Vanilla Cupcakes with Raspberry Filling





Hi there, it's Emma. I was really excited to bake my sister's wedding cupcakes, so I decided to create an original recipe just for the occasion! Now anytime we make these cupcakes they will always remind us of Elsie and Jeremy's big day.

Here's the recipe…

This recipe will make 22-24 regular size cupcakes.

For the cake batter: 2 1/2 cups flour, 2 cups sugar, 2 teaspoons baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 2/3 cup oil (I use vegetable or canola), 2 cups water, 2 teaspoons vinegar, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.

In a bowl combine all the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, baking soda and salt). In a seperate bowl combine all wet ingredients (oil, water, vinegar and vanilla extract). Slowly mix the dry ingredients into the wet until just combined and no visible lumps are left in the batter.

Fill cupcake pan (with liners) 2/3 full. Bake at 350 F for 20-22 minutes, until a tooth pick inserted in the middle comes out clean.

For the filling: 1 packaged softened cream cheese and 1/2 cup raspberry jam.

Mix cream cheese and jam together until combined, spoon filling into a pastry bag.

For the frosting: 1 1/2 cups softened butter, 1 1/2 to 2 cups powdered sugar and 1 teaspoon raspberry extract.

With an electric mixer beat the butter until creamy. Add 1 cup powdered sugar and beat until creamy. Keep adding  bit more sugar at a time (beating in between) until you reach your desired sweetness. Then add in the extract, mix and spoon into a pastry bag fitted with whatever pastry tip you like (or none at all).

Using a sharp knife cut out small upside down cones from the center of the cupcakes. Fill this little hole with the raspberry/cream cheese filling. Pipe on frosting to cover the hole and the rest of the cupcake. Garnish with a real raspberry or a raspberry candy (we used candies).


These are my favorite cupcakes of all time! Next week we'll share Emma's recipe for pink lemonade cupcakes. We had a fun little cupcake party last night. It was so nice to have a little bit of girl time and use my new kitchen aid mixer. Have a lovely weekend! Elsie 

  • What size cream cheese do you use to mix with the raspberry jam ?

  • How would you sugget storing the left overs?? These are just too delicious to let go to waste.

  • Dear Elsie,
    I’m new to your blog, having just discovered it. I just want to leave you a message that I think your blog is so much fun to read through. I love the recipes the most since Im a baking blogger. Thank you for sharing your world with me. Jackie

  • i absolutely love everything about your blog!!! :)delicious recipe!

  • Emma- I baked these for a bunch of Soldiers this weekend and they could not stop raving about them! Thank you so much for the wonderful recipe!!

  • Hi, I absolutely love this! I was wondering if there was any way you could convert the US measurements into measurements for UK? I’m having trouble trying to figure it out!
    Thank you!

  • Since it’s my first time making cupcakes at home I have a question about the recipe. [: The flour is just normal flour or self raising flour? I just wanted to make sure. I hope you can reply this.(I know its a stupid question). Can’t wait to make them. ^^ They look absolutely marvelous. <3

  • 冷蔵庫やエアコンなどの白物家電が好調だ。国内市場では省エネ製品のニーズの高まりを背景に2月の国内出荷額が8カ月ぶりにプラスに転じた。海外市場でも、中間層が拡大している新興国を中心に需要が急増。「厳しい経営環境の中、2桁成長」(パナソニックの大坪文雄社長)を続けており、テレビ事業の不振に悩む大手電機の収益に大きく貢献している。

  • these look amazing! thanks for sharing xoxo

  • These look delicious…must try soon! I’m wondering if it’s possible to substitute coconut oil instead of the recommended oil? If so, would I use the same amount?

    Thank you!

  • My daughter and I tried your recipe. The filling and the icing taste great, but the cupcake recipe seems to have too much of something, the oil maybe. They didn’t taste good or look good, too doughy. So we are going to save the filling and icing and make the cupcakes using a different recipe. You might want to change your cake recipe.

  • I made these today, and even though they took a while they were so worth it! I officially LOVE this recipe and can’t wait to tweak it to make other types of cupcakes (maybe just vanilla cupcakes like the recipe but with homemade chocolate frosting?!) Thank you so much for this, my friends were all so impressed, haha.

  • ===( )
    ===( )===

  • These cupcakes are so delicious! I made them last week, and they were a hit (:

    Thanks a lot for sharing the recipe! <3 xo

  • I make cupcakes basically every day for people. I like mixing up the crazy flavors and doing wild things with my cupcakes when people order them.

    These are so delicate and adorable. Absolutely perfect. I love the way these look <3

  • I made these cupcakes for a party I had, and everyone said they were the best cupcakes they had ever had. I had to change the recipe a bit because I didnt have a few ingredients, but they were still sooo good! THANK YOU!!!!

  • Hi there, how much creamed cheese do you mean when you say “1 packaged softened cream cheese”? I want to give this recipe a shot, it looks great. Thanks 🙂

  • We had so much fun making these in a cup instead of regular cupcakes. Check it out here:

  • My friend Kristen and I JUST finished making these! Not only are they adorable, but also ridiculously delicious. We are sort of in love with the fact that there is filling “hidden” inside, so we decided to rename them “Shhhh….it’s a secret, mystery funcakes.”

  • How big is one package of cream cheese? I’m from Canada and I’m not sure if the packaging size would be different.

  • I’m making these for my birthday party next week! I hope they turn out as cute as yours! <3

  • These cupcakes looked wonderful this morning….then I baked them. They were not good. The raspberry cream cheese was delicious, though.

  • That’s so sweet, Emma! Thanks for sharing the recipe. They sound absolutely yummy & I love raspberries!

  • I made these cupcakes today and shared them with my family!! Thanks so much! Is the cake mix a vegetarian recipe?? I noticed it had no eggs.


  • I made these delicious morsels of loveliness last night and they are to die for! Come see my post about it!!! heehee



  • I just made a bunch, just with a slightly different recipe though. But Oh My, they are delicious!! I’m gonna to make these the rest of my life! <3

  • I just raced home on my lunch break to make these bad boys for my girls night tonight… the filling was delish! I still need to ice them but cannot wait to taste test. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  • What a great idea! Yum! I will be making those very soon! Just need to come up with an excuse.


  • These look amazing! I think I’m going to try them this weekend:)

  • Ah wow, they really do look delicious !
    Your sister is so lucky with a loveley sis like you ! I’ll try to make them for my sister’s wedding as well ! ^^ x

  • Thanks for sharing!
    yum yum yumm 🙂


  • Yes, please! These look divine! And I’ve had my eye on that sweet plate for a while… 😉

  • Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I’m so excited to try it! Yum!

  • I can’t wait to try this recipe!! It looks totally delicious! I will be sharing the recipe on my blog perhaps!

    Looking forward to the pink lemonade recipe!

    Xox, Molly

  • These cupcakes look delicious! I don’t know if I am the only one, but this wouldn’t be the first time that I get inspiration from cute cupcakes for outfits. I love the colors!

  • Yes please. Enjoy them!

    I just started my new blog. Please come peek.

  • these look great. i tried making pink lemonade cupcakes once and they were not the best…i’ll look forward to emma’s now.

  • Oh, yummy. I’m going to have to try these!

    Instead of cutting out a cone, have you tried just jamming the tip of the piping bag into the cupcake (either top or bottom) & squeezing the filling in that way? I’ve seen others do that before. I wonder which would work better?

  • Yum. They look fantastic. Cannot wait till I have time to do some baking xo

  • They look so good, thanks for sharing the recipe! Might have to give this a go!

  • *drools* These sound scrumptious!!! And Pinning this I go. 😉 I’ll be back for those pink lemonade cupcakes too!!!

    P.S. Cupcake Party?! That sounds SO fun!

  • These look SO good! Cupcakes and raspberries – I think that’s just the perfect combination. Dreamy. Thank so much for sharing! x

  • Those look sooooooooo good! I am going to go eat a cupcake right now:)

  • So can’t wait to try these!! xD I also can’t wait for the lemonade cupcakes too!

  • These look so scrumptious! Raspberries are sooooooo yummy in cupcakes.

  • Those look so pretty and delicious…Just like the cake pops we got in your store today! Thank you for such a lovely experience there. My friend and I had a great road trip to your lovely store. Many blessings to you and yours.

    P.S. We may make a trip back in the fall…we can’t wait!

    xxoo, Miranda

  • Raspberry adds such nice flavour on desserts. I had them on pancakes last time and it was su[perb!

  • Too funny – my niece made our wedding cake and it was the same flavors. We never got any of it but we heard it was delicious… lol.

  • Yum! I’ve wanted to visit Red Velvet for so long to taste one of Emma’s cupcakes. I am so happy you posted this recipe! I will give them a try (I’m sure they wont be near as tasty or beautiful as Emma’s though lol).

  • these look so delicious. i can’t wait to have an excuse to try them. yum!


  • looks so yummy

  • We can hardly wait t try these! Thank you Emma for sharing. You are one talented girl. It must be in the genes! Happy baking, Melissa

  • The words “cupcake party” fill me with intense delight. Methinks some planning is in order. 😀

  • Yum these look so delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe – I can’t wait to try it! 🙂


  • These look so tasty, I might have to give them ago, which is fine as I seem to be mastering the cooking of sweet things lately 🙂

  • I love raspberries. These look amazing! I’m going to have to give them a try.

    ♥ Gina Michele

  • Hello Elsie, I am a Brazilian newspaper reporter and would like to interview you for a bridal magazine. My email is I await your return. Thank you.

  • These are the prettiest cupcakes ever! Thank you for sharing the recipe. <3

  • They look so pretty and perfect! Love your wrist tattoo very cute

  • They look yummy! I love that Emma used that raspberry candy. I used to get that from my grandma as a child and I used to eat all the little nonpareils one by one before moving on to the chewy centre.

  • Those sound absolutely delicious! It makes me want to through a party and make them 🙂
    Love and Turtledoves,

  • yum! these sounds so delicious!! i’m definitely pinning these to make in the future.

  • Yummy! I can’t wait to give them a bake:) Isn’t a kitchen aid the best? I bake just to use it! xo.

  • Thanks so much!

    Jenn, Emma hasn’t made these for her cupcake shop yet, but I’m sure she will someday. They’re the best!!

  • Oh wow, these look amazing. I’m not sure mine would come close to looking this pretty, any plans to have a cupcake counter at Red Velvet?

  • I am so glad you shared the recipe for those. I have been wondering how Emma made them. They look beautiful!

  • I’m so glad you posted the recipe! These cupcakes look absolutely delicious (the frosting looks even better ;]). I’m going to try and make these now 🙂

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