The Romantic Triple Twist Ponytail

Love this triple twisted pony! (click through for tutorial) Please welcome Rebecca! She’ll be sharing some amazing hairstyles with us every month. Isn’t her hair color divine?!

Do you remember doing a pull-through ponytail in junior high and feeling extra fancy for the day? I certainly do and this hairstyle is a more sophisticated take on that preteen classic–although it’s just as easy as the original!

Soft and romantic, it’s perfect for an evening out or even works nicely on a windy autumn day to keep your hair out of your face. All you need is a few hair elastics and medium to long hair.

Love this triple twisted pony! (click through for tutorial) Step One: Tie a small, loose ponytail on the top of your head using a clear elastic.

Step Two: Above the elastic, divide your hair into two sections, then flip your ponytail upside down and push it fully through this opening.

Step Three: Repeat the previous steps by gathering half of your hair in another loose ponytail. Divide the hair above your new elastic into two parts and flip your ponytail upside down and push it through the opening.

Step Four: Repeat the steps one last time using all of your hair.

Step Five: Finish the look by loosening each twist and allowing some stray hairs to escape for a softer, more romantic look.

Love this triple twisted pony! (click through for tutorial) Love this triple twisted pony! (click through for tutorial)Love this triple twisted pony! (click through for tutorial) Easy, but so pretty, right? I like how it looks “fancy” but is fairly effortless and it just continues to look better as it gets messier throughout the day. This is a good style for summer months, but I actually really like up-dos in the fall when it starts to get windy and scarves turn my hair into a rat’s nest.

We’ve had awful weather here lately and wearing your hair down is just begging for a mess of tangles when you get home! Cheers, Rebecca.

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Credits // Author & Photography: Rebecca Stice.

  • That hair colour is to die for (it’s in my favorite to show my colorist!!!!). I have hair about that long too and I’ve just started doing stuff like this with it in the last year and a half (I’m 29…..I don’t know what took me so long!). I guess your blog has given me a lot of great ideas! I’m starting a new job Monday….I think I’m gonna try this one!

  • My mom did my hair like this when I was little in the 90s and we called it a topsy turvy!

  • Des tas de choses horribles se sont passées et elles n’ont jamais mentionné quoi que ce soit sur le blog. Elles ne sont pas là pour couvrir l’actualité ni parler de choses totalement déprimantes.
    Moi je trouve choquant que vous soyez choquée maintenant et pas les autres fois. Très égoïste selon moi.

  • Both the hair itself and the tutorials are so amazing!! Xx

  • The two blogs I admire most together!! Today it’s a happy day!:-)
    Kisses from Spain!

  • This is such a lovely hair style! So glad Rebecca is on ABM! I love her instagram!

  • Hey! That’s easy enough that even I could do it! And best of all it’s super pretty!
    Looking forward to more from Rebecca 🙂

  • Love this! I always hate when my hair blows around in the wind too but a basic ponytail feels unprofessional. This is a great other option to have up my sleeve! And I love that Rebecca will be posting here 🙂 one of my other favorite bloggers.

  • Love love love this big braid!
    I have just cut my hair, i should wait to try it

  • What a beautiful way to style your hair, and I must say, your hair is just gorgeous!

  • This is such a beautiful hairstyle. It looks amazing with her hair as well. I can’t wait to try this out when my hair gets longer!

  • This is such great post! That hair style is so cute and girly, and is great for the current windy weather to keep my hair looking neat all day!

    I’ll definitely be trying this out.

    Love Charlotte Elizabeth xo

  • Omg her hair color is beautiful and her green sweater complements it as well!

  • Omg her hair color is beautiful and her green sweater complements it as well!

  • Lovely – I think my hair is a bit too short to do this now. But I instandly want to let it grow!

  • What beautiful hair! Love this! So simple and so pretty.

    xo Heather

  • I wore this style a few weeks ago to our trip to Disney World. Super cute and easy!! Even with curly hair like mine!


  • I know Im supposed to be looking at the hairstyle but I cannot get over just how gorgeous her hair is and how well that blouse compliments it!

  • I love Rebecca! I follow her blog and I love her style and hairs 🙂
    previously she had pixie green haircut and also pink if I remember well… just love her!

  • I have been doing this style since I was in seventh grade! And that was back in the late 80s early 90s. I’m so glad to see it finally catching on. LOL
    I’ve done all variations of the twisty ponytail – as I called it.
    It’s really good if you do a low ponytail on your neck and twisted through like that. Or if you do two low ponytails One on each side of your head and simulate the style.
    Could you please tell us what color your hair is and how you achieved it?
    Absolutely love a beautiful mess website. I come here each and every single day

  • That looks insanely good !
    But i have really dark black hair, the effect won’t really show with my hair 🙁

  • Welcome Rebecca. Loved the post and also your blog 🙂 Can’t wait to read more of your projects for ABM

  • Hehehe, ABM, it’s so cute how everyone feels the same way about that cute pull-through pony. It instantly made me feel so much more fancy!

  • Hi Marie,

    We did post on our Instagram the night of the attacks. We love our French readers and have been horrified by the news. In these types of situations I often find myself not knowing what to say.

    I’m sorry the french manicure post felt weird to you. That wasn’t our intention at all. We often write posts weeks before they go live, which was the case with this one.

    Sending love! If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know!


  • If your hair looks like that, you will always look stunning, no matter which pony-tale you are going to make! Anyway, it´s stunning. I saved it in my favorites so that, if one morning my hair decides to behave, I am going to try it!

  • Very pretty, there are so many styling options when you keep your hair long. I will have to try this one. When i will be going out when it is windy or just about any time I want to keep my hair out of my face, I go with a braid. I have my guy do a variety of them on my hair. A French braid is timeless, classic and always looks great.

  • Great hair colour and style!

  • Your hair is such a beautiful colour! When mine gets a little bit longer I’m defiantly going to try this!

  • Dear ABM team

    I was wondering if there’s a reason why you didn’t say anything about the attacks in Paris. For a website that focusses so much on its international readers, it’s very strange seeing the posts here continue without mentioning it. As a French longtime reader this is quite shocking to me. The adjective ‘French’ shouldn’t be mentioned just for manicure these days, in my opinion. Greets from France, Marie

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