TV Wall (Before + After)

TV area in Elsie Larson's Home (via A Beautiful Mess)When you move into a new home there seem to be two kinds of spaces. The first are those spaces that come together naturally, almost effortlessly. The second are those spaces that you have to redo and retry over and over again to get just right. Maybe the space is weird, or it's challenging to find just the right pieces. This is a story about a space like that… the bad kind. 

For a year and a half, our TV area looked like this:

BeforeOuch, my eyes!

It was a mess. As you can see, I had an idea about making a TV table out of crates that didn't quiteeee shape up as I had hoped. I realized that it wasn't going to work basically immediately, but after trying and failing to find a cool media table that was short enough to fit this tiny corner wall, I moved on to other projects. Sometimes when you live in a house for a while you can develop blind spots to unfinished areas; this was one of my biggest ones!

So, I continued ignoring this space until a year and a half later, after Josh had joined our team, when it dawned on me that HE COULD TOTALLY MAKE A CUSTOM TABLE! (Insert cheers! This is the turning point, you guys!) 

I shared my inspiration with Josh. I love the modern media cabinets from places like Gus* Modern and Joybird, but sadly, I needed a custom size. So Josh took this inspiration and drew up a plan. He's crazy talented.

TV area in Elsie Larson's Home (via A Beautiful Mess)  He built this awesome table! (DIY tutorial coming soon, don't you worry!) 

And I'm so happy with our space now. It completes the room! It feels fresh and intentional and (best of all) DONE. 

Here are the art links, in case you are curious about our mini gallery wall:

TV area in Elsie Larson's Home (via A Beautiful Mess) 1. I Hate Selfies by Monramos 2. Zeb Zebra by TinyFawn 3. Girl 1 Print by Pencilbox Shop 4. Succulent Poster by Leah Duncan

Thanks for taking a look at our new television space. It was totally worth the wait! Josh will be back soon with the epic project details. xx- Elsie 

Credits // Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with Stella from The Signature Collection. 

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