Try This: Easy Dry Erase Wall Art DIY

Dry Erase Blueprint Poster DIYBlueprint copies are an inexpensive way to create personalized, large art for your home, but they can also encourage creativity and help develop those fine motor skills at the same time. I made this dry erase poster for my daughter to enjoy after she showcased her first wall mural last week. It was lovely but we’re renters and are two weeks away from moving out! I knew I needed to continue to encourage her artistic tendencies in a way that would still help us get our security deposit back, so I started scheming. 

-printed photo
-access to a blueprint printer at a major copy shop
dry erase markers
washi tape
poster putty

IMG_1607I decided we’d start with a fun little photoshoot with her dressed to the nines in her favorite princess accessories. I didn’t have to twist her arm for this part at all. I then loaded my photo onto my Mac with iPhoto and exported it to Photoshop. I converted it to black and white using A Color Story and printed it out on my home printer.

Next I took it to my local Kinko’s and got help printing it on a blueprint sized printer. Then I had it laminated on glossy laminate. I then attached it to my wall using poster putty and added washi tape to the corners just because it’s pretty. Do you really need a good reason to use washi tape? You really don’t. 

Dry Erase Poster Turned Wall ArtI talked to Ruby about using these special dry erase markers on the poster and ONLY on the poster. I also showed her how easily they wiped off with a tissue so that she understood she could enjoy drawing on it, but also easily change something she didn’t like. It takes a lot of frustration out of the process when a kid knows they can fix something if they don’t like how it turned out. 

One Photo-Two WaysWe worked on the first one together, and then I made her a special drawing while she was occupied in another room as a surprise. She loved having fairy wings and seeing how easy it was to not only color in her clothes but to add on to the picture as well. 

IMG_1651We used a tissue to fix mistakes and change colors, but I think we might just keep a pretty wash cloth nearby from now on so we don’t end up with wadded tissue all over the floor. 

Dry Erase Wall Art DIYAfter letting a drawing stay on overnight, I noticed the Office Depot markers wiped off quite easily, but the Expo markers needed the Windex to sit on it a bit longer before it wiped off. My suggestion would be to have your little artist wipe it down at the end of each day it’s used for it to last the longest if you’re using the Expo brand markers.  

Sometimes all it takes is a trip to the copy store to buy yourself and your littles a few hours of fun! What kind of fun photo shoot would you dream up before printing out your own blueprint? –Rachel

 Credits//Author and Photography: Rachel Denbow. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions.

  • I LOVE this idea Rachel!!! I am going to do this in my kids room! Many Thanks!!!

  • I love this! I wonder if I could get my girl and my little boy to do a photo shoot. Then they could draw on each other!

  • This is brilliant!! From the crayon-on-wall murals they’ve done in the past, I can only assume that my boys would LOVE this! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!

  • I LOVE this idea! I think it would be fun to put the kids in their swimsuits for photos so it would be like a total blank slate for dress up. So fantastic — thanks for sharing!


  • This s the freakin best idea ever! I looooove it! I will definitely be doing this with my toddler. Maybe not on the wall though….
    The Accidental Mama

  • This idea is SO creative – I love it! Perfect for kids!

  • Really smart idea! My niece and nephew loved the chalkboard wall at my old house, but this looks SO much less messy 🙂

    My only concern would be that they may “accidentally” miss the laminate & mark the walls. Wouldn’t be a huge deal if I owned, but in a rental, ehhh.

  • Brilliant idea! I don’t have kids but very tempted to do this on my own wall…!

  • Hi Jossee! Send us an email at: support AT redvelvetart DOT com and we would be happy to help!

  • Just something to throw out there. Laminated items like this also work really well with Sharpie markers. I use this method for lists, forms, and sketches all the time. Sharpie admittedly needs occasional wipe downs with rubbing/isopropyl alcohol, but generally erases from laminate using a white rubber eraser. Also, the alcohol could be an idea for getting the expo markers off without having to soak it.

  • This has to be the most amazing idea, ever! I love it, freedom and boundaries all in one. I think that’s really great parenting.

  • I just purchased some words off you app but they won’t show up in the final picture.

  • A super fun project for kids… my nieces would love this one!


  • Brilliant! She must absolutely love having this! And good for you for being so supportive of her creativity. I hope to do these types of projects with my own children someday 🙂

  • This is a very clever, very fantastic idea, and I love the many benefits it can have for small children. I will most certainly be remembering this!

  • Oh my goodness this is such a creative DIY and it’s absolutely adorable. I’m 21 years old yet I’m tempted to make one of these to put on my own wall!!

  • this is genius! my daughter would love it. did Kinko’s have the large laminator?

  • This is so cool! Hah, it also reminds me of when I was six or seven and got really embarassed about the pictures of me naked on the beach, in the bath, etc from when I was really little, so I went through all my mom’s photo albums and drew clothes on me! She was super upset but then she realized that I hadn’t thought to draw the clothes on the photo itself, but instead drew them on the clear plastic sticky sheet that old-style photo albums had! She was able to save them, and then just had a bunch of photo albums with funny permanent kid drawings of shorts and t shirts. Ha!

  • Haha, no need for a kids’ room, I can only imagine how much fun my adult friends would have with this during a party. They already spend hours creating poems out of the word magnets on my refrigerator… Love the adorable photo you chose as well, Rachel 🙂


  • This is super cute! I’ve been wanting to incorporate some kind of white board situation in my studio but I’m not allowed to paint and didn’t like the idea of hanging a boarding old board. Definitely going to experiment with this idea!

  • What a great idea! I am at the beginning or planning the “re-do” of my four year old’s bedroom and this could be a super fun concept!

  • I LOVE this idea Rachel!!! I am going to do this in my kids room! Thanks!!!

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