Try This: Fabric Lined Built-In Shelves

Fabric Lined Built In Shelves (click through for the full tutorial!)You know those projects that you keep meaning to do, but they end up staying on the to-do list for a near eternity? This project was just that for me. It’s been on our list since the day we moved in, and I’m not sure what took us so long (oh yeah, maybe because we were busy doing other projects?) Anyway! It’s done now and I love (LOVE) it. It’s the perfect little pop of color and pattern for our corner built-ins that are located in the living room half of my bedroom (yeah, our bedroom is split into two rooms and one of them has couches… weird, I know).

So- I had planned to paint these built-ins a rich teal color (similar to our kitchen cabinets), but I thought a pattern could be even more fun. One day I was making a project with rubber cement, and I started wondering if it could be used on a wall to adhere fabric, since it’s so easy to remove. We tested it (see below), and I’m so happy that we tried this weirdo idea because it worked perfectly!

SuppliesSupplies: Fabric scissors, X-Acto knife, rubber cement, and cotton fabric.

1. Cut your fabric to the approximate size need, leaving an inch on each side. Coat your surface and the back side of your fabric with the rubber cement and let it dry completely. Starting with the middle of the fabric, place it on the middle of the surface and smooth outwards with your hands (don’t worry if you put it in the wrong place, you can peel it off and place it again).

2. Once the fabric is smooth, use the X-Acto knife to trim the extra fabric off the sides.

3. Enjoy your new shelves!

Fabric + Rubber Cement testWe tested the idea last week. Honestly I had no idea if it would even work, but it did! After a few days we peeled off the sample fabric and it wiped clean like it was never there. The existing paint inside the built ins was high gloss- this is probably one of the reasons it was so easy to remove. I guess you can file this one under “renter friendly.” Yay for that! It’s also much quicker than painting and you get to fabric shop. (my favorite part!)

Fabric Lined Built In Shelves (click through for the full tutorial!) Here’s the finished project. I’m so happy with how clean and simple they look!

Fabric Lined Built In Shelves (click through for the full tutorial!) Done and done! I love how a little project like this can update a space and add personality. Sometimes it’s the little projects that make a room special. Hope you have a great weekend! Elsie

Credits // Author and Photography: Elsie Larson, Project Assistant: Laura Gummerman.

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