yesterday. I’m learning how to create some out of natural pieces from nature. Very cool, Elsie!

  • Oh wow… the necklace looks gorgeous! You are so talented! There’s a really nice beads shop near where I live so I might try it out myself! x

  • Love it!
    I think I know what I’m gonna attempt when I get home!

    Esther x

  • I have never made my own jewelry but I don’t like jewelry all that much. I have one pair of earrings and a few necklaces and that’s about it.
    I love your designs, though.

  • Oh my, those necklaces are so cool! My sister and I actually did a similar post awhile ago!


  • I love that bead in the center of the first necklace–so pretty!

  • The secondo option is amazing!
    My project for next week, start and finish a necklace like this!

  • Brilliant idea! I’m so giving this a try this week. Thanks so much for the post! 🙂 xx

  • The second necklace is a bit too gaudy for me, but I love the first one! I’m always weird about statement necklaces, too. Pretty in the store, but I never feel like they’re for me!
    xo Heather

  • Loving this! I’m obsessed with making my own jewelry… you heard me, OBSESSED. I don’t have to search the stores to find something that’s my style, I can choose from my massive ridiculous wall of jewelry that I’ve made. Or make more. And more :O It’s fun mixing and matching, layering etc. 🙂

  • I love this! I can’t wait until I’m able to get to a Michaels to get supplies to try this!

  • Love these! I have tried my hand at making jewelry a little, and have recently been thinking about trying to get back into that. Perhaps you’ve just inspired me!

  • these are gorgeous! love the wooden look with the gold chain!


  • Oh wow! I love both of those necklaces! Especially the white and blue beads, they are fantastic.

  • I’m so excited to see a simple statement necklace! A lot of statement necklaces feel so bulky. This is perfect: simple and bold at the same time!

  • love the chunky necklace! and the simple one is cute too!
    Love the explanation with the pliers, thanks for making it easy to understand. 🙂

  • super cute! I recently made some necklaces that are very similar & I’ve been wearing them constantly ever since:

  • This is gorgeous!! Looks like something from Anthropologie 🙂

    Erica of

  • Love them both! I used to make some pieces, but haven’t in a while. Might have to break out the supplies.

  • I think that 2nd one is particularly lovely – but then I am a lover of bold, statement pieces 😉 Would love to see the others you made sometime!

  • So cute! Is been wanting to try something similar with wooden beads 🙂
    xo Jac

  • I love making my own jewelry too. You piece looks lovely..

    xo janika

  • Sweeeeet D.I.Y always nice to wear something you’ve made!

    Alex of Alex Rose Writes

  • I certainly need some new jewelry- I love the beaded look combined with the chain. Will try!

  • This is a great DIY project for jewelry beginners! I really want to get into making my own jewelry because statement necklaces can be so costly. Thanks for sharing!

  • This is so fun, I love playing with beads, actually I’ve got quite a stash that I haven’t used for ages, I must do something about that!
    I really the first necklace, I have one similar to the second and it’s pretty heavy

  • Love those blue & white beads! Gorgeous. Love easy DIYs 🙂
    xx Allison

  • Love this!

    Please check out and follow my blog! I’d really appreciate it!

  • The second necklace is so cool, have you ever thought of jewelery designing?

  • I love the idea of making your own so it’s unique!


  • Lovely! The monochromatic version sounds great too!

  • Cute!! Great accessory for Spring!

    Jillian –

  • Cute and fun DIY for a “day off” from work when I’m feeling crafty. Thanks for the idea Ladies 😉

  • beads galore! i am currently making my own earrings out of birch so i am definitely in a jewelry making state of mind. pretty different to that new york one i tend to be in, haha.

  • Hmmm… this looks fun and easy. A good thing to do with my junior high girls!

  • ooh I love this DIY! I’m definitely going to try out both of these methods 🙂

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