Sister Style: Bloggers and Their Pink Walls…

Bloggers and their pink walls...Sometimes I truly feel like I am living in an SNL sketch about bloggers. Like, when we were driving to Target, and I literally screamed because I saw this amazing A-frame pink and purple flower shop. “STOP THE CAR!”

What can I say, we love our pink walls. I am zero percent ashamed.

Bloggers and their pink walls... Bloggers and their pink walls... Bloggers and their pink walls... Bloggers and their pink walls... Bloggers and their pink walls... Elsie’s Wearing: Pink sunnies/Oui Fresh, Chambray Top/Madewell, Pink Overalls/ASOS (similar), Bag/Oui Fresh, Shoes/Swedish Hasbeens, Palm Springs Bracelet and Cactus Pin/McKean Studio, Enid Pin/Danny Brito, Cheese Fries Pin/Band Of Weirdos, Succulent Pin/Finest Imaginary.

PS– Here’s my other favorite pink wall. Take it away, sister!

Emma Chapman Pink and purple Emma Chapman Purse and shoes Ombre hairWell I might not be in front of an all pink wall, but I still think these are totally blogger-appropriate images. 🙂 Also, I’m noticing that I like to share at least one photo that’s basically the back of my head… Guys, I  know that’s weird. I’m just really proud of my hair. It felt like it took FOREVER to grow out and now that it’s finally pretty long (at least for me), I’m excited about it! 

Emma Chapman Sunnies Emma Chapman Emma’s Wearing: Dress/Half of Half (from this work wears post), Shoes/H&M, Purse and sunnies/Oui Fresh

Hope you’re having a great day! xx. Emma + Elsie

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, Photography: Amber Ulmer and Janae Hardy. 

  • You are both gorgeous – love these sister style posts! So fun seeing the cheese fries pin your outfit, Elsie! <3 <3

  • Obsessed with your look Elsie! That bucket bag is amazing, I absolutely love the color. I have been wearing my Rebecca Minkoff tote all the time and it’s a great option if you are looking for a luxury basic neutral bag!

  • Not that you need approval from a stranger on the internet, but Emma the simple cut and color of that dress are really perfect on you! Tres chic.

  • I love your long hair too, Emma! I also love the curls you’ve been sporting recently — I would love to see a little tutorial on how you do them!

  • EEK! I used to live in Hendersonville and drove past that pink flower shop down by the Rivergate mall all the time! 🙂 It makes me smile so much to see familiar places like that. I love living back in PA, but miss TN a lot too!

  • Love both of your looks! And both of your walls! I keep joking that I’m going to paint the side of my house as a blogger-magnet – it would be such a great way to make new friends! Lol!

  • Strange question, do you wear bike shorts under your skirts? the length of your skirts are just so short, that i’m just wondering. but maybe your cool with the length. i’m just wondering no shade. 🙂

  • You can’t go wrong with a fab outfit and brightly coloured wall!

  • Those pink overalls are stinkin’ adorable!


  • I love the pink overalls on Elsie! I used to have something like that as a child and it’s a very cute style that’s making a come back! I love the colour of Emma’s shirt/dress……but I must say I’m not a fan of this “shapeless” dresses and oversized shirts fashion currently trending. It does nothing for my body type. It’s incredibly comfortable though so I have a few oversized shirts that are perfect for lounging at home 🙂

  • I love your sunglasses Elsie, and your shoes! They’re awesome!

  • I have loved reading your blog for many years now and I know you have to make a living from it but I just counted 7 ads in this one post! It kinda distracts from your images and words ??

  • I’m always shocked when someone on a blog site posts something like this. Not because you stopped for the photos (I do that too), but because I know exactly where you were — that place has been there (and bright pink and purple) for as long as I can remember. Cute photos. Thanks for the excitement seeing hometown-ness pop up on here.

  • You both look beautiful! I love your style (both of you). The bright pink purse is dreamy. 🙂 Pink walls? Yes!!

  • What a fun place to take photos, I love both of these looks

  • Cuteness! I have to say I love love love those clogs sandals. I wish I could find them on sale somewhere!


  • Oh my gosh – I had the exact same reaction when we passed by it last time we were in town! We were headed to Cheekwood, and I almost lost my mind when I saw it. The lighting was too yucky to take pics, though 🙁 This is just the cutest post – I love that you guys have been posting more Sister Style content – so fun!

  • Yeah but what are the chances you looked that cute when you saw the pink wall?? I always see the walls and fun spots when I am coming back from working out or something and then I never go back for the pic!


  • OF COURSE Elsie has a cactus pin, I love it!! <3 FYI – I’m really digging how often y’all have been doing Sister Style posts since they are 1 of my favorite of your post series! Please keep them coming! Love my daily ABM fix 🙂

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