Simple Brunch Backdrop

I’m a firm believer in decorating for special occasions! Three kids and a work-from-home job mean I have to decorate smarter, not harder—so my secret weapon is usually to focus in on one area for the most visual impact. I also love finding unexpected ways to decorate with food! We’ve partnered with Wonderful Halos to show you how to incorporate these delicious little seedless and easy to peel mandarins into your Easter brunch or any spring party to celebrate those you love. Not only do they have a beautiful color and a naturally sweet flavor but the party clean-up will be a breeze!Supplies:
1″ x 48″ wooden dowel
-one bag of Wonderful Halos
two 100g skeins of chunky yarn
26 gauge wire
-6 stems of eucalyptus (or other leafy branches)
-21′ of 1/2″ macrame rope

Measure how long you want your yarn strands to hang from your wooden dowel, add two inches, and then double that. Use this strand as your template to cut the rest of your strands. Another easy trick is to just make them as long as your wingspan if you’d like this part to go faster. Cut about 60 of these. You may need more but this is a good start.Lay your dowel on a surface and create a Lark’s Head knot with your first strand of yarn. You can do this by folding your strand in half and placing the loop under your dowel rod. Then wrap the loop over the dowel rod and pull the two ends through the loop. Tighten by pulling on the loose ends. Repeat this with the rest of your strands so that they are consistent. You shouldn’t be able to see much dowel rod in between your strands as you add them. Cut more strands if you need them. To make your hanger, cut three strands of yarn that measure 5′ long each. Braid these three strands together and then knot one end on either side of your dowel rod. Trim your ends.

Cut a 6′ length of wire and straighten one end. Hold your Wonderful Halo so that you can pierce through the widest part of the fruit. It won’t always go straight through, but as long as it isn’t right under the peeling, it’ll hold. Gently slide each fruit down until you have about 22 on your wire. Since the wire is so thin, you shouldn’t have any problems with your fruit leaking juice everywhere.

On a flat surface, tie both ends of your wire twice around your dowel and then twist your ends tightly. Slide the wire on the dowel until it’s next to your hanger.

Cut three equal strands of rope. Holding all three strands, measure down about 2.5′ and tie a loop knot. Make sure your loop fits gently over your dowel rod.After you’ve secured one knotted end, drape your strands so that they are halfway between the dowel rod and your strand of Wonderful Halos. Tie another looped knot with your rope and add it to the other end of your dowel rod. Trim both sides of your rope if they’re uneven. Add some eucalyptus or other leafy branches to the center of your dowel with more wire and hang up your new party backdrop!

I love the colorful addition and texture these healthy and naturally sweet treats added to this backdrop. Once the party is over, the fruit garland can be snacked on and the wall hanging can be reused as everyday decor! Even if you’re not hosting any parties at your house, grab an extra bag of Wonderful Halos while they’re in season (until May) and make your next Sunday brunch a feel a little more special! – Rachel

Credits//Author: Rachel Denbow. Photography: Rachel Denbow and Janae Hardy.
  • This is really adorable and I’m making my own version for my own quarantine birthday party. I will say I’m three balls of yarn in and it still isn’t nearly as full and I don’t really want to spend any more money on chunky yarn haha so I am considering maybe sizing down the bar to a 36 inch instead of a 48, it would suck to reloop all those strands but I don’t know , might have to! I’m also drying out slices of citrus to make garland out of for a fun spinoff the design. I like it so far but we’ll see how it comes out! I would love a tutorial for how you do your knot in the rope ! I know nothing about knots so I’m gonna trial and error it a few times. Either way thanks for the cute idea!

  • Love this! I’m going to try this here in Florida! Thanks for the cool ideas!

  • Hi Rachel, can you source the white desk for me? Been searching for one just like it.

  • I keep hearing what a fun and amazing thing this is, I can’t wait to do it for myself.

    • Thank you! You can’t go wrong decorating with beautiful fruits and flowers, huh!

  • This is such a beautiful and effortless DIY! I love it so much!

    Eva |

    • I love that you said effortless because that’s how I wanted it to feel! It did take a major DIY fail to get to this point so it was also about as far from effortless as possible. Ha!!!

  • What a beautiful colour combination, I love the idea with the oranges!

    • Yes, it’s just one of those mean ways to taunt our kitties, huh!!

  • Absolutely love these photos! Such a beautiful set up! xx

    • I honestly left most of it up for a good week because it made me so happy! -Rachel

      • Hi! Did you leave the clementine garland out for a week? If so, how did it fare? I’m thinking of making a garland with a string of clementines and magnolia leaves for Christmas!

  • Aww, what a classic backdrop for a casual girl’s in! Very cute, love the pink and orange colour combination! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • I’m loving these edible decor ideas! I love that they get to be enjoyed instead of stored in an attic a majority of the year. Orange is such a beautiful and vibrant color for celebrating.

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