Spring Easter Egg Display

All it takes is some wire and paint to make this quirky Easter egg display!Hi, guys! It’s Mandi. This spring Easter egg display might be a wee bit heavy on the “punny,” sure, but at least it’s also a bit nontraditional! I don’t love decorating my home in colors usually found in a baby’s nursery, so putting decor up for Easter is always a bit tricky. Bunnies, chicks, and pastels, oh my! Well, this year I decided to dye eggs in jewel tones, instead of pastels, and display them in a quirky, minimal way. Check out my instructions below for making your own similar Easter egg display!

All it takes is some wire and paint to make this quirky Easter egg display!Supplies:
-12 gauge galvanized steel wire (I found mine at the hardware store for $5, and only used about 1/3 of it)

-wire cutters
-copper spray paint (Primer is optional, but advisable if you plan on reusing these year after year)
-a few small pieces of duct tape
-dyed eggs (I wouldn’t recommend eating these after painting the shell)
-paint brush
-gold leaf paint

All it takes is some wire and paint to make this quirky Easter egg display!Step One: Cut a piece of wire to be about 18″-24″ in length, tape the end of it down onto the bottle of paint, and tightly wrap the wire around the bottle, forming a spring shape.

Step Two: Remove the wire from the paint bottle, and trim either end of it to make it the size you want. Keep in mind, if the spring is too tall, it will cause the egg to topple over. I made my springs a variety of heights, to up the quirky ante.

All it takes is some wire and paint to make this quirky Easter egg display!Step Three: Holding the spring at either end, twist it so that the middle section becomes more narrow. You might need to fidget with it a little bit to keep the spring straight.

Step Four: Paint the springs with a few light coats of paint. Too much paint will cause the springs to stick to the painting surface, which will cause the paint to peel off when you move the springs. I used primer because I plan to use these springs again year after year and want to ensure the paint sticks for good!

All it takes is some wire and paint to make this quirky Easter egg display!Step Five: Use a paintbrush and gold leaf paint to draw letters on each egg. You can practice on paper if you’re nervous, but I found I got the best brush strokes when I didn’t hesitate. Paint with confidence! If you mess up, just flip the egg around and work on the other side. (That’s what I did!)

All it takes is some wire and paint to make this quirky Easter egg display!I arranged the springs randomly on the top of my china cabinet and carefully placed the painted eggs on top. You may need to tweak the springs a bit if they show a tendency to lean one way or another.

All it takes is some wire and paint to make this quirky Easter egg display!That’s all there is to it! Could there be a simpler Easter decor project? I can’t stop thinking about what this would look like with black eggs, though. You should give it a try, and show us how they look!


Credits // Author and Photography: Mandi Johnson, Photos edited with Spring of the Signature Collection.

  • These are lovely. They would look perfect with my Easter Showstopper Chocolate Basket.

  • Hello and easter greatings!

    Lovely spring egg:-) If I let the children do them yellow, I think we make them for easter.

    My friend just made easter beauty cupcakes:


    Also a great thing to be kreative.

  • Black eggs would be much more my style. I’ve never really been one to decorate for Easter, but this is cute.

  • This makes me think of a haiku I once read:
    “I can taste the spring
    Approaching steadily with
    Lighter, brighter days.”
    Emily Marie McBride

  • This is so cute. I love the egg holders. They would be perfect for my cheesecake easter eggs.


  • OMG I love this this! So adorable. You should share this on our PARA Paints Spring Fever Link Party!! http://www.pinklittlenotebook.com/para-blog-crew-spring-fever-edition/

  • Great idea! I wish I did this for my Easter party! I have a few Alice in Wonderland themed ideas you can check out here http://www.inallofhersplendor.com/2014/04/01/my-easter-estravaganza/

  • This would be a super cute centerpiece for Easter! I love it.


  • I love this idea! It’s adorable and it’s simple so I’m pretty sure I could pull it off 🙂

    Love and Luck,

    Laurali Star


  • These are so cute! I love the colours you used too!

    Lauren // Lipstick & Lacquer

  • This is such a cute idea I love it! X


  • Ohh yess so cute! If it turns out I have people over for brunch I will make this as decoration! In the Netherlands they make something called “paastakken” (easter branches)

    [ http://www.google.fr/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fconcerningus.files.wordpress.com%2F2010%2F03%2Fp1100188.jpg&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fconcerningus.wordpress.com%2F2010%2F03%2F26%2Fpaastak-en-boterlam%2F&h=2560&w=1920&tbnid=ePJ2KZ7189Zi-M%3A&zoom=1&docid=5_B_0MLkas4xCM&ei=Eb1HU_-uI42a1AW91IHoAg&tbm=isch&client=safari&iact=rc&dur=957&page=2&start=22&ndsp=31&ved=0CKwBEK0DMBo ]

    which is a very cute decoration to make with the kids!!


  • This DIY idea is just wonderful! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • smart idea, so cute.. i will make it for this coming Easter!

  • So cute! I definitely need to try dying some eggs this Easter, they look so lovely 🙂

  • I admire your devotion. These look really pretty.

  • Haha it took me a while to see the pun but it is so cute! Great idea!~


  • So cute, that shade of blue is so pretty! x


  • When I was younger, my mother was very into pasting origami paper all over empty eggs. So, my sister and I would blow out eggs for days! And she still has those origami eggs in her hutch!

  • That’s so pretty- what a nice idea!

    Love from Germany and a lovely interview:

    Good night,


  • They’re hard boiled. I’ve never blown out eggs before, can ya believe it?

  • I hesitate to list the gauge in the supplies list, because I lost the tag from the wire and wasn’t sure. But I found it on the receipt- It’s 12 gauge galvanized steel. 🙂

  • Are the eggs hardboiled? or did you do the sewing pin hole and remove the yoke?

  • So simple yet so unbelievably pretty! I’ll try this out soon!

  • this would also be great with the ceramic eggs that you can get to DIY at Hobby Lobby.

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