Swimsuit Shopping

I enjoy swimsuit shopping and I typically use it as a post-Christmas winter treat while planning a warm weather getaway. This year, however, is a bit different. I mean, summer is almost here and this is definitely the longest we’ve ever gone without traveling with absolutely no plans in the books. Still, I decided to treat myself to my yearly swimsuit shopping ritual because TRADITION IS TRADITION. And even though the only place I will probably wear this in the immediate future is my children’s blow-up pool, that’s good enough for me! It’s not like I don’t know how to make a margarita at home. 🙂

Two pieces // 

I love a high-waisted two piece and it’s forever been my go-to! They are so flattering and easy to wear.


Something trendy //

I think swimwear is a good place to experiment with trends, color and patterns you wouldn’t normally wear. I mean, why not?


Pro tip: If you get a swimsuit that has zero lining but you still love it, wear these under your suit. I have a ton of swimsuits with zero lining and these make me feel a little more comfortable.

The one piece, AKA “mom swimsuit” // 

To me, a “mom swimsuit” has nothing to do with wanting to cover myself up or feeling insecure, and everything to do with finding a style that my children can’t rip off my body. My kids are INTENSE in the pool (lol) and if it’s possible for them to expose my bare boobs they 100% will. Nobody needs that. So for certain places like family trips, hotels, or the good ole YMCA, I prefer a swimsuit that really stays put. It has a place in my swimsuit collection for sure.



Kiddo swimwear //

I have a few tried and true favorite shops! Rylee + Cru (my top choice for a boy suit, but I also saw a few cute kiddo trunks at Target) also makes women’s suits if you want to match. Hanna Andersson has my absolute favorite swimsuits, especially if you are looking for a cute rash guard style (I probably buy 50% of my kids total wardrobe from this shop—it’s very sweet!). I also love the kids suits from Kortni Jeane.



Other pool stuff // 

Shop my favorite sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and more below:



Happy swimsuit season! xx- Elsie

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