Try This: Paint Pen Kitchen Organization

Try This! Paint Pen Kitchen Organization via A Beautiful MessRecently I’ve been working on filling up the open shelving in our kitchen. I want it to be both beautiful and functional. We do have a pantry, but it’s really small. So I decided to store some of our food on the open shelves as well!

I decided to transfer all the food that would work in clear glass jars from their boxes and bags. I asked Emma what type of airtight jars she thought were best, and she recommended these Weck Jars, which I love, by the way!

Try This- Paint Pen Kitchen Organization via A Beautiful Mess

Try This- Paint Pen Kitchen Organization via A Beautiful MessFor a couple weeks, it looked like this. I couldn’t decide how to label them, so I just taped little temporary labels on there. Whatevs.

Instantly loved using these jars, though! I use the cocoa powder and chia seeds for my morning smoothies. And with so many things in our home still incomplete, it feels AMAZING to have a few items that have a definite place!

I wanted a label system that would be easy to change out and wasn’t super fussy to keep up with. At first I was planning to buy a label maker, but then I remembered paint pens!

Try This- Paint Pen Kitchen Organization via A Beautiful Mess Try This- Paint Pen Kitchen Organization via A Beautiful Mess I tested two colors. I also wanted to know how hard it was to get off. It’s actually perfect because it won’t come off if you just wipe down the container with a paper towel and water. But it will come off if you either scrub it with a textured sponge or throw it in the dishwasher.

I’m planning to add eight more jars on the other side of my shelves soon. They are so practical! You can store coffee, cereal, pancake mix, tea and all kinds of other things.

Aren’t they cute? I LOVE easy projects that turn out cute!

Try This! Paint Pen Kitchen Organization via A Beautiful Mess Try This! Paint Pen Kitchen Organization via A Beautiful Mess Try This! Paint Pen Kitchen Organization via A Beautiful Mess Try This! Paint Pen Kitchen Organization via A Beautiful Mess Try This! Paint Pen Kitchen Organization via A Beautiful Mess Thanks for following our big and small projects! I love the big ones the most, but the little ones always make my day. There’s something SO satisfying about those projects that you can start and finish in one day! xoxo- Elsie

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Credits // Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. 

  • Hi, I see the pens you used in your photo are oil based, which are permanent, but the link you provided for where to purchase are water based, which one should be used, can you please confirm? Thanks

    • Hi! You can use either one. Water based would come off easier if you plan to swap later.

  • If you are concerned about not having the best handwriting, I suggest printing your favorite font. Then place the printed paper inside the jar. Trace the font you have chosen. Should work well.
    What is the font that you used here? I love it.
    Oh and if you choose to use the permanent Sharpies, the writing can be removed using Acetone nail polish remover. Works well.

  • Hi, love the Weck jars. What size are the ones in the above photos?
    Thank you!

  • I love this idea. I’m just worried that a 1 liter jar isn’t going to be large enough for flour, sugar etc.

  • I have horrible penmanship. Any suggestions for fonts I could use to help mine look as good (or almost) as yours?

    • We have some similar ones in our app, A Design Kit 🙂

  • I checked out the jars and I wanted to know what style of jar you used in the photo like cylindrical, mold jar etc.

  • Hi! Great idea! What size jars are these? There are a few different options and want to make sure I get the right ones!

  • Super
    I am sorry but from where did you get that jars from?

  • I think this is what I’ll get for my husband,It’s a new Weck jars! I loved the explanations here and thanks so much for your articles. Now I need to choose one of them. the hardest job still. I’ll see what he likes.

  • Omg! I love this! I was really wanting to know what size of jar that is? I am thinking about buying some myself and wondering if that’s the best size for most dry foods?

  • i love this idea and have been looking for inspiration for my new kitchen. I just wish these jars were not $49 a piece. 🙁
    great idea though and I will certainly be looking for a similar look

  • Any tips for writing so beautifully on the jars? I love these, but feel like mine would look like a 3-year old did them.

  • Anybody know whether these markers would work on plastic/Rubbermaid containers without being permanent?

  • They’re airtight, so there shouldn’t be any problems. Love those Sharpies! 😀

  • My kitchen is so small so I love keeping rice, pasta and porridge oats in big kilner jars. I was thinking about creating chalkboard labels but I LOVE how effective this looks. Your kitchen is going to be so beautiful
    Hannah x

  • Where did you get these cool jars? I have been looking to replace all of mismatched jars.

  • these are adorable. i don’t even have a stash of bulk goods in jars, but now i want to.

  • Awesome idea! I wish the pens were offered by piece, not only sets of 5 colors. I’m treading my do-with-less path and would so much prefer to only buy what I needed aka one pen, not five. Heh…

  • I love this! Not only is it more practical, but it looks pretty and more neat too.

    Nourishing Amelia | Food, Health & Lifestyle Blogger

  • I’ve also done this and discovered that those pesky little moths that invade my cupboards don’t like to be exposed to light. So all my oatmeal, flour and bread crumbs are out in the light.
    I love the idea of the marking pen. I’ve been using the white labels like you started. I’m looking for some Sharpies now. Thanks.

  • Please discuss the best way to keep these beautiful glass jars and the shelf looking clean and neat on a daily basis. Kitchens are exceptionally difficult due to the grease, etc that cooking produces( even in a low fat environment). I live in a high dust and dirt environment and the combination is unsightly and difficult to deal with.

  • I’ve done something similar with chalk markers, but it sounds like paint pens can withstand quite a bit more… er, handling 😀 (Chalk marker will wipe off with water, which is fine until you open a jar with your hands wet.)

  • I ether use black permanent fix on the lid/side, which is easily wiped off with some alcohol or nail polish remover or just don’t write anything, if it’s clear what’s inside, like with chia seeds or red lentils. I know there have to be these pens for glass somewhere to buy, but I wasn’t lucky to find them in local shops.But I’ll keep looking 🙂

  • I would be interested in recipes you use the almond and coconut flour for! I’ve been wanting to try out different flours!

  • Thanks for posting! The jars look great with the paint pen writing on it. I have never heard of paint pens before. Of course I have used Sharpies but never checked into the different varieties they come in. The one things which helps make the jars look great though, is beautiful penmanship!

  • Adorable!! You could add the purchase and/or expiration date on the bottom (so out of sight) to keep track of content freshness.

  • This is PERFECT. I have jars just like this in my kitchen and have all the labels on the bottom but this would be so much easier!!! thanks for the great tip 🙂

    lucy xoxo

  • Love this! I’ve done something similar before with a vinyl printer… that way you can remove the labels just in case you want to change what’s in the containers. 🙂

  • One of those ‘Why didn’t I think of that?!’ ideas!
    Turned out really cute. The handwriting possibilities are endless!

  • This is too cute! Ahhhhh I need to organize my kitchen sooooo bad!

    ♥ Heather

  • Whoops! Here you go: – Jacki

    • Hello, the link is to water based sharpie paint pens but in the photo in the article it looks like they say ‘oil-based’ on the pens …..can I ask whether you used the oil based or water based ones? Thanks

      • Most recommend the water-based if you want the titles to be easily changeable in the future. However, some have said if your hands are wet, this actually can sometimes fade the lettering. If you want a more permanent look, the oil-based are the way to go. Lisa from Downshiftology uses water-based and has had good success. I’ve chosen them as well.

  • Hi Liz! 🙂 -Jacki

  • Perfect timing thanks Elsie! Just yesterday I was thinking about buying more products from our local whole foods store so I can cut back on the amount of packaging we bring into our home. I found some glass containers that I can take along to the store with me to fill up there and then also store them in at home, but was wondering what to do about labels (I’ve used stickers before but that hasn’t worked so well when washing the jars between refills) and this solution seems perfect. Thank you!

  • So cute! I love how the lettering contrasts with some of the darker contents. Something I definitely want to do when I get my own place!

    becky ♡ star violet

  • OMG, this is so simple but really great! Doesn’t hurt that your handwriting is so perf!

  • Hey this is a really good idea ! But I don’t have open shelves in my kitchen so you can’t see the jars, i might be try this with other things that is not food ! 😉

    xoxo Clarisse

  • I moved from a kitchen with open shelving to one without. I toyed with the idea of installing custom shelves, but decided against it, since we are in a rental. I ended up putting all my jars on one of those black wire shelving units. Not quite as cute as the old place, but it will do for now. I always used just little handwritten sticky labels, but I love the paint pen idea!

  • I just did this last month with some ikea spice jars. I thought I would be able to tell the spices apart based on looks but that was a huge NO. I almost used dried dill instead of celery salt. The paint pens work so well!

  • I heart this so much! Love this idea! The link posted is showing the Painted by Me pens. The ones in the pic are Sharpie. Did you use the Sharpie ones?

    • Hi, I’m chilean, so my country is so far away of everything. It’s so amazing for me to see all these beautifull things you have.
      Tell me please how can i buy them.


      Loreto Poblete

  • That looks wonderful! I have my pasta, rice, flour etc. organized in glass containers as well, and I am sure it’ll look awesome with this addition!

  • Wow! They look great!

  • love this idea. I have some beautiful old 2-quart canning jars that I use in the same way, and have tried various labeling ideas including a label maker. I think this is prettier than the label maker labels by a long shot.

  • Those jars are beautiful! Open shelves are on my plan for the (someday) kitchen remodel! Saving this idea!

  • Paint pens are so nice and helpful! I always like to have a few around because you can use them in so many ways!

  • I’ve been using a china marker (grease pencil?) but it’s hard to write on glass. Thanks, I’ll be looking for a Sharpie paint pen or two!

  • Looks beautiful ! I wonder though if some food types is best kept in jars with no light being let in?

  • I love this idea so much. And yes… The little projects are very satisfying♥♥

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