Everything You Need to Organize Your Home (Room by Room)

Do you ever get in the mood to organize a room (or everything in your home) but feel completely overwhelmed at the idea? Big same.

In this post, we’re going to share everything you need to keep each room in your home organized. Tackling one area at a time makes organizing less daunting, and having the right “tools” can help even more.

Let’s start with the kitchen!

An under-the-sink organizer is a must, and we love one like this that has shelves and a sliding drawer.

Plastic storage bins can be used for practically anything, and these are “extra cute’ since they’re pink.

Links: Glass Storage Containers / Food Container Labels / Bakeware Rack / Spice Bottle Organizer / Bread Box / Hyacinth Baskets / Pink Storage Container / Flatware Organizer / Utensil Crock / Refrigerator Organizers / Under The Sink Organizer / Bin Organizer / Shelf Organizer / Tosca Basket / Broom Holder

Food storage containers (we also love these canisters) can help consolidate space—and you can add labels to them to keep dry goods extra organized.

We also swear by these refrigerator bins to keep things tidier. Laura used fridge bins and can organizers when she organized my fridge in one afternoon (such a helpful post!).

Hyacinth baskets and baskets like this with wooden handles are Elsie’s go-to when organizing her kitchen pantry. These canned good organizers are great, too!

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One of the biggest complaints about most bathrooms is not having enough space for storage. This is even more of an issue in older homes.

Placing a couple floating shelves on the wall can help a ton, and and you can store canisters (filled with cotton balls Q-tips, etc.) and other items on top of them.

A rolling cart (this one comes in several colors) or a wall mounted cabinet can be other storage savers.

Links: Rolling Cart / Stackable Bins / Marble Canister / Vanity Organizer / Floating Shelves / Utility Bucket / Canister Jars / Nail Polish Holder / Square Storage Tray / Vanity Organizer / Gold Shelf / Rectangle Storage Tray

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Closet and Bedroom

Similar to bathrooms, closets can really lack space. Luckily, there are tons of closet solutions available. Storage boxes with lids are great because they can be stacked (if needed) and you can even add your own custom labels to them.

When it comes to shoe storage, you can uses a classic over-the-door shoe holder or something like this wooden rack.

Have you ever stored items under your bed? It’s often a forgotten space, but under the bed boxes and drawers are an organizer’s dream!

Links: Shoe Holder / Pink Storage Bin / Laundry Hamper / Lidded Storage Box / Label Maker / Shoe Rack / Hangers / Accessory Stand / Canvas Organizer / Headband Holder / Stackable Bins / Laundry Cart / Storage Boxes

If your hall closet needs some extra love, you can see how Laura organized her hall closet (in one afternoon) here.

Want to go the DIY route? This closet wall storage idea is perfect for hanging bags, jewelry and other accessories. And, Laura’s easy built-in closet DIY is great for shoe storage!

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Laura’s organization-focused entryway is filled with design inspiration and plenty of tips. This utility shelf is perfect for holding keys, mail, and other small items.

We also love this wall shelf with gold hooks. Cute and functional!

Cleaning Tips

Is it too early to start spring cleaning? We prefer working on one room at a time so it’s not too overwhelming, and a cleaning checklist makes it easier as well.

One of our go-to cleaning tools for any room are Magic Erasers. We love using these to wipe off kitchen cabinets, walls, and baseboards. They are truly … like magic.

Speaking of cleaning supplies, if you want to make your own non-toxic cleaner, grab a spray bottle like this and mix this concentrated cleaner with some water and essential oils. We love adding sweet orange and lemon.

You can even make your own shower cleaning spray using clean ingredients.

When it comes to vacuuming, Emma swears by this handheld vacuum, and you can read her full review of it right here. Looking for more cleaning tips? Here’s how Laura cleaned her whole house in only 15 minutes.

So, are you feeling motivated to do some organizing this week? If you have any tips or organizing solutions we should know about, let us know in the comments!

P.S. Here are our most popular organization DIYs and tips and if you’re doing some spring cleaning check out Spring Cleaning Checklist!

xo, The ABM Team

  • I moved in with my boyfriend and we have some problems with organizing all our things. This was extremely helpful so thank you for sharing it!! We will finish our kitchen this weekend I will definitely use your tips!


  • Thanks for this article. I am always looking for more ways to organize my house and keep everything together. I feel like it helps me keep up on clutter and just helps my mindset throughout the day! If you are looking for a deep clean option for your upholstery I definitely recommend looking into that as well. It was a game changer and made my furniture clean and sanitized!! As always keep up the good work. You are one of my favorite blogs!

  • Omg ABM team! This post is fantastic! For all of us that have been trying to copy your pretty, organized houses, this is going to be a post we reference over and over again! I’m with you on the pink containers. Even family dollar has gotten the hint. They have some now, if you can catch them.

  • I have and need some of these items, but most importantly…where is your amazing olive flight suit from?? ?

  • What a fab post! I’ve recently moved, and trying to get everywhere organised, so this is super helpful!xx

    Hannah | https://luxuryblush.co.uk/

  • I love your focus on nontoxic home items and am surprised to see you recommending Magic Eraser (it gets an F from EWG, which I know is an imperfect tool). But it works so well! Would love to hear how you square effective but toxic options and if there are any nontoxic options that you’ve found that work as well (I haven’t yet!).

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