Template: New Pack with Poppy Deyes!!

Hi, friends. You may have heard about Template 2.0—the recent update to our app for Story + Feed Design. Well, we are so excited to expand on this news with a really fun partnership! Today, we’re launching a new pack of Templates in our app with the incredible Poppy Deyes. You may know Poppy’s work from her incredibly popular Instagram and print shop“Poppy” by Poppy contains 18 Feed Templates, 18 Story Templates, and 15 Gallery Templates, and it’s available to subscribers and non-subscribers alike. You can see one of the Gallery examples above, and we are SO excited to have Poppy’s signature design style in Template for you all to use. She’s illustrated some really cute items, like flowers, strawberries, stars and more.
There are certain Templates (like the one above) where you can change the colors of the designs, which is a really fun feature. You can choose from Poppy’s color palette or use our color picker to make the frame any color you’d like! We’re loving the bright, fun hues featured in Poppy’s pack with a vibrant color palette.
We are so excited to share these designs with you, and we can’t wait to see how you use them, too. Please feel free to tag us when you share using the hashtag #templateapp, and feel free to tag our Instagram @templateapp as well. Thanks for letting us share about this exciting new pack!

xo, Team ACS + Filmm

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