Sister Style: Nothing Fancy

Sister Style- Nothing FancyLately when we’re trying to decide where to go or what to do, my answer is always “nothing fancy”. I’ve been in a very simple zone. For food I always want to go to the same few places, for drink—red wine and black coffee, and I’m feeling very fond of routines.

With clothing I’m feeling the same. I’m trying on lots of things, but sticking pretty closely with what I know and love. Let’s talk about this season’s trends!

My highs and lows for this season’s trends are that I LOVE all the 1990s clothing. Even though it does make me feel kind of old to wear it all for a second time, it also makes me feel kind of young because at 16 I never imagined how young I would still feel at almost 34. It’s actually kind of awesome. I am a big fan of the 30s! It’s the perfect mix of feeling young AND old. The best of both if you ask me!

The trends I am not loving… hmmm… I guess there’s a lot of things I like, but only on other people. Like really boxy dresses and the trend of very baggy clothing. It’s cute on models, but I can’t wear any of it. Oh and I’m 0% ready to buy a pair of flare jeans. I love a high waisted bell bottom, but a low waisted flare still sends shivers up my spine. Haha—but by this time next year, I’ll probably give in. I always do! Only time will tell.

Sister Style- Nothing Fancy Sister Style- Nothing Fancy Sister Style- Nothing Fancy Sister Style- Nothing Fancy Sister Style- Nothing Fancy Elsie’s Wearing: Dress/SheIn, Jacket/ModCloth (similar here), Boots/Seychelles (similar), Choker/Moorea Seal, Sunnies/ZeroUV

Take it away, little sister!

Emma Chapman Emma Chapman Emma of A Beautiful Mess Emma of A Beautiful Mess A couple months ago I went through the whole KonMari your closet thing. If you don’t know what that means, you must not have gotten swept up with the whole Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up feels that everyone seemed to get obsessed with last year. I was a little slow to get on board, but I finally found the time to clean out my closet. Next up is my craft supply closet. (Look of dread crosses over face.)

After that I had a garage sale because I could not imagine finding the time to host an IG sale. And ever since I have felt SOOO good every time I go into mine and Trey’s walk-in closet. Everything feels less cluttered, and I feel like I actually like and use everything in there. During that process, I also realized a few areas in my closet that needed work. Mainly I tend to buy plenty of novel or crazy color/pattern items, but I am missing some basics. For example, I don’t have hardly any casual, flat shoes that I can wear in cold weather that go with jeans or just generally casual outfits. Weird, right? So I’m more focused on that right now than I am trends.

That being said, I am about as obsessed with chocker necklaces as anyone! This was my favorite trend in middle school (other than glitter lotion), so I am beyond excited that it’s back!

Emma of A Beautiful Mess Emma’s Wearing: Jeans/F21, Shoes/H&M (similar here and here), T-shirt/Oui Fresh test (we are always checking out new shirts to find the best fits), Cozy vest/Seven Oaks Home, Hat/Target, Necklace/Sparkle and Jem, Purse/Rebecca Minkoff (similar).

What trends are you loving this season? xo. Elsie + Emma

Credits // Author: Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. Photography: Amber Ulmer and Janae Hardy. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions

  • Elsie is so cute in a maxi dress while Emma is rocking this edgy outfit! Both are different but you also carried each outfit well!

  • Omg! I’m loving that Bag!! Yes the look is urban chic but the bag stole the show for me.

  • Elsie I am OBSESSED with your look here. That dress and THAT COAT. So beautiful. I’m also totally in on the 90s trend coming back – I was a kid in that decade so didn’t get to fully explore the fashion. I actually shared some 90s inspired style (and my love for ALL THINGS 90s) here if you’d like to take a look. Legends of the Hidden Temple, anyone? 😉

  • Question on a post from June! What was the name of the paint for the pink bunk beds you put in the kiddo room? Thanks!

  • I’m going through a little style rut right now. Being 21 weeks pregnant puts a little cramp in my style. I want to look pregnant but not large but I kind of hate all of my clothes. I think it’s mostly the hormones talking. Both of you are looking super cute and love seeing your style evolve.

  • you have different taste with your sister, well that’s okay, both of you look good.
    keep looking your best style, you can improve it.


  • Hahha when the ABM Sister’s definition of nothing fancy is my definition of fancy! Love both your styles!

    ♡ Carina – Blog // YouTube

  • Such gorgeous looks! The dress is just lovely, and I’m so in love with your coat, Emma. You both have the best tastes! Have a nice weekend x

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

  • I don’t love everything coming back (but I wasn’t trendy in the 90’s so it’s not so much a do-over for me), but I like the highwaisted flares a lot. I’m with you Elsie, with a similar shape and not being able to wear the boxy stuff. I am dealing with a lot of baby weight right now, so baggy on top actually is working well for me right now to mask that, but the problem is everything being so darn short!! I have a long torso and like my shirts long.

  • Oh geez, I will NEVER put on a pair of low waist flares again – even just remembering how water would creep up the bottoms when it rained is nightmare inducing! Not everything from the 90’s/00’s should come back 😉

    Loving the outfits – especially all the cream/white pieces!


    My family always used to get so annoyed with me because there were all these new babies and I would constantly be giving them kisses and then their mothers would be cursing me trying to get the glitter off their cute little bald heads!


  • I am loving the shiny skirts and dresses that look like 90’s style. The faux faur’s are really nice and much needed right now. Sweater layered combinations.

    If you ever feel like having a day for yourself and not thinking of anything else, I have the best suggestions for you:)

  • Elsie’s jacket is gorgeous! The trend I’m loving the most at the moment is probably velvet. I love velvet and I would wear an entire outfit made with velvet for years!

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