Try This: No-Sew Sweater Wrap

No sew blanket sweater from A Beautiful MessGuys, I made a sweater from a favorite blanket. Well, it’s not really a sweater, per se. It’s not a poncho or capelet either. Maybe tunic? I’m not sure what to call it, but it feels similar to wearing a poncho (if you’ve ever owned one of those or a similar garment), and it’s SUPER cozy. I’d like to think this is a more fashionable version of a Snuggie. 

So, if anyone has ever wished they could find a way to wear a Snuggie in public, man, we are kindred spirits. And also, this post is for you. 

No sew blanket sweater from A Beautiful Mess No sew blanket sweater from A Beautiful Mess This blanket was a present from my dear friend Holly. You know Holly, she’s been teaching us to crochet lately. She’s the sweetest. And last year she gifted me this beautiful blanket, and it’s been used as a throw blanket at our home since. Until one day I found the dogs had dragged it out the dog door while we were at work. It got quite dirty, and I was afraid it was ruined. I had it dry cleaned, and they were able to get most of the stains out. I just love the colors of this blanket, so I decided to turn it into something wearable instead. 

No sew poncho tutorial via A Beautiful MessNow, I actually have been working on my sewing skills. We are currently developing a sewing-based e-course (written by Rachel and Katie), and I’ve been learning a lot as I help them edit, save materials, move things over to our shop site, etc. But since this fabric is a synthetic fleece and doesn’t fray, I knew I could easily turn it into something wearable without any sewing skills at all. So, I went for it. Here’s what I did. 

Tips for drapingI have this vintage body form. But, if I didn’t, I could have just as easily used myself and a full length mirror. This project was all about draping. Whatever you use, it needs to be something along these lines.

First, I figured out where I wanted the front opening and head area to be. In case you’re curious, my blanket was originally about 65″ in length.

How to make a sweater from a blanketI measured to center my cut and created a space for my neck. I cut 14 1/2″ in (found from draping), and I decided how big to cut the neck hole by measuring my neck and adding an inch. 

After every cut, I draped the blanket back onto the form (or sometimes myself) to make sure I was on the right track and things were laying properly.

Adjusting the sleevesAfter draping again, I found that the arms were too long. I had to essentially “roll” the sleeves, which doesn’t really work with this kind of garment. So I cut off both edges. This meant I lost the navy blue stripe, but I still had three of the four original colors, so I was OK with that.

No sew tunic tutorial via A Beautiful MessThe last thing I did was cut two small holes for a belt to loop through. I had grabbed this red belt from my donation pile, and I planned to swap it out with a better one later. But it ended up working so well with the colors that I just kept it—repurpose win!

I like to wear this with the belt looped around the front of the tunic but not the back. The belt goes on the inside around the back. You could easily wear it either way. I just like the flowy look of the back, so this is what I prefer.

No sew blanket sweater from A Beautiful Mess No sew blanket sweater from A Beautiful Mess As you can see, you just wrap it around, belt it, and you’re good to go. One day I wore it with a long sleeve cotton shirt underneath, and another day I wore it with a sleeveless, sheer collared shirt. I preferred the second as the fleece won’t move as much against the long sleeve cotton, making it a little more tricky to move in throughout the day. Also, this gets seriously warm, so the sleeveless shirt felt better underneath in addition to allowing for more movement with the fabric. This would also be cute with a fabric belt as well!

And there you have it. About thirty minutes of “work” and no sewing skills, and I love it! Thanks for letting my share my “new” blanket sweater with you. xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photography: Sarah Rhodes and Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • P.S. That exact blanket just happens to be on sale right now!–24

  • ha ha! An updated way to wear the Hudson’s Bay blanket the same way the First Nations did (as outer wear). Now I can’t wait to see what you’ll do with the remaining navy stripes! hmmm… I wonder if a navy tie belt could look as good as the red…?

  • Amazing idea! And it looks amazing 🙂

    Sofie x

  • Emma, this is so rad!! I love that it’s been well-loved, and turned into something amazing! Love ya!

  • Oh, I do love this idea but I was sad to see that you cut the blue stripe from a very iconic and historic pattern! Those stripes have been around since the late 18th century in that combination and are recognizable to many — The Hudson Bay Co.

  • I am from Canada and this looks just like the vintage The Bay blankets so cutting them up is incredibly blasphemous. But otherwise, very adorable.
    xoxo, Laura

  • I LOVE this! So chic and simple, definitely a unique gift for christmas


  • I LOVE this so simple and chic and very easy to do. Such a cool and individual gift idea for Christmas!


  • Oh, this is beautiful! You did a great job and it looks so cozy and warm. The colours remind me of a Hudson Bay blanket, which you see everywhere in Canada.

  • This is a great idea! I love the look of it 🙂 Keeping this in mind!


  • And all of us Canadians say “That’s a Hudson’s Bay blanket!” 🙂 Creative!

  • So creative! I bet nobody could tell you were wearing a blanket if you wore that out.

  • This is my kind of DIY! Super easy, no effort involved, wearing a blanket in public… yep. I am definitely filing this away in my “to do with a fleece blanket” if I ever find a good piece to turn into a poncho!
    Eccentric Owl

  • Awesome timing! My sister just asked me if I could sew her something as comfy and warm as a poncho but a bit more stylish – she sent me about 14 pictures as examples – and this is a perfect fit for what she described 🙂

  • My mom used to do this all of the time! I love this blanket – the colours are pretty!

  • I love how cozy this is! I can imagine the fleece would be super warm, which is perfect for this time of year.

  • Well whatever you call it, it looks lovely on you Emma!! Your hat is really pretty too! Where is it from?

  • I’m so relieved you didn’t cut up a real wool Hudson Bay blanket 😉 Looks cozy!

  • I love this! It reminds me of the monogrammed blanket-jackets Burberry has out right now!

  • Love the DIY blanket sweater! Perfect for these cold days! Thanks for the idea:-)

  • What an amazing idea!! I want to start rocking this sort of style…and you know, learning how to sew.


  • Love this as capes are the must-have item this season! So inventive.

    I’m a doctor by day and a fashion blogger by night. New post up on:

  • This really reminds me of American Indian blanket coats (Capotes)! I saw an earlier commenter referred to the Hudson’s Bay Point Coat, which was exactly the type I had in mind. I remember wanting one SO bad when I was in middle school and high school! Love your approach to a wearable blanket, and glad you were able to still keep your wonderful gift 🙂

  • Exactly! Holly is my dear Canadian friend. So it was a beautiful and fitting gift. 🙂


  • Yes, the PJ struggle is indeed real. Maybe that should be a hashtag? #pjstruggle



  • LOVE this! Kind of follows along that poncho-y/shawl trend thats going on right now, but with it’s own twist! And the Hudson Bay stripes just add that little something. PERFECT winter craft/outfit. [insert three “praise hands” emoji here]

  • I can’t sew, so this looks perfect to me:-)

    Love from bella Italia,


  • This is adorable! and looks SO comfy and warm!!!! I need to try this!

  • What a great idea! You’re so creative. It’s been so freezing where I live recently that I’ve been thinking ‘If only I could wear a blanket’, and then I’d reprimend myself for being so silly. But now I see it really is possible and, what’s more, looks amazing. Heading to the store with home supplies now 😀

  • what an innovative idea!! I would totally wear what you have on. It would be such a cute and chic way to stay super warm if you are camping or tailgating during the cooler months.
    p.s. sewing e-course?!! For reals??! between your photography e course and your sewing e- course, 2015 is going to be my best year yet! woot woot!!

  • Oh, I love this! Such a creative idea.
    ps. That looks like a HBC blanket, how Canadian of you! 🙂

  • I was just in aerie the other day and saw something like this and thought to myself “this is totally DIY-worthy” and thought it would be a cool project for the ABM team to post. You’re all one step ahead of me!

  • Love that you’re repping Canada with the Hudson’s Bay blanket! I just ordered one last night! Getting ideas…

  • I LOVE!! Mostly because this blanket is an iconic Hudson’s Bay Company blanket which is basically a symbol of Canadian pride! It’s the old school colors/logo from the company which used to be a trading co, and is now our biggest department store.

    Not only do I need one for the couch, but I should be rocking this poncho!! XX
    Champagne for Everyday

  • Emma! You are so darn cute.

    I love this. I spend exactly half of my time trying to look stylish and the other half declaring my pjs my favorite outfit… the struggle is real. I will definitely be making this! I’ll make sure to hashtag mybeautifulmess on Instagram when I do… 😉

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