The Everyday French Twist

Everyday french twist-- great for second day hairI seriously love it when I get to start a hair tutorial with, “This style is great for second (or third or fourth) day hair.” My hair only gets washed about two times a week (hey, I’ve gotta preserve that vivid color), so any style that helps get me through the week is ace in my book! Dirty hair club forever. Or, dry shampoo club forever. Who’s with me? We need a good name for our club.

Anyway, let me show you how I did this everyday French twist. It’s really great for hair that hasn’t been freshly washed and is actually pretty simple to tackle!

Tease hair for volume and textureStep One: Alright, this is usually my step one for every hair tutorial. I love a little volume on top, I’m not gonna lie. So first, tease the hair at the crown of your head. Make it all messy– we’re going to smooth it down in the next step.

Pin half of the hairStep Two: Gather the sides of your hair to the back of the head. Smooth down the crazy top section and pin in place. Are you with me so far?

Bring hair to one side of the head and pinPin hair to the sideStep Three: Gather your hair to one side of your head and pin. You will be pinning over your first round of bobby pins, as shown above.

Take remaining hair and wrap around handRoll hair into the headStep Four: Okay! Now that you’ve pinned your hair to one side, take the remaining hair and gather it into a ponytail. Wrap the hair around your hand and roll it in toward your head. If your hair is on the shorter side, but you still have enough for a small pony, you can accomplish this step by wrapping hair around a couple of fingers instead of your hand.

Pin the twistPin inside the twistStep Five: Once you’ve gotten your hair rolled to your head, it’s time to pin it securely in place! As you can see from the photo above, you will want to pin inside the roll. It’s super easy to hide the bobby pins this way so you don’t end up A) having a head full of visible bobby pins, or B) a flat roll on the back of your head. Unless you like that. And then I say GO FOR IT. Finish your look with a little hairspray and you’re done!

Adorable everyday french twist
Everyday French Twist-- love how simple this is!Everyday french twist (click through for tutorial)Even though I obviously missed out in the curly hair department, despite the fact that my dad had a full head of curly swirly locks (shaking my fist at you, genetics), I’m pretty confident this style would be ultra cute on you curly girls out there (I’m looking at you, Rachel). If you try this style, make sure and tweet me (@skunkboy) or tag me on Instagram so I can see! I love it when you guys share! xo. Katie


Credits // Author and Photography: Katie Shelton. Photos edited with Imogen from the Folk Collection.

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