Sister Style: Add a Little Flair

Pom pom dress Emma Chapman Pink door Clouds in her eyes Pom pom dress Every now and again I just feel like doing some kind of random, quick project. Just something fun that keeps my hands busy for a while. Usually these are things that can be completed in one or two nights (or a weekend day). You might think that I’m always “making” for my job, and it certainly IS a piece of my job (which I am forever thankful for), but a larger part of my time is spent on emails, behind the scenes administration stuff, and most creative things have to do with recipe development or photography.

But I was just in the mood to sew something, and I guess I was also putting off working on my quilt that I’m trying to complete this year. Ha! So, I added pom pom fringe to this dress, and I like it! It’s definitely on the line between so whimsical it should be kids’ wear and just plain fun. 🙂 It actually took a bit longer than I thought, as running this type of fringe through my sewing machine was a little more tricky than I initially anticipated. So, I guess I learned something too. 🙂

Any random projects from your life lately, sister?

Emma's pom pom dress Adding pom pom to a dress Pom pom dressEmma’s Wearing: Dress c/o Shabby Apple (loved the fit, which is partly why I wanted to update this one as I knew I’d keep wearing it!), Shoes/ASOS, Sunnies c/o Lulu’s, and Purse/Oui Fresh

Hey SisterI completely relate with that feeling of needing to create something just-for-fun! This summer I set up a little painting studio in my sunroom, and I’ve been sneaking in there to make paintings constantly. It feels really good to have a creative outlet and something to look forward to after a long week! 

Ps– your dress is so cute, Emma! 

Hey Sister Hey Sister Hey Sister Hey Sister Hey Sister Hey Sister Elsie’s Wearing: Dress/J.Crew (similar, the one I have is out of stock), Necklace/Moorea Seal, Clogs/Swedish Hasbeens, Blanket/Turkish-T

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!

Credits//Authors: Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson. Photography by Janae Hardy and Amber Ulmer.

  • SO pretty! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures with us.

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  • So pretty! The pom pom fringe has transformed your dress I love it!

    Shannice Alice – ❤️

  • You girls look absolutely beautiful!! <3
    I have a denim dress with a polka-dot pattern and I wear it ALL THE TIME during summer. It’s just so easy and fun to style! Also, I can’t really stand pants during hot summer days 😉

    Your DIY is awesome, Emma! Your dress looks amazing and it fits SO well.

    Have a nice weekend! <3 xx

  • I love both of these looks so much! I love the little pom poms that you added too – so fun!
    xo April | April Everyday

  • Oh so cute!! Emma do you think you could share with us the things you learned while sewing the pom pom fringe? I’d love to try something like that!

  • Pom poms are such a fun way to update old garments. Love the look of you “new” dress Emma. And so happy to see you sewing for fun 😉

  • The pom-pom flair is the best! Love it! I am always wearing things that borderline on belonging in the children’s section. Add in that I am petite and actually could buy things from the children’s section for myself, and I’m sometimes mistaken for a tween. Buy hey, what are clothes if you can’t have fun?!

  • I just love the poms poms on the dress! It makes it so much more fun to wear 🙂

  • Those dresses are so adorable! The pom-pom details are really pretty and I definitely love that off shoulder action too.

  • you both very sweet and charm! love pompoms btw.

    Putri |

  • Emma your dress is a dream! The fit is so flattering and your pom-pom detail changes the dress from perfect to uber perfect!
    Elsie you are inspiring me to get out there and wear some ruffles and take more photos with my fur babies 🙂
    Alicia xx

  • Absolutely LOVE your DIY pom-pom fringe dress Emma, very cute and fun! You both are so beautiful and have such good style, I admire it! Also, Dolly is the CUTEST <3

    Cheers xo

  • You both look incredible. Such perfect summer dresses!

    xx Chelsea

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