Whiskey Sours Forever

A fresher homemade whiskey sour recipe!Hey guys! Have any of you tried making your own sour mix yet? If not, add that to your list, because I’m about to share my recipe for whiskey sours! This isn’t just any whiskey sour. It’s a fresher, sweeter homemade whiskey sour. This is one of those drinks where the old school recipe differs greatly from the restaurant version. So this isn’t a classic recipe (at all!). It’s the easy version, and I think it’s a great homemade mixed drink. Emma shared a classic recipe if you want to compare, chili cook-off style. 😀

A fresher homemade whiskey sour recipe! Elsie’s Whiskey Sour, serves one

2 ounces Whiskey (We like Maker’s Mark Whisky)
2 ounces sour mix (recipe here)
Club soda

Mix the whiskey and sour mix in a medium sized glass. Add ice and top off with club soda. Stir and give it a little taste test. You can add more sour mix if you want more flavor. Garnish with a cherry and lemon slice. Enjoy!

A fresher homemade whiskey sour recipe! These Luxardo cherries really are the best thing known to man. They’re a little pricey, but ever since Emma gifted me a bottle I’ll always have one in my fridge. They’re SO delicious and make homemade drinks a lot more legit feeling.

A fresher homemade whiskey sour recipe! A fresher homemade whiskey sour recipe! Cheers!! xo. Elsie

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson

  • I just made your homemade sour mix. I love the fresh taste. Just made myself a Whiskey Sour. Delicious!! I’ll be making this more often.

  • one of my favorite drinks. This homemade recipe looks delicious! I think I’ll try it this St Patty’s Day. I picked this post as one of My Friday Favorites – you can check it out here: http://wp.me/p2hp9V-Z3

  • My hubby’s coworker took a bartending class with one of the best bartenders in Vancouver & here’s the recipe he got & passed on to me – from what my hubby says & his friend, this is a pretty classic recipe. I don’t even like whiskey sours, and I can drink these!

    – 1 1/2oz bourbon (big end of a jigger)

    – ¾ oz lemon juice (fresh – small end of jigger)

    – ¾ oz simple syrup (small end of jigger) (boil 1x of sugar in 1x of water to make your simple syrup, i.e. 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar, stir, bring to a boil until sugar is completely dissolved, don’t let it boil more than a few seconds or it will become too sweet, let it sit and cool down, keep it in the fridge for up to a month).

    – Mix all ingredients in a shaker, shake with ice, strain and serve in a whiskey glass & top with bitters if you want to

    – OR with egg white, slightly shake it before mixing the other ingredients, then add the rest just as above. It will give you a nice foam to put the bitters on (restaurants that make them this way use powdered egg whites)

  • yes to the whiskey sourrr! yum! i’m so happy you do all these cocktail posts. they are awesome, and i can’t wait to try these handsome maraschino cherries!

    p.s. i apologize, but: emma didn’t gift them to you, she gifted you with them. ugh, i know. carry on! 🙂

  • Have you ever tried Amarena cherries?
    They’re delicious. And they come in a pretty container, even better 🙂

  • It’s super easy to make your own maraschino cherries! Sour cherries will be back in season in early/mid-Summer: I recommend stocking up on a bunch and marinating your own.


  • I just drooled at this post! Cucumber and Citrus is so amazing! So trying it this weekend!


  • You guys continue to wow me with your tutorials on making drinks at home. My birthday is coming up in a few months and I think it might be a good time to try out some of these drinks with some friends!

  • too funny. my husband just ordered this for our 2 year old last night at dinner (as a joke). the conversation quickly turned to, ‘what’s in a whiskey sour?’. now, i know. and they look delicious!

  • Ooh I absolutely love Whiskey Sours! You ladies should try a Honey Berry Sour too 🙂 http://www.everywordhandwritten.co.uk/2013/08/honey-berry-sour.html

  • Just discovered your blog… love, love it! (Especially the name – could describe my life!) I’m your newest follower 🙂 And can’t wait ’til cocktail hour to try your Whiskey Sour!

  • Yum! I’m so going to try this this weekend 😀 Come on Friday, why aren’t you here yet? 😉


  • Whiskey Sours AND amaretto sours are my favorite ever. YUMMY! Go to drink when beer and wine just won’t do.



  • I’ve never made sour mix before, but I did *try* to make maraschino cherries one time. They didn’t turn out right. I don’t think I used enough sugar. But those Luxardo ones look DELICIOUS. I’m kind of a cherry snob when it comes to whiskey drinks, so I might have to splurge ;on those!

  • I’ve already made the sour mix twice! It is so delightfully sweet and refreshing. I’m an amaretto sour girl (I love the sweet stuff!), but I will definitely have to give this a try!

  • Yum!! Whisky sours are my favourite made-at-home cocktail (Restaurants just don’t know how it’s done)! Especially on a lazy date-night in! Forty Creek is my whisky of choice. I’ll have to try adding club soda

  • I’m not a huge whiskey girl but i am willing to try these once i get my bar cart together 🙂

  • I don’t drink, but I’m gonna commit to making a virgin version of each one of your cocktails… They always look so darn pretty

  • I’m not a huge fan of the classic recipe I’ve discovered, so I’d love to try this sweeter version, post baby haha.

  • I’m not a whiskey drinker myself, but my husband loves whiskey, especially Maker’s Mark. I might have to make him some home made sour mix soon. Another inspired post, keep it up ladies.


  • I could use one of those tonight!

    xo Jennifer


  • I don’t know if my comment from the homemade sour mix (about adding soda water) had anything to do with this creation but I’m going to pretend it did =D

  • I haven’t actually had a whiskey drink yet, but this sounds so delicious that I might just have to go out and buy the ingredient!

  • I love whiskey sours!!! I have not made it with the club soda. I will have to try that next time! Making your own sour mix is awesome.


  • Favorite drink, I love mixing it up with fizzy cucumber-basil-lime too!

  • Yes please! Bring on the weekend and the polar vortex!


  • Hey ladies…while the Luxardo cherries are AMAZING I would HIGHLY recommend the Cocktail Cherries by Mess Hall & Co. They are the best I have ever had (and I have had many a cocktail cherry). The best thing about them is that they are a local company here in Chicago. T Also…they come in a weck jar, so hello re-purposing!(http://messhallandco.com/)

  • mmmm! Looks delicious! I’m still dying to try the amaretto sour recipe!



  • Yum whiskey sours, I’m suddenly very thirsty for cocktails… 🙂

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