5 Tips for Painting Your Front Door

Tips for painting front doorFront door paintIt can be intimidating to paint. It’s messy and can take a long time, especially if you need to use ladders or paint multiple rooms. But it can be really rewarding too! You can show off your personality through colors and I love having the little memory of, “Remember when we painted this….” Recently I painted my front door—and I love it! It was the perfect little weekend project. Here are my top 5 painting tips.

Front door swatches1. Take your time choosing the perfect color. If you can, take a few paint swatches home and tape them up to the door or wall you plan to paint. See how the colors look with the surrounding area. Think about how this color will look through the seasons. I choose a bold yellow for my front door because I wanted a bright accent to my otherwise neutral/wooden home.

2. Choose the perfect finish. Most paints come in flat (sometimes called matte), satin, semi gloss and high-gloss. For my door I choose semi gloss. I usually prefer flat because I like how it doesn’t reflect light. But for a front door semi gloss or high-gloss is a better option because it can be cleaned more easily.

Front door wipe down3. Prep the area you plan to paint. For me this included giving my front door a good wipe down. You don’t want to paint over dust or debris because it will leave bumps in your paint. When painting a dark surface to a lighter color (like a dark brown to yellow) it is a good idea to first paint on a layer of primer. I forgot to buy primer. Oops. No biggie, an extra coat of paint did the trick for me.

Front door tape4. Tape everything and watch your floors! Tape around edges and hardware. I choose to leave my door on its hinges as I painted. You could choose to take your door off, but be sure to hang up a thick cloth to keep flies out as much as you can as you paint. This is also why it’s a good idea to complete a front door paint job in the spring or autumn months; you don’t want your door open or off it’s hinges during months of super hot or cold weather. And be sure to cover your floors with newspaper or drop cloths as you work, especially if you have carpet. Painting can be messy but if you prepare then you can easily keep the mess under control and keep clean up time to a minimum.

Front door pizza5. Order pizza. This is essential for DIY painting projects, no matter how large or small. And you are absolutely required to order pizza if you have friends who are kind enough to help. Pizza + painting = a good time!

Front door before and afterSide note: To paint the frame or not? I choose to paint the frame/trim around my front door because I loved the idea of making the color pop and I felt committed to my color choice.  But you can totally choose to not paint the frame, making the door color a little bit subtler and it will feel a little more a part of the house. Just a preference choice—don’t be afraid to do what you want! xo. Emma

Front door painting fun

  • I have a silly question…. I love the yellow and that you painted the frame the same, I would never have thought of that. My question is, did tumour paint the back of the door inside the house yellow too??

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  • Thanks for sharing such a great blog… I am impressed with you taking time to post a nice info.

  • I love that ordering pizza is part of your required tips. I make sure to get a pizza any time I have friends over to help me out with a project.

  • The last picture of you in front of the door is such a gorgeous photo! I love yellow, this looks fantastic!

  • Great post, I am about to embark on painting my 50s kitchen cabinet that i am refurbishing. I am going to cover all my kitchen in newspaper, wish me luck!


  • Great color choice with your dark wood! I painted mine a nice pistachio color, and I love it. Painting is definitely a pain, but so worth the hassle!
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  • You and your sister are everything i want to be. You’re creative,fashionable and quite handy with a camera!

    Your biggest fan! 🙂

  • Ha! I just picked up a bunch of paint chip cards to attempt to find the perfect shade of yellow. This project is for a stripe up my steps but the front door is definitely on the list in the coming weeks. I love how your yellow turned out!

  • I’d love to do this (great colour choice by the way) but even though I own my condo all the doors must be the same burgundy colour (no choice). The exterior is really ugly so I have to make up for it in my interior design.

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  • That is the cutest! I definitely have always wanted to paint my front door a fun color! Love the yellow, it’s so happy and welcoming 🙂

  • congrats on your new blog location/set-up! gunna miss food coma after many months quietly reading from the sideline! Gunna this time try and be bit more vocal as a blog reader!
    loving that yellow! such a cheery, pick-me-up colour! it looks great!

  • Hah, that was exactly the inspiration I needed! This summer our front door is going to be…. Yellow!

  • hahaha, your pup is making the cutest face in that last photo! I adore it!


  • I am loving yellow at the moment and that shade is just fantastic! I would love a front door of my own to paint in a wonderful bright colour like that (we currently rent and we’re not allowed such fun)….. the tips will come in handy when I finally do though!

  • Wow, what a difference! I’m looking to buy a house soon so will be taking note of all these great tips 🙂

  • If that was BBQ sauce by your pizza, then you should try jalapeno-pinapple-BBQ sauce pizza. It sounds terrible, but I promise you it is fantastic.

  • ha I love #5! I always include wine in my DIY supply list for friends… kinda the same thing!

  • okay, that is definitely THE perfect shade of yellow. what was the brand/color??

  • LOVE it! YOu have inspired me…. now I just have to do it. Any ideas for color on a white house with dark grey trim?

  • I love how you’re so excited about your yellow door and your dog is all “I preferred the brown, actually.”

  • Unfortunately I don’t have my own house – I live in a flat, so painting my door wouldn’t be so good idea.
    Anyway, it’s a really cool tutorial 🙂 And the effect looks great!
    I also like the blue home doors, just like from the movies 😀


  • This is perfect! I am actually planning on painting my front door today.


  • I love it! We’re in the process of buying a house, and I’m super excited to get to picking colors and painting. I love the yellow you picked!

  • Fun! Is it creepy to wonder what the rest of your home looks like?! You did a great job with the door. A few years back I painted our door a deep crimson color…speaking of, needs a bit of a touch up… 🙂


  • At last! I’m delighted that finally someone has tackled the crucial issue of connecting pizza and small construction work. People seem to ignore the fact that whether it is wall painting, shelf installation, garden shed building or any other DIY home project, pizza is the essential fuel to motivate the participants and the social glue to connect them on a higher emotional level.

    Without pizza, all doors are smudged, all shelves crooked, and all sheds fall apart as soon as you place any gardening tools inside (warning: such incidents might threaten the well-being of your cat).

    Conclusion: Pizza. Order it.


  • Yes; love that colour! My cheery pug would look good sitting on the verandah with a door like that too!

  • It looks so happy and welcoming. Is it your house or do you rent? (does your boyfriend live there too?)

  • Looks fantastic. We had a beautiful wooden door with stained glass in my old house but the new one has an ugly upvc white door. If we were planning on staying here longer I’d be getting rid.Rx


  • Looks great, I just did my whole bathroom and your tips are right on! I’m having trouble posting the before pics that I took of the bathroom from my IPad, do you have any suggestions on the downloading of the IPad pics? Very new to blogging myself, but full of energy to share. :))

  • Fun! This is such a great idea for sprucin up the look of a home!


  • Nice job guys.
    The pizza was an essential step I see. 🙂


  • I just love that color! It pops so nicely and looks perfect on your house! LOVELY!


  • Love that yellow door. Wow that a lovely project and it makes all the difference.


  • So pretty! Great color choice.

    xo, vicky

  • Great color. That’s funny, because I have the exact SAME door and I painted mine red. You know the geometric part on the bottom? I left it white, and it looks really cool!

  • Excellent! I’ve been imagining painting big blue and white chevron stripes on my future front door for ages. Got to do it now. 😀

  • Love the bright yellow door! Our door is green and I know of a house in my college town who has a lavender colored door! This is amazing and it really does pop! Perfect choice!

  • Thanks for the tips they are very useful. Love the new color

  • This is awesome…I love the yellow door. It stands out and doesn’t look so dull. Great DIY idea!


  • Looks wonderful! Yellow is such a cheerful color. 🙂


  • another thing to make this DIY even better, would be to add beer drinking to the pizza eating!

  • It looks amazing in yellow!


  • I freaking love this blog. Thank you for such fun content every day… You never disappoint. 🙂

  • The color is really beautiful, and I realized it just goes great with all seasons!

  • I love this color! Your door looks beautiful. I’m in the process of deciding on a shade of yellow for my living room walls, and this one looks like it might be just right. Could you tell me what brand / color of paint you used? Thanks for the tips!

  • So cute! I love the bright pop of yellow. Thank you for your tips as well. I can’t paint my front door where I’m at now, but I can paint the trim so I will definitely be keeping these in mind.

  • One of our favorites has to pepperoni and pineapple. So good! The only thing about painting a door I have found, you will have to go back in about a year or so and touch up spots especially around the door handle. Wear and Tear!

  • This looks SO GOOD! I love a bright colorful door and yellow is a great choice!

    xo, Michelle

  • Great color choice with your dark wood! I painted mine a nice pistachio color, and I love it. Painting is definitely a pain, but so worth the hassle!

  • LOVE the yellow. <3

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze


  • looks awesome, great tips too! #5 is my favorite..essential to any home project really haha i’ll be tackling this soon!

  • Great tutorial — and love the yellow! I painted our front door the week we moved in, it completely changed the look of our home.

  • I just wanted to say that I love this blog even more now with the new changes that have been made. You guys rock.

  • You did it?! you’re really brave. I’d never paint my front door, I’d think it’s too difficult

  • i love how you included to order pizza for the friends that help. i think that too is important when you have friends help you with anything. show them, thank you and that you do appreciate their time & kindess 🙂 🙂

    i love this yellow and love the idea that you painted the frame 🙂

  • I have always wanted an apple green front door..! Love this yellow one too though. 🙂

  • I love your yellow door. How fun is that? I have found that using Behr Paint and Primer cuts down on time by covering former paint well.

  • Hi Emma and Elsie,
    I’ve been reading your blog for over a year now in Ireland. Congratulations on the new design, it looks great and I’m looking forward to reading your everyday blogs too. Amy

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