Sister Style: Exploring New Places

Emma of A Beautiful MessMetallic bagPurse and sunniesThumbs upLight blueLiving and working from a different city this month has me (and Trey) exploring lots of new places. New coffee shops, new restaurants, new beaches, and so on, and all along the way we are having lots of new experiences. Most of the time I am a total homebody, although I do try to explore new things as often as possible. As a creative small business owner I think keeping a mindset of life-long exploration is really important. You don’t want to pass over the next big idea just because it felt too new or weird to you at first. In general I think having an attitude of happy-to-explore-the-new is a good way to live life.

So I am living my best life this month. 🙂

Also, big thanks to my Instagram husband for snapping these pictures of me after we grabbed some (delicious!) coffee from Civil Coffee.

Emma of A Beautiful Mess Shoes Stay home club tee Emma Chapman Emma of A Beautiful Mess Emma’s Wearing: Shirt/Stay Home Club (love their stuff!), Zippered leggings/H&M (similar), Shoes/Barbara Barbieri (similar pair), Sunnies/SheIn, Purse/Cuir Rose (similar here), and Lipstick/Burt’s Bees Juniper Water.

Take it away, sister!

I don’t have too much to say when it comes to exploring lately. We’ve stayed home a lot this season and, honestly, it’s been really great. We have a lot of travel planned later this spring and summer, and it’s been amazing to just chill at home for a bit. Since around the first of the year, I’ve been on a rampage to “finish” my house, and it’s the best feeling ever tying up project after project after project.

I set a bunch of relatively small goals for myself like catching up on getting photo books made, deep cleaning those parts of our house that still have hidden junk, and planning some outdoor landscaping projects for springtime.

It feels good to get so much done. I love traveling, but I also love being a homebody equally as much. Gotta have both.

Elsie’s Wearing: Jumpsuit/Betty & Veronica, Clutch/, Shoes/Swedish Hasbeens, Sunnies/Moorea Seal, Necklace/Madewell.

xx. Emma + Elsie

Credits//Author: Emma Chapman, Photography: Trey George + Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.
  • It is a nice feeling of satisfaction when you see the results of your work, no matter if this is some project at the work or at home. Your black jumpsuit looks comfy and elegant at the same time. Also, I love the haircut and the colour of your hair.

  • Love Emma’s shirt so much! It’s so basic yet looks so stylish and seems comfy. Elsie’s jumpsuit and haircolor are both a bomb! Keep up the good work to the two of you!

  • I’ve always been a homebody, but the travel bug has hit me HARD – we have TONS of trips planned this year. I’m also trying to explore more of my city (been in Los Angeles for four years) because it’s amazing how much I’ve still yet to do or explore.
    Anyway, both of your sunglasses are super fun, and Elsie, that jumpsuit is pretty amazing. <3

  • I find SO many awesome brands through your sister style posts! Stay home club looks incredible. Elsie, your new hair color looks bomb!

  • Love this edition of Sister Style ladies :).

    Emma, What’s your fav way to feel like an explorer at home?

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.,… one way that’s risen to the top for me, is taking the time to walk different neighborhoods in my city, instead of just circling the same few blocks nearby my home-sweet-home.

    Learning the history of different pockets of the city thought my library’s historical department, is also on my to-explore list!

    One of my besties has committed to a 365 project where she tries something new every day of the year. (That feels super ambitious to me!)

    I am always up for collecting inspiration, so would love to hear how you do it!

    All the best,

    Micky V.

  • Totally loving your “cool girl” LA look Emma!

  • You ladies look lovely, as usual! I love the sunglasses, they look so perfect for Spring and Summer! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  • Love your hair colors! Such a big change, but you remain yourselves!

  • Loving both of your new hair colors, especially Emma’s! Would love to know what colors you used to create the look.

  • You both look so very happy! I always enjoy the Sister Style (which also always reminds me that I need to put more thought into my outfits!).

    Also a question I am not sure where to ask, couple days ago in the Instagram stories the “find of the day” was a purse/bag with Bananas details I didn’t save where it was from and can’t find it anywhere! I would love to find out:)

    Thank you!

  • You ladies are really looking your best! Would love some hair tips Elsie!

    • Hi Eva!
      I’ve been making some hair tutorials… so excited to share them soon!
      xoxo- Elsie

      • Yes! Hair care posts would be awesome as well. Your hair always looks so healthy even though you color it!

  • Love both of your outfits – casual and wacky! That pink wall is also the most beautiful shade.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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