Textured Summer Braid

Textured Summer Braid TutorialHey, guys! It's Katie here again. It's really warming up here in the Midwest, and you know what that means—friends and swimming and BBQs and… frizzy hair. Honestly, if it weren't for braids and buns, my hair wouldn't stand a chance in the summer. I would definitely have to chop it before we made it to the cooler fall months. It's not an issue, though, because there are LOTS of braids to choose from! Here's a fun one I like to use to switch things up a little.

Step 1- Textured Summer BrainStep One: Divide your hair into three sections, as if you were going to do a normal braid. Braid the center strand and secure with an elastic.

Step 2- Textured Summer Braid DIYStep Two: To begin your braid, cross the two side pieces over the middle section. 

Step 3- Textured Summer BraidStep Three: Finish out the braid just like a standard braid.

Step 4- Textured Summer BraidStep Four: Once you reach the bottom, secure with an elastic and remove the first elastic.

Step 5- Textured Summer BraidStep Five: Finish your braid off with a pretty piece of fabric or ribbon, and you're all done! 

Textured Summer Braid DIYTextured Summer Braid via A Beautiful MessAs you can see from some of the photos above, my hair gets pretty dry in the summer, so it's nice to be able to run some coconut oil through my hair and throw it in a braid for some much needed conditioning. Happy braiding! xo. Katie

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