Stripes and Dots! Elsie’s Washer & Dryer Makeover

Stripes and Dots!  Laundry rooms can be, well, boring. My big project this month has been to slowly turn our laundry room into a space that's pleasant, organized and has some personality. The first project I tackled was our stripes and dots washer and dryer! 

So, full disclosure, I really wanted to paint them. Like SO badly. I spent a long time researching high heat/appliance-appropriate paints. It's still on my "maybe someday" list, but I chose not to paint them because all of the paints were sprays, which would mean lugging the appliances outside for paint, dry and cure time. Since I don't have a garage it didn't seem practical, and so I started looking for options that could be done indoors instead. In the end, I'm so happy with the result, so it all worked out! A lot of projects turn out that way: One idea evolves into the next!Washer & dryer makeover with electrical tape- test run! We did a lot of testing before committing to electrical tape. There are a lot of other options including our second choice, vinyl, that would also work. In the end we chose electrical tape because it was so quick and easy to get the perfect stripes we wanted. 

There are a few things you should know about electrical tape. It's awesome, because it is completely removable and therefore renter-friendly! All of the colors we have tried have come off with no residue (see above) except for black. BUT I wanted needed black and white stripes. So after our test run, when we used Goo Gone to remove the residue and it came off quickly and easily! So, if you're like me and just have to use black tape, be sure to remember you'll need Goo Gone if you ever choose to remove the tape in the future! 

To get the dots we used plastic (like what you would find a toy packaged in) to adhere the tape to, then we cut dots through both layers with scissors and peeled the tape off the plastic and used it for the dots pattern.Stripes and Dots!   Stripes and Dots!   Stripes and Dots!This project took two rolls of black electrical tape and about three hours to complete. I can't wait to share the rest of the room with you soon (it's still a work in progress!) Hope your day is great today. xo. Elsie 

Credits: Author and Photography: Elsie Larson, Project Assistant: Laura Gummerman. 

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