Statement Shower Curtain DIY

Sometimes only a shower can fix that situation. Statement Shower Curtain tutorial over on www.ABeautifulMessThis statement has never been more honest than when I'm staring at my bedhead each morning at 7am, and sometimes only a shower will fix that hot mess. Embrace your hot mess with a statement shower curtain—a little humor to get you up and at 'em while your coffee brews. All you need is an off-the-shelf shower curtain with a subtle pattern or solid color, a printer, and a steady hand to add a little fun to your morning routine.

I Woke Up Like This Shower Curtain tutorialSupplies
– cotton shower curtain with subtle pattern or solid color 
– acrylic paint in darker color than your curtain (or metallic)
– freezer paper
– scissors
– iron
– paintbrush
– straight pins
– yardstick
– beach towel
– access to a printer

SuppliesPrint Your PhraseStep One: Choose a large, bold font and print your message on individual pages. I used Function Bold. Place your phrase on your curtain and decide how you want to align things. I centered mine in three rows. 

Trace Your PhraseStep Two: Measure how wide each line of words will be, and then add about 6" to come up with how much freezer paper to cut. Place your freezer paper sticky side down. Then line up your letters underneath so that they are nicely spaced. Once you're happy with how things look, trace around the edges of each letter. 

Center Your PhraseStep Three: Carefully cut out the letters so that you have a negative of each letter. Be sure to save the extra pieces for letters like 'O' and 'P'. Realign each strip of freezer paper and use straight pins to secure them in place.

Paint Your PhraseStep Four: On a dry setting, iron your freezer paper to your fabric according to the manufacturer's directions. I laid a beach towel under my curtain after pinning my paper in place to protect my floors. Once I was done ironing, I removed the beach towel and put foam board underneath before painting in the negative spaces. 

Let it DryStep Five: Once my paint was dry, I removed each freezer paper stencil and ended up with this. 

I woke up like I need a shower. Make your own Statement Shower Curtain with the tutorial on www.abeautifulmessI'm really happy with how it turned out and love the face lift it gave our master bath. If you don't want to mess with tracing and cutting and measuring, you could easily freehand the same phrase or something similar. Just use chalk to help outline your words and give you some idea where to work as you go. Switch this phrase out with your own morning pep talk and enjoy how much nicer 7am feels! –Rachel

Credits//Author and Photography: Rachel Denbow. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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