Spotted Curtains DIY

Give a pair of curtains the spotty treatment! Click through for tips + instructions.Hi, guys! It’s Mandi. I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready for the spotted trend we’ve been seeing pop up in fashion the past couple of years. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to call it dalmatian print exactly… I think we can thank Cruella de Vil for taking away that privilege. But just painting a spotted pattern on a pair of pumps here or a small wall there is totally acceptable these days.

I thought a fun way to add a jolt of spottiness to our home would be to paint a pair of curtains with the pattern. I used an inexpensive pair of cotton sheers from World Market and a little fabric paint, and voilà! Spotty fun for all.

Give a pair of curtains the spotty treatment! Click through for tips + instructions.Supplies:
-cotton curtains (mine are from here)
-fabric paint
-paint brush
-cup + water
-drop cloth (I ended up using plastic wrap)

Give a pair of curtains the spotty treatment! Click through for tips + instructions.Step One: Slightly dilute the fabric paint with a bit of water. It should be thick enough to not easily drip off the paint brush. If it is too thin, it will bleed into the fabric. A little bleeding is good—it gives the look of spots on fur.

Step Two: Work your way across and down the curtain, making irregular spots in various sizes. Don’t make the spots too large, or they’ll look like cow print. Totally not en vogue. Paint some spots closer together and some farther apart. Irregularity is key. Do not move the fabric while any of the paint is wet, or you’ll end up with smeared fabric, and that would be a tragedy.

Important Tips: My first word of caution is to not work in a room with carpet or textiles nearby. You’re working with black fabric paint after all! Also, I know I showed paper as a supply, but I quickly found that paper was not a good backdrop material. The paint dried onto it, and when I tried to peel off the curtain, the paper stuck to the fabric. I ended up wrapping my tabletop in saran wrap, and that worked nicely.

Give a pair of curtains the spotty treatment! Click through for tips + instructions.IMG_2589These curtains are going to go in little Lucy’s next bedroom—Yes, we’re already planning her big girl room! I think I’ll stack them inside a pair of heavy weight curtains in a pretty color, like coral. The spotted pattern will look more subtle alongside some substantial curtains, I think. Though they look lovely on their own too! –Mandi

Credits // Author and Photography: Mandi Johnson. Photos edited with Valentine of the Signature Collection.

  • Hi Eveline! You are always welcome to use one photo from our posts as long as you credit us and link back to our site. – Jacki

  • Ar you ok with me using one of your pictures and adding a link to this post on my blog? I want to show how spotted curtains add joy to a room without being dramaticaly.

  • I bet that took forever! But they look awesome and were totally worth it 🙂

  • UGH this is too cute! Love the colors you paired them with! I am going to post this on my blog 🙂

    Bombshell approved!
    Boys and Bombshells

  • I love this idea! You did a great job and they look like they came that way from the store. What other patterns would you recommend for painting onto curtains?

  • I love that such a simple idea has such a huge impact on the room. Very cool.

  • I never would have thought that black spotted curtains could look so appealing!! Really cute!!

  • I love the Cruella reference 😉 These are so great, I’m absolutely obsessed with polka dots!

    xx Becky

  • I got the 86″ length. (I think that’s the right size, anyway, it was the shortest.) My ceilings are kind of low and since I have registers under the windows, I don’t want to have the bottom touch the floor/cover the register. Otherwise I might’ve gone with the medium length and moved my rods up to give a heightened effect to the ceiling.

  • This is supposed to be washable, but honestly, I’m scared to try! All of that hard work down the drain (literally) really freaks me out. I would check with the manufacturer of each paint. I know you can even use regular acrylic paint if you add some type of additive which makes it stick to fabric without washing off. I haven’t tried that yet, though. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

  • Honestly, I bought two different brands (because I needed a second bottle and forgot the brand I got before) and didn’t notice a difference between the two. I haven’t washed the curtains, though. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help! This was my first time delving into washable fabric painting. 🙂

  • These look great! 😀 xx

  • I love how you can customize the size and color of the dots…thanks for sharing this wonderful idea! 🙂

  • These are gorgeous! I might have to attempt them in pink spots for my girls’ room!

  • Such a cute and awesome idea! I am moving next month, think I have to do this!

  • This is a beautiful print! I have been looking for a good textile paint. What brand do you use/which is your favorite?



  • This may be a dumb question, but fabric paint means they’re still washable, right? I’m considering doing this on a duvet.

  • Love this! Definitely easy enough for someone unskilled with zero talent for crafty stuff. 😉 Thanks!

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  • Cute! Love the idea of stacking them inside coral – that will be so pretty!

  • Lovely idea! Plus it looks like it must be fun to make it : )

  • Very cute, I love that the spots are all different shapes and sizes!

  • Ok so I am totally in love with these. I’ve just moved and inherited some pretty terrible curtains but a big white airy space with a bay window and a walk in wardrobe (I know!) and either this or your macrame curtain would look fabulous! I’ve already ordered my instagram prints for your grid idea..thanks for an amazing blog.

  • Really cute and much easier to do that I thought as well…so bonus!! 😉

  • Oh lovely! So so pretty and fun! I love that they will always be unique.

  • Very adorable. Reminds me of a Dalmatian. :] // ☼

  • I love this idea! What a great way to vamp up some simple curtains!!! Thanks for the tip:)

  • I love those curtains, it’s such a great project! They are really wonderful!

  • I am so going to do this but with a mustard yellow!!! 🙂 thanks for the inspiration!

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