Tomato Toast + Basil Cream Cheese

Tomato toast with garlic basil cream cheese Tomato toast with garlic basil cream cheese  I am not of the mind-set that food has to be complicated in order to be good. Quite the opposite, actually. More often than not, I'll find that some of my very favorite meals turn out to be something so simple and easy to put together.

Also, you don't need fancy cooking skills to make something restaurant quality. I mean, how many trendy coffee shops charge $4+ for fancy toast? But then you get the toast and it's AMAZING. And you contemplate spending another $4+ to get more.

Tomato toast with garlic basil cream cheese   This post is about toast. Because everyone should know, if they don't already, that they can make the best toast ever! This one is very much inspired by my mom. My dad has a massive garden; he's a real pro gardener. And every summer his garden produces about one million tomatoes.

Okay, not a million. But a lot.

And you can find my mom putting together a tomato sandwich for lunch for quite some time after that. It's simple, but so amazing, because the tomatoes have so much flavor. Currently we have quite a few amazing tomatoes around the ABM office from our CSA box. Perfect opportunity to throw together an easy but impressive savory breakfast.

Garlic basil cream cheese You don't need skills to make fancy cream cheese. Just chop up 5-6 leaves of fresh basil and mince 1 or 2 cloves of garlic.

Garlic basil cream cheeseStir those ingredients in with 8 ounces of softened cream cheese and you're in business. You can store any unused cream cheese in an airtight container, in the refrigerator for up to a week. This is great on bagels or to spread on sandwiches too. The flavors become more pronounced over time, so go easy on the garlic unless you know you love it. 🙂

Garlic basil cream cheese  Emma Chapman in the kitchenWhat kind of toast person are you? Do you own a toaster or toaster oven? Or are you an under-the-oven-broiler kind of toaster? Whatever your method, toast a few thick slices of your favorite bread (I used sourdough) and spread on the cream cheese.

Tomato toast with garlic basil cream cheeseTop with thick slices of tomatoes and a little salt and pepper. I ate a version of this for lunch the other day as well. It's good any time of day really. So if tomatoes are in season where you live, buy some and make some tomato toast this week. xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with The Folk Collection.

  • I had to come back to this post and comment on how delicious that cream cheese is!
    I recently tried it on my vegetarian tomato chicken sandwiches, and it was so great!
    The recipe I used this cream cheese on is on my blog

  • This looks sooo damn gorgeous! I would totally make two huge slices of this and eat them with a large mug of ice lemon tea!

  • This sounds so good! I love simple food ideas like this. Have you read The Forest Feast? It’s a recipe book that is pretty much amazing, because most of the recipes are around 2-3 ingredients.

    Also, I have that mini latte bowl from Anthropologie. Love them (I got The Forest Feast from there too)!

  • So delicious and simple! The best thing is, it is so easy to pop these ingrediants in your bag and whip up at work for lunch mmmmm mmmm

  • It’s so funny…I used to have a food blog (no more) and sometimes I miss putting my tastebuds in writing. Yesterday I had a day off and made myself this insane(ly simple) tomatoe sandwich and wished I could write it on my blog…. Here it goes: toasted english muffin half (in a toaster), too much mayo, a one-inch-thick tomatoe slice from my garden, salt and pepper….. It was brilliant, wonderful yet so simple.
    Funny how life is sometimes…now I get to share it on YOUR blog!

    Hurray for tomatoasts!!!!

  • I wish I could crawl into your photo and eat that! I received a few tomatoes from my Dad and they are already gone. Maybe its worth hitting the farmer’s market just to try this. All my tomatoes are cherry tomatoes… maybe I could make it work with them.

  • Emma, you look like you have a bite of it in your mouth while taking the picture. <3 The little smile, the closed mouth and the .. I don´t know.. kind of a “teehee, I just bit in it” look. I love it! 🙂 🙂 (Honestly, I love it! It´s really cute!)

  • I have loved tomato since I can remember, my grandfather grows the biggest, most flavoursome tomatoes and there is nothing more nostalgic than the perfect tomato on toast. This post brings back so many wonderful memories and I can’t wait to try this version of my childhood favourite out. Ta love, happy toasting!

  • My mom actually makes this for our family during summer with tomatoes from our garden! It’s cool to see your take on it!
    -Emily x

  • Wow that looks amazing!! I would love to add a little bit of smoked salmon to that cream cheese mix!

  • So awesome. It must be so gratifying to see something you create come to life and look beautiful. www.beautyjunkkie,com

  • Looks delish! Can’t wait to try it myself!

    Liz @
    Come by! Weekly Style Me Wednesday fashion blog link-up

  • I am allll about the simple things and this nails it! I am so making this, tomato on toast is one of my favourite breakfasts!
    Bec x

  • I am making this TONIGHT! I can’t wait!
    We never have bread in the house (I’m gluten-intolerant) but I asked my husband to pick up a gf loaf just for this! I can’t wait!
    We, too, have a surplus of tomatoes thanks to family gardening- and I even have a cute little pot of basil growing in our outdoor entertaining area- just like you shared recently with your DIY herb table 🙂

  • Fresh from the garden tomatoes are some of the best things on earth (IMHO). I’ll definitely have to try this out!

  • That actually looks so incredibly delicious. I am definitely trying it this weekend

  • I adore roasted tomatoes, so I usually roast some every so often and make a version of this myself. For lunch I use chive-infused light mayo. With the cream cheese option, I can’t wait to try it for breakfast!


  • I’m not the biggest fan of tomatoes, but you made this look so good that I think I have to give it a try!

  • Did you ever try the smoked Maldon sea salt? I’ve been using it on everything especially tomatoes. I bet it would be good in this.

  • Delish. Made a similar version this morning after seeing the instagram!

  • Looks good!

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  • Such a great post for the end of tomato season 🙂 I love the concept of simple, fresh, delicious food! Incredible food photography as well!

    i also make KILLER big bruschetta on english muffins with a thousand diced tomatoes drenched in olive oil, fresh basil, red onion, and garlic…. and salt, of course. sometimes i even throw goat cheese on those bad boys, or add avocado after they come out of the oven. my go-to 20 minute lunch that will make your mouth water for the entire rest of the day 😀 😀 😀 <3

  • This looks mouth-watering delicious! I will definitely have to try it for breakfast tomorrow. Reading this post gave me a craving for tomatoes lol.

  • This looks yum…and my mom makes a yummy version of this too..i love it, but i forgot all about it, i gotta go make some..


  • Oh yum, my mouth is watering. Its 11.22 where I am, I haven’t eaten breakfast….tomato toast and basil cream cheese is calling me….yum yum yum….nham, nham, nham…..

  • I cannot wait to try this! reminds me of the cheese and tomato sandwiches I used to enjoy with my grandfather. Nothing is better than a little cheese, toast, and garden fresh tomatoes

  • I eat something very similar to this on most mornings, but I’ll have avocado instead of cream cheese. I think it’s time to step out of my comfit zone and try this with the delicious toast combination!

  • Love this! I often eat toast but it can become a little boring. Great idea to make your own cream cheese!

  • This made me drool looking at this! On the way home today will pick up some cream cheese and definitely have some toast with tomatoes tonight! Thanks for the inspiration. It looks pretty too!

  • I’m such a huge fan of avocado toast (, with an egg or not, but now I want to combine the two! Tomato toast with basil avocado spread? YES PLEASE!

  • That sounds like the perfect addition to me. I like how you think!


  • Love this!! So simple but yummy. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    xo, erica

  • Basil cream cheese, oh my – that sounds dangerous! I can see myself eating bowls and bowls, it looks so delicious!

  • Oh my gosh, this looks so good! And easy enough for even me to make ;).


  • This looks SO good right now. Saving this for later. I’ve been needing new ways to use up ALL of my tomatoes, hah.

  • I know what I’m eating for dinner tonight! There is nothing better than summer tomatoes.

  • Love the simple food philosophy. Simple flavours done well is as impressive as the fanciest of fancy pants recipes! Will be munching on tomato toast sometime soon!

  • Yuuum!! Looks so delicious! And so easy and fast to make!
    I love tomatoes, can’t wait to try this recipe 🙂

  • This looks absolutely amazing, I might be trying this lunch today!
    Kristin xx

  • this looks absolutely delicious!
    a different take on the traditional caprese.

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • Yum! What a great and simple recipe. I love bread spreads…and this looks so refreshing! 🙂

  • Feel like I’ve not had toast in a while! This sounds absolutely perfect. Light and refreshing.

  • My ALL-time favorite combo. I have to try this recipe! Thanks in advance for the tastiness. xoxo! Sarah

  • This is a lovely idea – I’m sure it really elevates a simple sandwich. I’ll be giving it a go for my packed lunches 🙂

  • we love tomato on EVERYTHING and this looks like the perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner! thanks for the recipe

  • Oh. That looks so delicious!!! Hmm. Wanna try it out too. 😉

  • Holy moly! Seriously. I want to eat this RIGHT. NOW. Thanks for the recipe!

  • Such a simple yet delicious recipe! Hope to try this out soon 🙂

  • I’m nearing the end of my day at work, and something like this would be the perfect snack right now… must make some with the tomatos from my garden when i get home! 😀

  • Oh man, I LOVED Harriet the spy when I was growing up. I always had those black and white composition notebooks like she had. I forgot about tomato sandwiches from that. 🙂


  • I am going to test it!
    It looks sooo delicious!
    And i have also a lot of tomatoes in my garden.
    I am so happy with them!!!

    Greetings & Toast Love

  • ohhh this is drool worthy!! I’ll eat basil and tomato anything…plus, toast?! Plus, cream cheese?!!
    You did good, girl! yummm!!

  • this looks delish! tomato sandwiches always remind me of harriet the spy. 8)

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