Simple Beaded Statement Necklace (x2!)

DIY Simple Statement NecklaceDIY Simple Statement NecklaceDIY Simple Statement NecklaceLately, I've been realizing that all of my jewelry looks the same. I love simple gold necklaces, rings and earrings. Sometimes at outfit calls for something more colorful! I always admire statement necklaces when I'm shopping, but for whatever reason I'm nervous about buying them. I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and make some fun, colorful jewelry. Here are the first two necklaces I made… 

I painted some wood beads and purchased some colorful beads from the craft store. Next I used a small piece of twine to string five small beads. I tied these strings to each side of a necklace chain and added a hook to the back of the necklace.DIY Simple Statement Necklace Here's the finished necklace. I love the frayed twine look, this is defintitely something I would wear. If you're a fan of something more "finished" looking, here's a second easy necklace idea… 

DIY Simple Statement Necklace (steps)To create this fun design, you'll need a pack of 2 inch head pins, jewelry pliers, wire cutters, chain and beads of your choice. Add 1-3 beads to each head pin, twist it onto the chain forming a loop then trim the excess wire and press the loop together with your pliers. Repeat until you've added the perfect amount of beads for your look. I used about 35 pins to create this design.DIY Simple Statement Necklace- super simple! I can't wait to try a monocromatic version of this design next! 

Do you like making your own jewelry? I think I'm actually getting addicted. I did this one project over the weekend, and it turned into like… five! Fun. :) 

xo. Elsie 

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