We Love Good Dye Young!

A few weeks ago, we met up with Hayley and Brian from Good Dye Young at their studio in Nashville, Tennessee. GDY was recently in our Oui Fresh beauty box and they are a local business that we absolutely love. They make fun semi-permanent and temporary hair dye. I love that it is naturally scented with bergamot and orange essential oils! It’s pretty rare to find hair products that are naturally scented that aren’t marketed as “crunchy,” if you know what I’m saying … so I fully support what they are doing!!

I brought Nova along with me because I thought it would be fun to try some temporary hair color on her white hair. As a new mama, I always want to look for ways to involve her in my business life if it’s just for fun and it’s something she could enjoy! It’s something I want to be intentional about as she grows up.

Brian let me choose what color to use for Nova’s hair and I chose purple, so he mixed together the blue and pink poser paste.

What a cutie!!!!! She spent the whole rest of the day saying “purple hair … purple hair …”

I spent time chatting with Hayley and Brian about their friendship (they met 12 years ago and are best friends—he travels with her band, Paramore, and does her amazing stage looks as well), their new business and some reallyyyy exciting new products that they’ll be rolling out soon (I’m not sure if I’m supposed to share, but I’ll tell you it’s not hair dye and I am 100% going to be a customer). We also talked about the emotional aspects of hair dye, and hair changes. I know it may sound petty to some, but hair can be a powerful force for self-esteem and a symbol of a new season in life!

As someone who gains her super powers from my hair extensions, I can relate (ha!).

I always wanted pink hair—growing up and in my 20s, and if I’m being honest … still today. Bleached hair isn’t my best look, but I’m happy for Nova that she’ll be able to change her hair on a whim (without bleach!) and as many times as she wants. I fully support this type of self-expression (as long as it’s non-toxic and scented with essential oils—haha!).

My mom never wanted me to dye my hair, but she let me begin in seventh grade and I never stopped. In all my teen years, I wore the most hideous outfits, but she only told me to change my clothes ONE time. Respect! I want to be like her and support my children as they express themselves through fashion and style.

Look how everyone only cares about Nova. This is my life now! 🙂

Thanks for letting me share about a company I love! This post is not sponsored. Brian and Hayley are so sweet and I’m really inspired by what they are doing. I am so proud of the green beauty “scene” in Nashville. NOT BAD AT ALL. I hope some of you will find a new brand to love from this!

Let me know what other types of green beauty posts you’d like to see! xx – Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Keely Rust. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

  • I really enjoyed reading about WLDGY and their outstanding products but Nova is clearly the star of this show.:)

  • i just recently put some pink in my hair after wanting it for a long time. it feels so good! i’ve been using Overtone, which is a temporary colored conditioner (it smells really good and makes my hair feel amazing!), but i’ll have to check out good dye young!

  • I’ve been hearing a lot of Good Dye Young and it has piqued my interest, but reading your review has really sealed the deal for me–I can’t wait to try out their products!

  • I love that you guys highlight green beauty brands in such an accessible way. While I can be pretty crunchy sometimes, when marketing for green products goes to in that direction they start to feel out of reach for me. Like if I’m not a perfect earth goddess I can’t use such-and-such shampoo. That’s all to say that I love your approach to beauty!

  • I absolutely feel that about the emotional connection to hair dye. I’ve had various shades of pink hair for about 8 months now, and I feel like I *finally* look like myself. I’m fortunate that my job is cool with it, I can’t imagine looking any other way now! I will have to check this brand out.

  • I had wanted pink hair forever and when I finally was able to quit my corporate job and start my business, I DID IT! And I have never regretted it! People actually tell me it looks “natural”! Like my hair was meant to be pink! If only!

  • I’m with you on the hideous outfits…. my ultimate form of rebellion in high school was turquoise hair and making skirts out of my childhood bed sheets with insane, intentionally clashing thrift store clothes and punk band buttons and patches. Weird artsy girl stuff in a hick town wear everyone wore work boots lol. My mom only asked me once, too. I’m sure I was embarrassing!

    • Let’s hear for all those understanding moms (and dads) of art kids out there! BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE

  • Ugh, my 3 most favourite things. Purple hair, ABM and Paramore!!

    Could not love this more if I tried!!!

  • Such a lovely share! I always have a hard time changing my hair, but it seems you’ve done everything from long to super short. How wonderful that your mother let you express yourself fully, too. Nova is a lucky little girl!

    Eva | www.shessobright.com

  • I do have pink hair and looooove it, my kiddos think it’s pretty fun too . My thought was to have it be a fun summer thing but it’s February and…still pink 🙂 I love trying new (natural) products to keep up on the color so I’m excited to check this out. Also, when I was in college I saw no doubt and Paramore together and it was ???? thanks for sharing Elsie and I cannot wait to see all the different hair colors Nova will be rocking through out the years ????

  • Yes! After watching your stories on Nova’s GDY experience, I got some pink poser paste for myself! Can’t wait to try it and I love it even more that’s is small business.

  • Elsie,
    You would LOVE LOVE LOVE this trio of all natural face cleanse, serum and souffle.
    Once I started with this, thought of you and your natural beauty quest.
    Hope you connect with the owner – LiShawn Lalonde. Cheers to you. -Amy Gurich

  • this hair dye seems great…good to know it is natural!


  • I just had my hair dyed after a two year break and you are so right it really can do something for your self esteem and self care. However wow did I have a reaction and I blame you guys because I was acutely aware that I was deep into chemicals and toxic stuff!! Now I’m wondering how many non toxic hair coloring options are out there in my area!

  • Can’t speak for their products, but they sure chose a good name for their brand, made me laugh out loud 🙂 and Nova looks so sweet!

  • I too want pink hair one day. The troubles of the dark brunettes! I don’t want to bleach my hair to get the color. When I finally let my hair go platinum I’ll for sure rock all the fun colors. Totally want to be that old lady with the tinted purple or pink hair.

  • So nice to read about Good Dye Young. Will check their products out now! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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