White Dot Curtains DIY

White Dot Curtains DIY    Now that we have the kitchen and downstairs bathroom completed at the studio, we are moving on to finish the other rooms on the first floor. We are getting pretty close to finishing the dining room, but we wanted some curtains to give a little privacy on our extra tall windows. I chose a lightweight linen so it wouldn't block too much light, and we wanted to added a little bit of texture to the panels, so I stamped a white dot pattern on the bottom half of the curtains. 

White Dot Curtains DIY Supplies:
-thin white fabric for curtain panels
-fabric scissors and straight pins
-white fabric paint
foam circle pouncers

Step One: Measure the height and width of your window. You'll want your final curtains to measure 1 1/2 times the width of your window, so use that number as your width measurement. Add 4 1/2" to the height measurement (2" for bottom hem and 2 1/2" for top rod pocket) and an extra 4" to the width measurement (1" on either side of your two panels). Cut your fabric to the appropriate length and width, and cut your fabric evenly down the middle to split the panel into two panels. 

Step Two: At the top of each of your panels, fold and pin a 1/2" hem. Press your hem with an iron. 

Step Three: Fold the hem another 2" and pin in place. Press your hem again with an iron.

Step Four: Sew down your hem 1/4" away from your inside folded edge to create a pocket that your curtain rod will go through.

White Dot Curtains DIY  Step Five: Repeat a similar process with the bottom hems, but turn under 1" and iron in place and then fold another 1" again. Press your seam and sew across the bottom hem 1/4" from the inside edge like you did on the top hem. This is the same process you will use for the side hems, but you'll turn under 1/2" each time and sew with a 1/4" seam allowance. If you have a serger, I would suggest doing a rolled hem on the sides instead of a hem (that's what I did), so if you choose that route, just cut your width without the extra inches for the side hems.

Step Six: Get your white fabric paint and circle pouncers (you can use a scrap piece of cardboard for your paint tray). You'll also want to put cardboard under your curtain so you don't get paint on your floor when you press down the pouncer.

Step Seven: Decide how far up you want your dots to go, and mark that spot with a piece of tape or a pin. Starting with the biggest circle, dip your pouncer into the paint until saturated. Press firmly onto the bottom of your panel, and make as many dots as you can before you need to reload on paint.

Step Eight: Stamp your dots close together at the bottom of your panel, and use smaller dots (and make less of them) the closer you get to your end mark. Once you reach the end of the dots, gently pull your curtain off the cardboard, and lay it on another piece of cardboard to dry. Don't let your paint dry without moving it first, or it will stick to the cardboard you stamped it on, and it will pull off a little bit of cardboard with it when you go to remove it later. 

White Dot Curtains DIY  White Dot Curtains DIYWhite Dot Curtains DIY You can certainly change up the look of these curtains with different colored dots to match a particular room or decor scheme. We like the light pattern of the white dots on white fabric because it adds a little texture without being too overwhelming. Little by little this room is coming together! xo. Laura

Credits // Author: Laura Gummerman. Photography: Laura Gummerman and Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Stella from the Signature Collection.

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