Try This: Mineral Wine Toppers

Geo wine toppersAt our house we typically try to finish off a bottle of wine within a day or two (maybe three) after opening it. It doesn't always happen. But I really hate to throw out wine, so I usually save it for cooking. We make risotto pretty often, so we tend to use up any leftover wine then.

But in the meantime, the bottle is sitting on the counter or a shelf with the old cork jammed back into the top. There's been a few times I lost the cork. So I ended up pouring the wine into a mason jar with a lid to save for cooking. It looked pretty odd on our bar cart. It probably looked like I was attempting to make homemade wine.Geo wine toppers   That was partly the motivation behind making a few cute wine toppers. I loved how these turned out and it only took about ten minutes to complete (plus dry time for the glue and paint). Too easy.Geo wine toppers    There's about a hundred different ways you could customize this idea. You could use rocks you find your backyard. You could collect rocks from different locations (like, while on vacation) for a year and use those. After cleaning the rocks you could paint them a solid color, dip them halfway and leave the other natural half exposed, or you could add a metallic paint to just the inside edges (like I did).

You're creative. You do what you will.

I do want to recommend the particular glue I used in this project. It is extremely strong so it was ideal for this as you'll be pulling these corks in and out of bottles and you don't want the toppers to come off the cork base. I used Epoxy Cement (ultrafast crystal clear).Geo wine toppers Geo wine toppers  I could see these making a really unique gift to a fellow wine-lover. Just a thought. Thanks for letting me share. xo. Emma

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman

  • Hi! I am a blogger and I hate when someone take my photos and contents without permission. I would like to advise you that I have seen your photos here:
    I don’t know if they asked you for use them, so you can take a look.

    Nice work girls!

  • I love this idea, and its so simple.


  • These would make such cute gifts!


  • Did anyone else think “Dammit, Marie!! They’re Minerals!!” …Just me? Ok cool.

  • Yes!! Was thinking the exact same thing. Neat idea but definitely looks like lumps of mouldy bread to me…

  • Maybe a colourful one would work better – agate or similar…

    These kinda look like a mound of mould?? (Not that that would put me off wine. Wine is good)

  • Oh no! They may be pretty, but you won’t get good wine if you keep it like that! Even after 1 day, it starts losing its flavor and turning acidic. Vacuum stoppers are definitely the way to go.

  • These are a neat idea with maybe something else as a topper. the Mineral with the cork just kind of looks like a kidney stone or Tonsil stones (tonsillolith)

  • Or in a fix, you can use one of those retractable bottle stoppers that seals out air. I also refrigerate half open sealed bottles. If I’m saving wine to use for cooking, then I freeze it in ice cube trays.

    The stoppers in this project would be great for display in a dinner party setting or for a wedding. Or could really pretty up some olive oil and vinegar in the kitchen.

    Remember folks, Wine + Oxygen + Time = Vinegar

  • Cool idea! Never thought of glueing rocks to wine corks!

  • These are so cool! I’ve been wanting to make some pretty wine toppers, so this is a great reminder! I’ve seen some with trophies on top that are really blowing my mind, but I also really love this mineral idea.

    Becca |

  • How original it is!!!! You always give great ideas!!!

  • As a big nature lover, I adore this idea. I have actually never seen anything like this before. So very cool 🙂

  • Does wine go “bad” after opening it? I’ve always finished a bottle within a few days as well, so I’ve never really seen what’s happened to it afterwards. I’m not very knowledgeable about wine. You should do a post!

  • Such a great idea! And what a great look to have at the bar!

  • So creative, I reckon it would be pretty cool to use crystals as well, it would make the corks a bit more glitzy 🙂

  • Not half so pretty but a vacuum pump system works amazingly well for keeping wine fresh, and they are pretty cheap. We use them at the bar at my work and I have some at home as well.

  • I LOVE THIS!! I’m a total wino and am going to be making these! This might even be great for my sister’s wedding as a favor.


  • Very neat and clever idea! DIY projects are the best 🙂 Love my wine, so this is right up my alley – along with your 10 white wines under $20 post!

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