Tips for Cutting Your Own Bangs (at Home!)

Tips for trimming your bangs at homeHi, everyone. AnnaRose here. As a professional hairstylist, I often get asked about trimming your bangs at home. My short answer is always, “Don’t.” But my long answer is, “Okay, if you absolutely MUST trim your bangs at home, here are the things you have to do…”

How to trim your bangs at home like a proHow to trim your bangs at home like a pro Get hair-cutting scissors. DO NOT CUT YOUR BANGS WITH KITCHEN SCISSORS. I will repeat that in case you weren’t listening the first time. DO NOT CUT YOUR BANGS WITH KITCHEN SCISSORS. You can get some good, friendly scissors here. If you’re trimming your bangs at home, this is worth the investment. Also, buy a comb! Don’t try and just use a brush or whatever you have lying around. A regular comb.

Tips for trimming your bangs at home

Cut your bangs when they are clean and dry. Hold the scissors with one loop on your ring finger and one loop on your thumb. This will give you the most control by allowing your thumb to do the work. This may take a little practice to get it to feel natural; that’s okay.
Tips for trimming your bangs at home Always cut into your bangs vertically, never horizontally. You want to take little bites with the scissors and work your way across. I like to use my comb to hold the hair without any tension. Again, never cut horizontally; this is the fastest way to end up with super short, crooked bangs.
Tips for trimming your bangs at home Remember, it’s always best to use your favorite pro hairstylist. But in a pinch and with some practice, you can have success giving your own bangs a trim at home now and again. Good luck! xo. AnnaRose
Credits // Author: AnnaRose Kern, Photography: Sarah Rhodes. 
  • Haha this takes me back to when I cut my own bangs when I was 13… and then sported headbands for months while those little suckers grew out.

  • it looks so easy, but I still prefer going to the haircutter…and be sure that the result will be fine 😉 …thank you anyway for sharing your post! 🙂

  • Tired of expensive and unprofessional hairdressers who don’t pay attention to cutting (only chatting about what they did on weekends), I decided I could do it myself.
    So, aherm, the other day I actually cut all my hair with a pair of kitchen scissors + pair of fine scissors (and used YouTube as my guide, lol) and I never got so many compliments on my do. So needless tosay I’m gonna do it again. Kind of scary at first, but ah, it’ll grow back right?!

  • This looks SO great! Thanks for all your tips! I definitely like going to a stylist before I trim my own bangs, but there are some mornings when they’ve gotten just a bit out of control! Your advice is really helpful!

  • Oh man, where was this post when I needed it 17 years ago!! that was the last and only time I had bangs, let alone cut my own bangs. Bangs gone wrong, haha!! Thank you for sharing your tips!

  • I needed this article! lol. My mom usually cuts them, when I’m over for a visit. Tried to have my hubby help me cut them…didn’t work out too well. lol. I love the choppy but straight look very cute. 🙂

  • I’ve got a short, somewhat-sassy pixie cut, so I like my bangs sort of uneven and layered. A friend of mind from high school used to cut her own bangs, too, and she used a dull shaving razor to cut hers. Since then, that’s what I’ve used to trim mine as needed, too…and I love the “unkempt” look! I could never pull off something as suave and mod as Elsie 🙂

  • Great post! I too cut my own bangs at home but have side bang style currently. I just don’t have time to go into the salon for a quick trim.

  • When I wore bangs, a while ago, I used to cut it myself with regular scissors (not kitchen ones, just fabric ones I guess, haha). I picked up the hair I wanted to cut, curl it and made a single cut across. Done. I don’t know how I never got it to look weird, it worked all the time. Or maybe I thought it did… Mmmm.

    I haven’t had bangs in years now because i think they make me look too young (I know!) and I entered the office world so. yeah. Maybe I should just go back to them and live a little!

  • Great post! I used to have bangs, but I have never tried to cut them myself… I think if you’re a bit handy this is the perfect way to keep them at a good length.

  • I’m so jealous of all the people who can cut their own hair and make it look nice. I don’t have the patience and I’m too much of a scaredy cat!

  • Hi Megan, I have very curly hair and it is so difficult to find a good hairstylist. Most refuse to cut my hair dry and only know how to cut for straight styles. Recently I found someone who did a great job and I paid attention when she cut my sort-of bangs. She took my individual (dry) curls and twisted them the direction they naturally curled and then angle cut the bottom. I have now been doing this in between trims and it works great! For me I know that the perfect length of bang is when my stretched curl is at the top of my lip. Now I never cut it shorter than my lips and it bounces up to the right height, if that makes sense. Hopes this helps!

  • These are such great tips! I love cutting my own hair! I am too nervous to try bangs, but I just did a tutorial (on my blog here) on how I trim my own hair and give myself layers!

    XO, k

  • I LOVE Anna!! I don’t have bangs but this is a great tutorial. I’ll have to share with my friends with bangs!


  • I’ve been cutting my hair for almost ten years now, and I love it. I’m sure there are great hairdressers out there but I just prefer cutting my own hair. Somehow I’ve always spent my time with people who don’t go to the hairdresser 😀 My mother in law even made my husband dreadlocks at home when he was young. And they looked great! DIY ftw! 😀

  • I like how this post advises not to cut your bangs yourself at first. I don’t trust myself! No matter how many tips and tutorials I read, I don’t think I’ll ever do it. I’m due for a bang trim this week. Can’t wait! It’s the best feeling.

    – Christina

  • Oh wow great tips! I wish I had read this 12 months ago! Mine are now growing out after a minor at-home cutting accident…

    ForeverRebecca x

  • My hairdresser isn’t going to like me, but I’m in for this one! Great tips and a time saver! Thanks AnnaRose!

  • Great tips!

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  • ha I have been known to cut my fringe in the work bathroom because they were annoying me so much. I just grabbed some scissors from the stationery cupboard and went at it.
    The hardest thing I found was to make sure I was cutting straight. But then I didn’t care too much if it was super straight, I just needed it out of my eyes.
    It didn’t actually look too bad.

  • Yup I have done my bangs (fringe) for years. It grows too quickly and i don’t have time to get to the hair choppers every few weeks. I have watched how mine does it and learnt from there. This is a great tip but I for one cut horizontal… eeek I hear you say. I like mine quite blunt but then I do chop into it too.

    Defo best tip about getting a decent pair of hair scissors. I invested a few years ago and was definitely a wise move.

  • Whoa! I never would’ve thought to cut vertically. So cool! I’ve only had one bang disaster, but since then I’ve been too nervous to try bangs again… maybe I’ll give it a shot.

  • Hah! So I’ve had my fair share of disaster bang trims (I’ve been cutting my own hair for three years now) and it’s probably because I always use my fingers to hold my hair out instead of the comb, which results in a taut hold instead of a relaxed one. Good to know!

  • Thank you, and I will remember next time not to cut mine straight across.
    and thanks for the article. I follow you via Bloglovin’.

  • I would love some more tips on cutting my own bangs! I’m not one who has a pro hairstylist and I’m not afraid of cutting my own hair, but I feel like this is scratching the surface. Could we get a follow up part 2? 🙂 xo.

  • Love seeing this! I started cutting my own bangs between hair cuts when I was in high school. Now over 15 years later, I couldn’t tell you the last time I had a professional hair cut- probably 3 years? And I have a pixie cut!

  • Nothing beats not checking your blog for a week and getting on to see all these amazing blog posts! It makes me feel like a kid on christmas! This tutorial is so perfect, thank you!

  • This is so useful! Whenever I try to do it myself it goes horribly wrong and I always have to go to the hairdresser anyway.

  • I am disabled and cannot sit, so my hairdresser days are over. Occasionally, I’ll ask my Mom to trim the back straight. I do have good hair cutting scissors but I only have five minutes before my arms can’t be up to cut. I have done my best.

    Two questions
    1- I am afraid to cut over to far, how do I judge the width of the bangs?
    2- I often have a little wave right in the center forehead, you said no tension on the comb, how do I handle the wave?

    Life is tough when 23 hours a day is spent lying down.

  • Sure could have used this about two hours ago! Next time I will try this way, although they don’t look too bad, LOL

  • Thanks for the useful advice! My husband cuts our oldest son’s hair, because our boy has autism and can’t handle beauty salons. He actually does a pretty good job of cutting it, but it’s always helpful to have tips to make it easier. Since our son doesn’t have bangs but side swept hair, would the technique be basically the same?

  • I cut my own bangs all the time. Actually, I have given myself a full hair cut several times. Not professional but not horrible either. I do not have the money or a car so I have to fend for myself so to speak. It’s hair, it will grow back.

  • Love this thank you! I usually trim my bangs in between cuts; it’s not perfect but usually does the trick. Would you have any suggestions for trimming bangs when they are side swept bangs?

  • I have always cut my own bangs, but it was improper. My daughter is a stylist now, but lives in another state…can’t go to her for a trim, but she taught me to cut like that, plus layering too! Even for that you have to just snip into the hair vertically at at 45* angle…love her to death for it! 😀

  • I my god! So useful! I’m constantly trying to cut my bangs at home and fail every time. Now I know why 🙂

  • I actually always cut my own bangs. I prefer to do them over my hairstylist, because I know how I like them.

    I will say I do cut horizontally, but then I go back through them vertically to even things out and texturize a bit. I like my bangs very straight, though.

  • I’ve cut my head of hair by myself so many times now. Going slow & steady is definitely the best advice.

    One thing I feel that you missed is making sure to section off the hair you don’t want to accidentally cut. Sometimes fringe pieces end up hiding in your hair or vice versa. I always brush thoroughly & tie or clip back the hairs I know I shouldn’t cut to make sure I get an even trim without having to go back & fix later.

  • You make it look so easy, but I am still not brave enough to cut mine myself! I just get flashbacks to when my Mum used to cut mine when I was little and it would always end up crazily wonky!!

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