Try This: Colorful Paper Advent

Colorful advent made with scrapbooking paper!Hi friends! I'm so excited to share a fun and simple idea for creating an advent calendar today! Since we don't have kiddos, but I really wanted to make this, I asked my friend Katie if I could make one for her little cuties! She was all for it and sent over some of her favorite photos for us to print. The photos felt like a needed touch to make it more personal, so it seemed like another great candidate for our Canon USA collaboration. It's so much fun and really simple too. You can knock it out in an evening! 

Supplies needed: 13 pieces of double-sided 12×12 scrapbooking cardstock (I used my Project Life designs), 6-8 6×4-inch printed photos, a sewing machine or a stapler, clothes pins, twine, number stickers and goodies to fill the 25 envelopes!Envelope 1To make each envelope cut two pieces of paper: the first 6×7 inches and the second 6×5 inches.Envelope 2Next, fold the larger paper over the top of the smaller paper to create an envelope.Printing photosPrint six to eight 6×4 inch photos. We printed ours out, 2 at a time on Canon 8.5×11-inch semi-gloss photo paper with our MG7120. We've actually gotten in the habit of using the Pixma Printing Solutions app for printing almost all our photos. You can use these in the place of the 6×5 pieces on some of your envelopes. (In case you are curious—that missing inch will not make a difference in the final envelope because the flap covers over it.)Completed envelopesCompleted envelopesNext use your sewing machine to stitch around the bottom three sides of the two papers, creating an envelope! If you don't have a home sewing machine you can use a stapler to secure the three sides instead (each side will need 3-4 staples). I love how cute and colorful they are! Your little ones will love seeing their photos from the year included on the envelopes!Advent goodiesNow comes the ((extra)) fun part… filling the envelopes with prizes! We chose an assortment of party store prizes including candy, fruit snacks, tiny stationery, temporary tattoos and small games. You can also include notes with activities to do that day like "make hot chocolate", "look at holiday lights" or "shop for Christmas gifts"! Stuffing advent goodiesColorful advent made with scrapbooking paper! Colorful advent made with scrapbooking paper! Colorful advent made with scrapbooking paper! We hung the envelopes in five rows of five. The last step is to use letter stickers or stamps to label each day. Your family will love this tradition. I can't wait to share it with our little ones someday. XO! Elsie

Credits // Author and Photography: Elsie Larson, Project Assistant: Laura Gummerman

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