Tissue Paper Flowers DIY

Paper Flowers DIYWe made these super simple tissue flowers for Emma’s bachelorette party and I have received SO many requests to share a DIY post about them. They were really easy to make, which is essential when you are party prepping with a to-do list that’s a mile long! Here’s how we made them…

11. Cut a stack of tissue paper (6 pieces is great!) into a 10×10 inch square.

22. Fold them (or just “eyeball it”) and cut your square into a large flower shape. The number of petals isn’t important.

33. Twist and stagger the different layers of paper creating a full looking bloom, similar to a real flower. Stitch the middle of the bloom together with a needle and thread and leave the extra thread hanging of the back of the flower. Use the excess thread to tie each bloom to your string or lights cord. If you hang them on a lights cord, like we did, make sure that each bloom is not touching a light so that they are not a fire hazard. 🙂

Paper Flowers DIY It’s amazing how much color and atmosphere these simple tissue flowers added to our porch! I’m so excited by the possibilities of adding different tissue elements to our lights strings for parties in the future. So fun!

Paper Flowers DIY Cheers to summer parties! xoxo. elsie

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