Sock Monkey (and Friend) DIY

Plush dolls3bPlush dolls1bSock monkeys are a classic and super adorable project. They are also simple to create and make great gifts. If you are making these as a gift for a young child remember to use child safe snaps instead of buttons, or no buttons at all (you could use a small piece of fabric or felt for the eyes). And once you've mastered the fine art of the sock monkey you can make slight variations on this pattern to create some little friends-like this cute raccoon!DIY sock monkey steps1. Supplies: two long thick socks, needle and thread, scissors, two black buttons, polyester plush. 2. Take both socks and sew arms, body, legs and ears. 3. The first sock will be the body. Once you've cut and sewn the legs, leave a small hole where you can fill it with plush. Once you've stuffed the body and legs, hand stitch the hole. 4. Next, take the other sock and cut and sew the arms, tail, and ears. 5. Once you've cut and sewn all the pieces, fill each piece with plush! 6. Sew the arms, tail and ears to the body. 7. Last, sew on the mouth by taking the heel of the second sock and hand stitching it onto the face. Once it's sewn half way, fill it with plush and sew the remaining side closed. 8. All done!Plush dolls2bFor the raccoon you can make his tail a little bigger by making his ears smaller (using less fabric). It's fun to add little details too-like pipe cleaner glasses or plaid shorts! Have fun making your own little sock buddy creations.

  • oh noes but hehehehe 🙂 is there a way you can sglvaae this? For example snip a strand and then you’d have 2 half feet and pick up and finish the knitting on both of them? Or once you’ve separated them, fill with catnip and give to the kittenses? or use the 2 halves as part of convertible mittens?Hope the rest of the week will go better for you

  • The cap represents how adeictdd he is to the game; instead of a monkey on his back, it’s a monkey cap on his head…Hmmm that was funnier in my hEaD.I don’t know…you’re last ones were so good, I have AXED all of mine.

  • love your creativity!!!
    please check my blog out,

    ^copy and paste that^

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  • This made me happy!! Extremely adorable!! Would try and make this with my little cousins!

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  • Love the raccoon. My boyfriend collects sock monkeys, so I made him one a few years ago. They are so fun.

  • I’ve been wanting to make sock monkeys for ages! But I don’t know where to find the socks. Who carries them?

  • I was given a sock monkey as part of a craft swap I entered in January! And it’s amazing and very much loved

  • This is just I iconic. In a kid way. Do please tell us where you found those socks! I wouldn’t Sar attempt this with my limited skills without that base:)

  • Awesome idea. Kind of confused on where you cut, though. Your instructions just say to sew the body, arms, and legs.

  • I am in love with that raccoon. He needs to be my crafting/blogging buddy.

  • Inspired by one of your earlier sock monkey DIY entries I made a band of sock monkeys for me and my friends (who said socks monkey are just for kids, right ;)):
    I am more than happy to see the raccoon here, definitely will take it into making in the future. The great thing about sock animals is that while they’re quite basic the little details can totally transform them. 🙂

    Ps. Your blog is by far one of my favorite ones to follow! Keep up the good work! xx

  • Very cute! I love the raccoon 🙂
    xo Heather

  • The monkey is cute but it’s his friend I’ve really fallen for.Rx

  • I made sock monkeys for my niece and nephew for Christmas. A word to the wise, though: be sure to stuff them fuller than you think you’ll need to stuff them or else they’ll end up looking like creepy Homer Simpson dolls…

  • This is a cute project for friends with babies!
    Have you tried to make a sock fox yet?
    Just curious!

  • Oh my goodness! My kids would loooove these! Great idea:)

    Stephanie May*

  • SO cute! I like the monkey a lot!

  • i’ve always wanted to make one of these, thanks for showing me how!


  • So cute! I’ll try to make one for my little sister for her birthday.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  • I love sock monkeys! I made on with just the face on a sock and used it as a wine bottle cover. These are adorable.

  • Love it!
    I made this

    but a shock monckey is pendant ; )

  • super cute… i have been trying to figure out how to make one of thse for a while!

  • Q: I don’t ever see those kind of socks anywhere. Where did you find them?
    A: We found these socks in both colors at Hobby Lobby in the doll making section. XO!

  • Ah! I LOVE sock monkeys!!! I SO love that he has a little friend too!!! I’ve never thought of making anything else sock-ish =)

    – Sarah
    A Girl In Transit

  • This tutorial makes the sock monkey look so do-able! I’ve been wanting to make one for my son, now maybe I finally will!

  • I’ve always thought “I could make one of those sock puppets” and now I know I can!

    Thanks for this DIY guys!
    Love it!


  • This is absolutely adorable!

  • I love me a sock monkey! I just mended one yesterday, actually. I made it when I was ten from a kit I found in hobby lobby! I was so proud!

  • aw, i miss making these! an old boyfriend of mine had ears that stuck out and i made one in his likeness. with a soul patch and all. haha.

  • I love making sock monkeys! Working on a pink elephant;)

  • Aww, the faces on these are so super cute! And the raccoon shorts are so sweet!xo

  • I adore the little raccoon companion – I sense a crafty afternoon coming on before my littlest nephew’s birthday!

  • i love sock monkeys! i taught a class on making them in 4-h when i was in high school. i recommend this to everybody! it is so easy and there is so many possibilities for giving them personalities! i made mine with hats and one with an apron, for example.

  • I don’t ever see those kind of socks anywhere. Where did you find them?

  • This is an awesome idea for a fun craft! I can do this with my 3rd grade students on our fun day 😀

  • Oh, your timing on this is perfect! My goddaughter asked me to make her a sock monkey for her birthday! Thank you!

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