TV Wall (Before + After)

TV area in Elsie Larson's Home (via A Beautiful Mess)When you move into a new home there seem to be two kinds of spaces. The first are those spaces that come together naturally, almost effortlessly. The second are those spaces that you have to redo and retry over and over again to get just right. Maybe the space is weird, or it's challenging to find just the right pieces. This is a story about a space like that… the bad kind. 

For a year and a half, our TV area looked like this:

BeforeOuch, my eyes!

It was a mess. As you can see, I had an idea about making a TV table out of crates that didn't quiteeee shape up as I had hoped. I realized that it wasn't going to work basically immediately, but after trying and failing to find a cool media table that was short enough to fit this tiny corner wall, I moved on to other projects. Sometimes when you live in a house for a while you can develop blind spots to unfinished areas; this was one of my biggest ones!

So, I continued ignoring this space until a year and a half later, after Josh had joined our team, when it dawned on me that HE COULD TOTALLY MAKE A CUSTOM TABLE! (Insert cheers! This is the turning point, you guys!) 

I shared my inspiration with Josh. I love the modern media cabinets from places like Gus* Modern and Joybird, but sadly, I needed a custom size. So Josh took this inspiration and drew up a plan. He's crazy talented.

TV area in Elsie Larson's Home (via A Beautiful Mess)  He built this awesome table! (DIY tutorial coming soon, don't you worry!) 

And I'm so happy with our space now. It completes the room! It feels fresh and intentional and (best of all) DONE. 

Here are the art links, in case you are curious about our mini gallery wall:

TV area in Elsie Larson's Home (via A Beautiful Mess) 1. I Hate Selfies by Monramos 2. Zeb Zebra by TinyFawn 3. Girl 1 Print by Pencilbox Shop 4. Succulent Poster by Leah Duncan

Thanks for taking a look at our new television space. It was totally worth the wait! Josh will be back soon with the epic project details. xx- Elsie 

Credits // Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with Stella from The Signature Collection. 

  • Such a brilliant use of space! I love that it has such a warm feeling to it!

  • That was a great make over. Do you have ideas for a sewing table my space is limited.

  • I have coveted that Leah Duncan print for ages. Hmm…this might push me over the edge if it’s still available!

  • I love the art!! The table is amazing too, but the art is killing me…I think that I will make my bedroom walls white, and completely change my colour scheme, so that I can do a letter with black spots like that one 😉

  • OH MY GOD ! I can’t wait to see the tutorial, it looks amazing !

  • Looks really really good 🙂

  • I cannot wait for the DIY project. I am loving that zebra print. Off to Esty I go.

  • Love the after look and also adore the wall opposite the TV from what I can see in the reflection. Beautiful! x

  • Your new tv area is really awesome!!

    Too bad not everyone has a Josh around… 😉

  • Beautiful! I have seen those yellow roses in other posts I think? Are they a fake arrangement? They look awesome! Where did you find them?

  • Love that you have a Super Nintendo! Best game system, I still have one too. Super Mario kart and donkey kong country are where it’s at!

  • that cabinet is amazing!! i love the new look, so cleaned up, modern and gorgeous!!

  • That looks fantastic! I am trying to do something similar in my house but my husband doesn’t trust me around the TV, he is afraid I’ll get rid of it 😉

    Alex | PinkElephantBlog

  • uggg TVs. We finally decided on what we will do with ours. In fact, just last night we primed the family room to get things going. Yah, paint!
    That cabinet is awesome! Not sure about the art arrangement though, with the art in such a narrow column it drew my eye straight to the popcorn ceiling.

  • This is a great transformation, the before pic was not good! I love the succulent print, cool!


  • I love the table! Curious, did you throw away the crate? Or are you going to paint them and create something new with them:)

  • This is so darling. I love the little, white cabinet beneath the TV with the little circles. 🙂 Hope you have a beautiful day!


    the bbb blogger

  • Yeah, everything looks so much neater when things are tucked away in cabinets! I’m thinking of getting more drawers for my room so it doesn’t look that messy haha 😉

  • OMG you still have your Super Nintendo !!! I also have mine, and I still enjoy playing with it (played Super Mario World yesterday)! <3
    This geek comment apart, the custom table is amazing.
    But how do you keep your house so organized, clean and tidy ? Do you have a schedule to ensure you are not invaded with useless things ? I currently have an issue : too many things to fit in a small appartment and it would be useful to have some advice regarding this…

  • Oh my goodness, just incredible!! Can’t wait for the tutorial!! xo, laura

  • I love how you used the plant to hide the bit of wires traveling to the nearby plug. That was a teensy bit genius!

  • love this space now!

    Janine Maral from

  • I love this – my roommate and I just moved in and our contemplating how to do our TV wall – this looks great!

  • Hi there!
    My house isn’t always neat and tidy. I wish it was, but like everyone we have good days and bad days!
    xx- Elsie

  • Thats so cute. I am moving to a new apartment soon, and where to keep the television is the biggest concern. Will look forward to the tutorial!

  • Lovely! Hiding away all those cords makes the area look so sleek! Love the art on the wall too!

  • im struggling with my tv wall too, so glad to know im not alone!

    you can see what im starting with:

    i think it just needs a few more pieces of art. pictures, wall hangings, letters, something!

  • Oh wow, that cabinet is beautiful! Can’t wait for the DIY. Love how your TV space turned out! The artwork is perfect for that space.

  • WOW – it looks so much better than before. No Mess!
    And i love your picture wall soooo much.
    Thanks for postings this nice inspiration against mess.

    Greetings & Love

  • Can I borrow Josh for the weekend??? I’ll feed him, I promise.

  • I think what makes a lot of these room makeovers come together is the art. The yellow accents in the plants really pop!

  • I love this look. So simple and minimalistic! What a great space transformation. Can’t wait to do something like this in my own place.

  • Adorable space! I LOVE that cabinet! So awesome!!!


  • wooow!
    it looks amazing with the new furniture!!
    Xo, Belen
    A Hint of Life

  • Woah this is so incredibly cool! Can’t wait to see the DIY (…not that I am anywhere near brave enough to try it). So impressive! Fits in perfectly with the prints. I especially love the TinyFawn print.


  • Any wait to see your tutorial for this cabinet. It is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Exciting.

  • I NEVER know what to do with that awful space above the TV. I just moved and was actually just thinking about what I should do with that area. This is cute!

    xo Julianne

  • I’m more impressed by the Super Nintendo. The cabinet is beautiful as well though.

  • My TV area looks almost like this and what a coincidence that today while watching TV i was thinking the exact same thing..that these crates need to go and something better needs to come in! What a pleasant surprise to see a space in your house look so imperfect (the before) but Josh has done a great (after) job at it..I am loving all the furniture DIYs that you guys have been posting lately..xx

  • This looks so great! Wish I could do this in our home but unfortunately some of the bricks are too hard to drill through…xx

  • i love a hodgepodge of framed art! and can’t wait for the table tutorial.

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