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Windy day Zebra boots Emma Chapman Fossil bag Emma Chapman I’m going on year two of working from home (alone), and I’ve got some fashion goals for the new year. Mainly, get fully dressed more often. Ha!

I’m not the kind of gal who wears pajamas or yoga pants everyday just because I work from home. I don’t. Usually. I’d say I do that about 10% of the time (or less), but that’s mainly because my pajamas are just AWFUL. But that’s probably a whole different goal I should make. Hmm….

No, my thing is I get dressed for the day but sometimes only about 50-70% of the way. What I mean is, I put actual clothes on, like an outfit that I would be fine to wear in public, but then I don’t put any makeup on or do my hair. Or I’ll get into a habit of cycling through the same 2-3 tee shirts as often as I can wash them. And although that’s not so bad, it means the rest of my clothes are just not getting as much use and that seems a bit sad (not to mention wasteful).

Now, I don’t intend to wear makeup and curl my hair every single day as that’s not really my style, but I do think just feeling like I actually finished getting ready would be a good goal for me. 🙂

Emma Chapman Ombre hairEmma’s Wearing: Jeans/Levi’s, Stripe shirt/F21 (similar here), Trench/ChicWish, Purse c/o Fossil, Boots c/o Boden.

What about you, sister? Do you have any fashion-related goals for the new year?

2017 fashion goals2017 fashion goals2017 fashion goals2017 fashion goals2017 fashion goals2017 fashion goalsElsie’s Wearing: Top/SheIn, Skirt/SheIn, Shoes/Swedish Hasbeens, Sunnies/ZeroUV. 

This past month I’ve been reading The Curated Closet, and it is changing my life. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read on fashion (I’ll be doing a full blog post all about it soon). So, yes, I am very much in the zone of making style goals!

The past few years I would describe my style as “confused”. I was falling back on old favorite styles and trying to embrace new trends—but not really knowing what I liked. I was buying a lot of clothes, but not loving them—or even worse, not wearing them. I got to a point last year where I just dreaded shopping and felt defeated a lot of the time. Blah.

Going through this book and doing all the homework from the clean out, to making a style file and spending time really figuring out how I REALLY want to dress before shopping has helped me so much. I know so much more specifically what I am looking for now. I basically have 2-3 uniforms (just go-to outfits) that I am wearing over and over in different combinations. It’s so simple, and I feel like I am finally building up a closet full of things I LOVE.

Similar to Emma, I don’t dress up every day for work at home (except I totally will stay in my PJs all day, and I feel no shame), but we usually go out for either lunch or dinner (usually dinner) or run any errands we need to do, so I dress up then and on the weekends. Good enough! I’m still getting dressed up on the regular.

For 2017 my style goals are to keep slowly collecting a wardrobe I feel really cute in. I really do believe that dressing well can make you feel more confident. And it’s more about putting in the effort to find the right stuff than it is about money, by the way. I don’t think expensive stuff is necessarily always better, like the outfit I am wearing here is cheap, but it fits well so I kept it. That said, I do think it’s important to support small businesses and made-in-the-USA clothing, and I try to do it every month.

Filling up a closet with only stuff that fits amazing and is flattering is a LOT of work and cannot be rushed through. So my goal is to slowly add pieces that fit amazing and make me feel like myself. Pretty simple.

I want to thank you guys for always leaving the nicest comments and being encouraging on our fashion posts! We mostly do these posts for fun, but they truly do help us to stay motivated to work on our personal style! You’re the best! xx -Elsie

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  • Love! I just checked out Sheln (first timer) and am in love with a few items. What’s sizing like?

  • I always put clothes on and put my hair in a ponytale. Never any make up so that is an easy met goal. But I am with Elsie. I need to fill my wardrobe with things that me feel good/pretty and not just buy stuff. I do do what Emma does rotate 2 or 3 shirts, but mostly for work days. I like to wear something warm and comfy (our office is pretty cold mostly) but I want to also look a bit presentable if we have clients over that we didn’t know in advance. So I have just a couple of tops/jackets that fit that description and I were them like all the time… Good work you two, keep the sisterstyles coming!

  • Emma! I got your purse for Christmas and I always feel like Mary Poppins when I use it…it holds so much stuff for being so small. Also, I love these posts! They’ve definitely helped me plan some cute outfits on days when I didn’t think it was possible.

  • Yep, we sound pretty similar. 🙂 I’m also a don’t-wear-much-if-any makeup most of the weekdays kind of gal. I will put a little on if I feel like it, but I find in the winter especially giving my face a break from all that helps with dryness.

    I def think it’s about what makes YOU feel good and ready to slay that day, no matter if that means heels and curl or tennis shoes and chapstick only. It’s all good, just depends what you are feeling for the day and what works for your particular style/work environment. 🙂


  • It’s honestly no worse quality than places like Urban Outfitters and ASOS. I’ve found some cute stuff there. 🙂
    xx- Elsie

  • i think both of you can be much more than cute. Inspiring for example. Or brave perhaps. but definitely creative.

  • Elsie,

    Have you had luck with shein? They have some cute stuff but I’m nervous about getting since it’s so affordable. I mean of course it’s not going to be top quality considering the price.

  • I work from home as well, and it’s really changed my perspective on my outward appearance and how much I care about how others view that. At my previous job I had to wear business casual, which was just not me (and I had to cover up tattoos and take out piercings, etc.) Now, I don’t have to change my appearance for anyone, so I don’t attempt to when I go out to run errands either. I have found that the important thing for me is to get dressed in an outfit that I feel comfortable working in and that I would feel comfortable going out to the post office, etc. in during the day. This helps my productivity and doesn’t give me an excuse to put off errands. I don’t wear make up during the week, and I don’t do more than brush my hair, because for me, those things aren’t required for looking good. I have saved a ton on make up, and my hair is healthier (no heat styling during the week). When I do dress up and do my hair and wear make up, it’s because I really want to, not because it feels like a prerequisite for leaving the house or being an adult or something. It’s really freeing! Anyway, Emma, it seems like the goal of “finishing getting ready” is appropriate because you define what “finished” is! 🙂 You both look amazing, as always.

  • You look amazing, keep slaying :p xx
    A Girls Journal

  • Emma, your hair looks amazing. Elsie, I love that you’re supporting small businesses. It’s a great way to collect a stylish wardrobe while giving back to the economy.

  • In love with that scalloped skirt and striped top!! Thank you for the book recommendation! It’s so hard to find good books about curating, especially when it comes to clothes.

    xo, Sofia

  • You both look great! I really need to give The Curated Closet a read. Happy new year!

  • Your outfit is superb, Elsie! Looks a lot like summer!

  • Love the outfits and the pink and white wall of Elsie’s photo!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • These jeans look absolutely fantastic on you and you look so happy and confident, it really brightens every picture! I wish it were warm enough where I live to wear things that didn’t cover my bare legs, but alas I must wait for summer to arrive haha

  • Thank you! The weather here in Nashville has been insane these past few months!
    xx- Elsie

  • I love both of your natural confidence and relaxed tone of your posts. Two things that make y’all some of my favorites! xoxo Happy New Year!

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