Tucked Braid Updo

Tucked Braid Updo (click through for full tutorial)Hello, everyone! It's Katie here again! Ever since Emma cut her hair several months back, I've been wanting to find more hairstyles for her new length. It's such a great cut, and I have quite a few friends who have this same general style, so I knew I needed to find more things that work for this length! Today, I have an updo for you to try out!

-hair elastics (3 or 4, depending on the thickness of your hair)
-bobby pins
-hair spray (optional)

Step 1- Section off the top of your hair into a ponytailStep One: Use your comb to gather the top section of hair from your head and tie off with an elastic. The goal here is to have three equal sections, so keep that in mind when gathering your first section.

Step 2- Section the middle off and create another ponytailStep Two: Gather hair from the middle section of the head and tie off with an elastic.

Step 3- three ponytails ready for braidingStep Three: Gather your last section, which is the bottom section, and tie off with an elastic. 

Step 4- begin french braiding the hairStep 4- continue braiding to the bottomStep Four: Begin French braiding down the ponytail, incorporating the hair from all three small ponytails. Continue until you reach the bottom.

Step 6- pull the braid so it separates and becomes fullerStep 6- Make the braid fullerSteps Five & Six: After you have reached the bottom and tied the braid off with an elastic, pull the braid outward to create a fuller-looking braid. Be careful not to pull it too much, or it will be extremely loopy when it's finished. I learned this the hard way.

Step 7- take the top of the braid over the top hair elastic and pin into place with a bobbi pinStep 7- pin the topStep Seven: Take the top of the braid above the first hair elastic and pin into place. Try to hide the elastic completely.

Step 8- roll the bottom hair elastic under and pin into placeStep 8- pin into placeStep Eight: Roll the bottom of the braid under and pin into place. Finish off the style by pinning the sides down until all the elastics are covered. Your final product should look something like this:

Tucked Braid Updo (click through for full tutorial)Lovely Tucked Braid UpdoTucked Braid Updo (click through for instructions)Emma's hair is such a great length for this style, and it looks beautiful on her! Don't be scared off if your hair is a little shorter or a little longer than Emma's. I think this style could work for a lot of lengths!

I'll be sharing some more styles in the coming weeks for all you gals with medium-length hair! Until then, happy braiding! xo. Katie

Credits // Author: Katie Shelton. Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Petal from The Fresh Collection.

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