Spicy Edamame Burgers

Edamame burger recipeAfter going vegetarian toward the end of college I became well acquainted with black bean burgers. At most restaurants (at least in my hometown) that serve burgers, the only vegetarian option is a black bean burger. I quickly found that I LOVE them (thankfully!). If I ever decide to join back up with the meat eaters, I will probably still be ordering black bean burgers from time to time. (Just for the record, I am currently a pescatarian, meaning the only meat I eat is seafood.)Veggie burger recipeI like to experiement in the kitchen. If black bean burgers are awesome then what about other beans? Like, say, edamame? Freaky green burgers that are also freaky delicious? Yes, please.Vegetarian burger ingredientsSpicy Edamame Burgers, make 5-6.

1/3 white onion
4-5 garlic cloves
30 ounces cooked edamame
1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro
2/3 cup bread crumbs
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes (more if you like the heat)
1/2 teaspoon salt
a generous sprinkle of pepperA simple way to make bread crumbsA simple way to make bread crumbs is to leave bread out (like extra hamburger buns) the night before. Then in the morning pulse them in a food processor. If you forget to leave bread out, you could toast the bread in the oven and then blend it up. But I like the overnight version, because I'm lazy.How to make vegetarian burgersIn a food processor, blend together 2/3 of the edamame, onion, garlic, cilantro, 1/2 of the bread crumbs, egg, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper until a thick paste forms. In a bowl combine this paste with the remaining edamame (give them a rough chop first) and bread crumbs. Fold together until just combined. With your (clean) hands form 5-6 patties. You can wrap these in plastic and freeze them or cook them immediately.

To cook, heat a little olive oil in a pan over medium heat. Lightly dredge the patty in flour. Cook in the oil until warmed through and crispy on both sides.Delicious and healthy veggie burgers!These have a truly delicious and unique flavor plus a little kick from the red pepper. They are also super healthy and a fun alternative to whatever burgers tend to be your usual. Enjoy these! xo. Emma

P.S. Want more vegetarian dinner options? Check out: portobello mushroom burgers, vegetarian chili or asian style dumpling soup

  • I made these and they were delicious! They were a little on the soggy side though.

  • Success!! I finally had a chance to make this for myself. So delicious!! Thanks Emma for another great receipe!!! 🙂

  • Just made these tonight… soooo good! My husband loved them. Thanks to you, we’ve got a new recipe in the rotation! We put chopped red pepper and sriracha (him) and horseradish (me) on the burger. Delish!

  • Made these today, thanks so much for the inspiration – they are awesome.
    I added in peas and WASABI for extra kick
    I’d love for you to have a look:
    x x x

  • I could really use this right now!

  • Haaaaa why is there always cilantro in everything nowadays? Cilantro is evil…..I wish it would all burn! But I’m sure this recipe would be delicious without it.

  • I made these last night and they were Delicious! I had to use the blender (no food processor yet!) so I added a couple of splashes of water to loosen up the mix. Incredibly tasty, and I have leftovers for two couples’ meals! I’m definitely keeping this recipe on hand for future dinners…

  • Looks delicious – I’ll have to try these out! Do you think I could use panko instead of breadcrumbs? What about wheatbread-crumbs? Thanks for the recipe!

  • Snap! I only eat fish too! Love making bean burgers and look forward to making this 🙂

    Lulu xx


  • I am SO happy you posted this! I love black bean burgers, but I happen to be very allergic to black beans! Will have to try this soon.

    -Sydney M.

  • oh i love veggie burgers! i was a vegetarian(no seafood either) for my first 18 years of life and even though i switched over to eating meat eventually i still love and prefer veggie burgers to the real thing. these edamame burgers look delish.

  • I don’t have any dietary restrictions, but I do like black bean burgers, too. And I adore edamame. I might have to give these a try, thanks for the recipe.

  • i only eat fish meat as well and i don’t think i’ve never tried this kind of burger…. my mom has been experimenting with veggie burgers but it’s not going too well. as in, they break down instantly. i’ll pass this on and maybe i’ll get some yummy edamame burgers in my tummy soon

  • I will definitely have to try these as I’ve been looking for an alternative to my black bean burgers. Thanks for the recipe.

  • I am also a pescatarian but I mostly cook vegetarian food. I love experimenting with different varieties of veggie burger recipe, and these sound AMAZING. Can’t wait to try!


  • Need to try that recipe, for sure. I’m not a vegeterian, but I don’t need meat that often…

    Yesterday, my sister made broccoli burgers – they were delicious as well. You should look up a recipe and try this one as well… Hmmm.

    Have a great weekend. xo.

  • Love the look of these! we are a veggie family so always welcoming new ideas.


  • You could replace the egg with
    carob bean gum
    guar gum
    soy flour
    just add a BIT of water to your dough and knead like your life depended on it
    et voilà: vegan burgers 🙂
    means: I will try this at home.

  • Oh my god. These look SO good.
    I will definitely be trying this recipe. Yum!


  • I really like that there are so many yummy vegetarian dishes on this blog 🙂

  • This sounds really interesting. I’m by no means vegetarian, but I like the sound of this, and me and my partner are trying more vegetarian meals lately anyway. I’ve never actually tried edamame, so I’ll be seeking this out while shopping over the weekend!

  • yum! thanks for this sweet idea. i love black bean burgers, so this sounds good.
    kw ladies in navy

  • This looks so yummy! I’ve never thought of making an edamame burger, but it’s a great idea. I love the green color, too.

  • Wow this looks amazingly healthy and good!
    I want to try this myself
    😉 Liz @ rusticpeach.com

  • Beautiful recipe. Caloriecount (which I love for all of my nutritional values) says it’s an “A-” so I’m totally going to try to make this. 🙂

  • A spicy sweet potato burger is also another great and fun vegetarian burger option!

  • Looks SO yummy! Should also be easy to make a vegan version!


  • I’m not a vegitarian but I absolutely love black bean burgers and edamame! I’m definitely going to have to try this out for the blog (and me!).

  • You know, I eat edamame *all the time*, but I forgot about edamame burgers, which is a recipe my MIL gave me years ago (when I was dating her son, living with 6 other people and had a $100 weekly budget between us all). I can’t wait to make these!

  • This looks great! Although I wish there were some meat recipes on here from time to time. Which obviously would be difficult since you’re a pescatarian and there are more vegetarians out there looking for awesome creative cooking ideas like this one, but for those who do like to have meat for dinner (like my boyfriend) I’d love to see some meat ideas in the future. Thanks for the abundance of wonderful recipes you post in the meantime, though!

  • Never tried either of those but I think I will give it a whirl. Trying to cut some of those meats I love down just a tad and tofu just doesn’t work for me much (unless its hot and sour soup – YUM).

  • This sounds SO yum! Definitely going to try!

    Stephanie May*


  • This looks delicious! Better than the vegetarian burgers my mom buys from costco.

  • my husband and I are going on a Daniel fast (no meats, dairy, processed food) with our college ministry for the next 21 days so this recipe is coming in the perfect time. Thanks for sharing this ladies :).

  • Oh YUMMY! Thanks for the recipe, I wish I could reach through those photos and eat it! (Im 6 months pregnant) <3

    visit us sometime 🙂 www.somethinglikeafairytale.com

  • Woah these sound yummy!! I’ve never tried a black bean burger because honestly I’m scared I won’t like them. Guess I should give them a try!

    Kristina does the Internets

  • Ah these look yummy! Lovely photos!


  • wow, I have to try them, I love edamame and I’ve been a vegetarian for 17 or something years now.. thanks for sharing!

  • I am a pescatarian also! This is such a good option, can’t wait to try it!

  • Edamame beans are almost impossible to find in South Africa and very expensive at the only store I’ve occasionally seen them at.

  • I love eating vegetarian whenever I get the chance!! It’s tough with a college cafeteria, but ideas like this make me SO look forward to having my own kitchen to cook with someday.

    Check out the free people giveaway on my blog!

    xo sharon

  • such a good idea! i love making black bean burgers and these look like a great alternative :).

  • I love edamame beans, not sure about a burger though

  • Freaky green burger that’s freaky good?! I’m intrigued!

    Prabal Gurung for Target Giveaway!

  • It looks a little bit strange but I believe you when you tell me it’s delicious 😉 xx


  • This looks so good. I’m not a vegetarian, although I don’t eat often meat. But this seems to be perfect to stop eating meat at all. I’m going to try it.

  • Whoa crazy! I never would have thought to use different beans! I love black bean burgers!

  • You have to try with chickpeas too!
    (Plus bread, onion, garlic, mustard, parsley and ginger) 🙂

  • I really like this alternative, it looks simple and for me, European, a burger is quite unusual, so it’ll be fun to have this for dinner sometime.

  • this must be so freakin’ tasty


  • This looks great! Maybe I’ll try a squeeze of lemon juice for an extra pop of flavor at the end. 🙂

  • looks delicious!! I’m a vegetarian and I just don’t like those processed veggie burgers so this recipe is one that I will definitely be trying out! thanks!

  • love this. i use a similar recipe only i substitute quinoa for breadcrumbs to up the protein!

    abigail lind

  • yum! sounds delicious! i was vegetarian for 8 years until i became anemic during pregnancy but i still like to throw in veg-friendly meals a few nights a weak. this is definitely going on the menu for the month! thanks!!

  • These look AMAZING! As much as I love bean burgers, one can get tired of them. Surely there are other options out there?! (Clearly, you’ve just proved there are.) I mean to try a sweet potato/quinoa burger recipe out some time soon, but this one has to got to be on my ‘to cook’ list. Thank you for this one!

  • my sister was a pescatarian for several years until she found out her B12 levels were dangerously low. Nevertheless she helped me to develop a taste for vegetarian dishes. this one looks like it would be great to try this summer as an alternative at BBQ’s. Thanks for the Recipe, would love to see me vegetarian or gluten free dishes! <3

  • This would probably be delicious with some wasabi mayo! Mmm mmm great idea Emma!

  • I’m all for easy! And .. I have all the ingredients listed. I maybe having an Edamame burger this evening for dinner!


  • Oh my my that looks quite delicious!! I’ve been contemplating to join the no meat movement but I don’t think my body can take it yet, I’m gonna see how being a pescetarian floats my boat. Thanks for the inspiration! 😀

  • I’m not vegetarian, but I do enjoy veggie burgers every now and then. I like the sound of these!

  • Love! I was vegan for awhile and I definitely fell in love with all kinds of meat alternatives, but I would never have thought to make edamame burgers. I can’t wait to try these.


  • This looks awesome! I’m a pescetarian too! I usually only eat fish when I am at a restaurant though because years ago (I’ve been meat free for almost 25 years) there weren’t any good vegi options when I went out to eat. So glad to hear there are other pesecetarians out there!

  • This looks delicious. Thanks for the recipe.

    xo janika

  • Yum! I only eat chicken, so I’m always having veggie burgers, I’ll have to give this recipe a try! Thanks for posting!

    Juliette Laura

  • As a vegetarian I am delighted that you shared this recipe! It looks so tastey, I can’t wait to give it a try.

  • Wow this is so cool, green burgers, they’d be great for halloween! Awesome idea, thanks for the recipe!


  • these sound amazing! have you guys ever thought about making a “printer friendly” link for your recipes?

  • I love spicy food AND I love edamame. Combining the two together was pure genius! Thanks for the recipe!


  • Thank you! These look and sound delicious! I’ve been vegetarian for 8 years now and am always looking for new ideas. Plus grilling season is fast approaching! Can’t wait to try these. Do you think they will cook well on the grill?

  • I love bean burgers! I’m not actually a vegetarian but I order them all the time (usually with bacon of course). Will have to try these!

  • What!!! I feel like this is one of those things I will have to try to believe!

  • I have been a vegetarian for 17 years now, but Edamame Burgers was totally new to me. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Yum! I love trying out new veggie burger recipes. Will add this to my list.


  • Wow sounds great! I’ve been toying with the idea of becoming vegetarian and gathering recipes before I commit. This’ll definitely go on the list! Thanks!

  • This is such a cool idea for a burger. I’ve never been a big meat-eater, so it’s always fun to find new vegetarian recipe ideas. Black bean burgers are delicious, but this is a wonderful variation. I can’t wait to try it out.

  • OMG such an amazing idea to make burgers out of Edamame!! I think these are going to rule the world 🙂 I’m not a veggie, but these sound delicious!
    Thanks for a great recipe
    Ibbs x

  • I am a Pescetarian as well! I got super excited when you said that! Thank you for your recipes and suggestions!

  • This sounds delicious! My husband and I are ditching meat for the month of April so this recipe is perfect timing.

    -Steph R.

  • Theses burgers look seriously amazing! I love this blog! Great mix of topics, always something interesting happening here.

  • This burger looks delicious! I’m a vegetarian, too, but it’s really hard for me to eat a burger these days. There are literally no vegetarian options around. To be honest, I think a lot of restaurants here in Germany don’t care for their vegetarian guests.

    xo Julia

  • So awesome! Can’t wait to try these! I’ll use almond or coconut flour for the buns for a gluten-free option. 🙂

  • This looks really delicious. I’m going to try this recipe soon. Do you have another one for the black beans? Because I never ate black-bean-burgers (don’t know if they exist in Germany). Can I replace the Edamame (I don’t know where to get them here) with black beans and thats it?

    Thanks for the inspiration,

  • I love edamame. The first time my mom ate some she ate the outside skin/shell too! I had mine piled on a napkin and when I asked her where she was putting hers she was like oops lol

  • LOVE this idea, thank you! i’m vegetarian, and my boyfriend is 1,000% not, so it can be such a challenge to find things we can cook + enjoy together. definitely adding this to our menu this week 🙂

  • Hmm…I’ll have to try those. My list of ABM recipes is piling up!


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