Try This: Easy Marbled Knife Holder

How to make your own knife holderAs I was unpacking our kitchen after moving into our new house last week, I realized I no longer had a knife storage solution. Huh. We had an awesome magnetic knife strip above our oven in our last house that I decided to leave because we didn’t have a great place for it in our new house setup. So I figured maybe the next person who lives there might enjoy having it has much as I did. But as I started to unpack our kitchen, I quickly realized that I had failed to plan for a new solution.

Our sad pot of knivesSo for the first few days we just stored our knives in this pot. I just quickly put them in there so they’d be out of the way as I kept unpacking and once I finally had our kitchen mostly in order, that pot of knives was still sitting there looking pretty cool. Ha! Of course I could have simply stuck them in a drawer, but I don’t really like my nicer/larger knives just lying loose in a drawer because I use them so often when I cook that it’s nice to have them handy.

Easy DIY marbled knife holderI already had a marbled utensil holder that Laura had made at our studio house some time ago. I still use and love that utensil holder so I thought it might be nice to make a nice holder that somewhat matched since they’d both be sitting out on my counter together.

I decided to make this dark marbled knife holder. If you don’t include the dry time, it seriously only took me about 10 minutes to make once I had the supplies. I love that it was quick to make, inexpensive, and I can easily change up the design in a year or two if I’m in the mood. Here’s how I made it:

Supplies for making your own knife holderMy supplies included a large plastic vase/container, black poster board, nail polish (I already owned these colors), and enough black rice to fill the container to almost full.

First I cut my poster board so it would fit inside my plastic container.

How to marble with nailpolishI then used the same marbling method that Elsie used here. I actually tried out doing the shaving cream marbling technique with nail polish first, just to see. It did NOT work, just FYI. 🙂

As you can see I actually marbled three different sheets. Marbling is so unpredictable that I think doing more than you need helps to ensure success.

Use black rice to hold the knives in placeOnce the paper was completely dry (3-4 hours), I flattened my favorite of the three and tucked it inside my container. Then I filled the inside with the black rice and added my knives.

Easy marbled knife holderI love marbling, but I also think that I may change out the design one day just because I’m the kind of person who likes to make small changes around her home ALL THE TIME. It’s a tick. 🙂 But I can easily empty this of the rice and change out the paper whenever without much work or expense. I’m also curious to see how long the rice lasts, like will it eventually get kind of groddy? I’ve seen lots of DIY knife holders that use rice, dry noodles, or dry beans (see here if you don’t believe me), but I’ve always wondered how long the contents last because it’s probably not forever. I’ll keep you posted. At any rate, I’m just glad to have my knives out of that pot. Thanks for letting me share! xo. Emma

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • I was using white rice in a container for about a year, and loved it so much – until I got an infestation of grain moths. Yikes! So now I’m looking for another method of knife storage. Maybe I won’t have that problem with beans.

  • This is so pretty. Definitely making one using reds and white polish. I read that scissors and knives should be kept in steel wool. Why not fill the container with that? Then you’re sharpening the blades every time to pull it out and put it back.

  • I like this idea of storing knives and best of all I can do it myself. I have seen something similar in the shops where they used plastic spaghetti (for longevity reasons!) to fill up the container.

  • I like this idea of storing knives and best of all I can do it myself. I have seen something similar in the shops where they used plastic spaghetti (for longevity reasons!) to fill up the container.

  • I would be afraid that my toddler would dump out all of the rice (insert monkey hiding eyes emoji lol)

  • I like the idea of keeping knifes in a simple container on the counter. Thanks for sharing! Off to buy some black rice! 🙂

  • OMG That is such a cute idea! Love it!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  • Love it! Brilliant idea to add rice. I had wondered what stopped it falling over – before I got to the rice bit that is.

  • Great results for such a simple project! Can’t wait to try it! Xoxo, Sam and Kate Design

  • I’ve already made a knife holder with dry spaghettis about 8 years ago. I also thought it’s not gonna last forever but my parents still have it (it was a gift for them) and it looks fine so it lasts longer than you might think. Thanks for this nice DIY! I’ll have to try marbelling sometime soon.

  • This idea is so clever!!! I love it !!! It looks so good!!

  • I’m really curious about how you’re preventing the knife tips from hitting the bottom of the canister and dulling it. Please share if you’ve put in a solution to this – it’s the reason behind why I haven’t tried one of these DIYs!

  • Such a gorgeous and easy piece to make! I love it!


  • I never thought about using dried rice or beans for knives– that’s a fantastic idea!

  • It looks marvelous, and it’s so easy to craft. I love it! You could also use it for your makeup brushes!

  • So cute and easy!! Definitely going to try!
    Abbie E.

  • That is awesome and genius. Love how it turned out, and like you, love the versatility of it. Adding to my DIY to-do list. 🙂


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