The Dutch Braid

How to dutch braid your hair (click through for the full tutorial)It’s sometimes called an inverted braid and at other times it is referred to as a dutch braid, but whatever people are calling it, this braid is to me, the hair equivalent of the most popular girl in school right now. The reason is simple, like that popular girl in your school, this is one of the most photogenic braids out there! The way you style this leaves your braid on top of your hair where it’s more visible and can be really pancaked/pulled out to optimal thickness, giving even ladies with shorter or finer hair a really thick-looking braid. How to dutch braid (click through for tutorial)
Step One: Start by separating a small triangle of hair towards the front of your head. Divide this into three sections.

Step Two: Take the outer section on the right and cross it UNDER the middle section. Then take the outer section section on the left and cross it UNDER the middle section. Crossing the pieces under is the key to getting a dutch braid.

Step Three: Add some hair to your outer piece on the right and cross it under the middle section. Add some hair to the outer piece on your left and cross it under the middle section.

Step Four: Continue this process until you get to the ends of your hair and tie off with a small elastic.

Step Five: Enjoy your inverted/dutch braid! An additional, optional step is to add some texturizing spray to your hair at this stage and carefully pancake your braid out to make it look really thick and full.

How to dutch braid (click through for tutorial) If you’re familiar with french braiding your hair, then this process will be very similar with only the small change of crossing your hair underneath, but it makes a totally different look. If you’ve been wondering how people are getting this look (because I keep seeing it everywhere online lately!), now you know. Another style to try that’s really popular this spring is double dutch braids – which I can always get to work on my right side but usually ends up being a bit disastrous on my left… Anyway, hope you enjoy this braid and give it a whirl. It always looks so good in pictures and even works messy or with layers poking out. So if your hair is more mid-length, you can still try this look out. Cheers, Rebecca.

Credits//Author and Photography: Rebecca Stice. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Presets for Lightroom

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