White Wine Spritzer: Two Ways

White wine spritzer recipeWhite wine spritzers always make me think of Liz Lemon (any other 30 Rock fans out there?). There's an episode where she orders a Manhattan and the bar tender asks what kind of bourbon. And she replies, a white wine spritzer. 🙂 Love that. Been there.

So, naturally after seeing that episode some years ago I promptly looked up what a white wine spritzer was because it obviously should be a drink I know. And it turns out that they are simple, light and super refreshing. I love this basic recipe from Martha Stewart. But I also like to add mint. Here's two variations for making your own.Easy white wine spritzerWhite Wine Spritzer with Mint Simple Syrup

To make the mint simple syrup heat equal parts water and sugar (1/2 cup each for a small batch) plus 2-3 sprigs of mint (stems and all) over high heat, stirring constantly until all the sugar is dissolved. Remove the mint leaves and store your syrup in a air tight container.

Now mix 6 ounces white wine (any kind you prefer) and 1/2 tablespoon mint simple syrup, stir to incorporate. Add 3 ounces club soda, ice and a few slices (or balls) of melon. Garnish with a mint sprig.White wine spritzerLazy White Wine Spritzer, makes one.

Combine 6 ounces white wine, 3 ounces Sprite (or Sierra Mist or 7up), a few ice cubes and melon+mint to garnish. This version is great if you're pressed for time, or camping, or just not feeling like making simple syrup.Melon ballsI love both versions! And as long as you garnish, they both end up looking quite fancy (so no one is the wiser!). Enjoy these while it's still warm guys. xo. Emma

  • Spritzer is one of my favorite drinks – I usually serve it with two or three slices of lemon and some ice cubes. I love that you added some mint leaves as well as melon balls to your drink – it looks so colorful! Perfect for hot summer days!

    Thank you for sharing!

  • In Germany we have this drink with elderflower syrup (same procedure as for mint syrop). It’s called “Hugo” then. Try it with ice, a little lime and mint leaves, very refreshing!

  • yum! white wine spritzers are delicious, and these look amazing!
    thanks for sharing 🙂
    xo, cheyenne

  • Love 30 Rock, I actually just watched that episode today (thank you Netflix)! I’ve been making sangria all summer but I might have to spritz up my wine next time 🙂

  • my best friend and i have always made a concoction called “poor mans sangria” which is basically a pint glass filled to the top with ice. then you fill it 3/4ths of the way full with a cheap red wine (big house red or 2 buck chuck works for this) and you top it with sprite zero. (its actually kinda pertinent that you use the sprite ZERO, because its so sweet that it cuts through the bitter cheap red wine), stick a straw in it and ENJOY!!

  • That looks and sounds delicious!! It looks somewhat like white sangria. Which I really really like! SO jummie!! Melon balls not only look good, I think they are SO fun to make too, so weird but I like making melon balls… haha. I’m really bummed summer is almost over, but I think I will be drinking a lot of this next summer!! 😀

    love, Saar

  • I never knew what these were and I HAVE to make them now! Summer days are counted :]

  • I love the 30 Rock episode when Liz Lemon is walking on a treadmill and drinking out of a bottle of wine at the same time. Gotta love Liz!

  • I love the presentation…super cute! I will have to put my own spin on this the next time I have a gathering.


  • I’m more than a little obsessed with Liz Lemon. And I’m with you: I’d take a white wine spritzer over bourbon any day. This recipe looks awesome!


  • I actually ADORE white wine spritzers. Harnessing my inner old lady is always a grand time. 🙂
    These are quite beautiful too!


  • Hmmmm very yummy looking! 🙂

    Stephanie May*


  • Next make the cocktail Liz keeps in a thermos by her toilet, known as Funky Juice:
    Sprite, white wine, and ice. Lol 😉

  • I have to try this ASAP

    Lx Hugs


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  • Ahhh I’m super a Lemon fan. She totally embodies those completely real moments. Also a big fan of a good wine spritzer, looking forward to trying these!

  • I love how you used melon-balls! I’m just about to head off to work in a cocktail bar so I’m enjoying drink posts very mucho. Now you need to discover the goodness that Southside is (gin+mint+cucumber+lime)!

  • love this post like always.. Nice.. 🙂


  • They look amazing!
    like mojitos, mmmmmmmm
    love cocktails for summer

    and white wine is my favourite wine


  • Oh my, these look crazy delicious!! They would be perfect for a cozy Sunday breakfast.
    Wonderful and Marvelous

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  • Ah so good! they look very yummy indeed.


  • Hi Emma,
    these drinks sound so great – I need to try them asap this weekend. Also, I want to share with you one of the most popular German drink recipes this summer. It’s called “Hugo” and you should def go for it – it’s absolutely refreshing!
    So, here goes:

    2-3 ice cubes
    fresh mint
    2 cl elder syrup
    2 cl sparkling wine
    a shot of soda water or mineral water
    also, you can add some pieces of lemon, if you fancy it

    Have fun if you happen to try this recipe. 🙂
    xo, Nadine

  • They look so deliciously wonderfully summery! I can’t wait for the warm weather!

  • Delicious. I love a white wine spritzer but I’ve never tried one beyond the simple wine and lemonade. I’ll definitely be trying this when I can drink again.

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  • these drinks are so yummy. The little balls of melon are such a good idea!


  • I discovered Spritz wine in Venice, but there they make it with just Campari and sparkling white wine!

  • we in Vienna/Austria love to drink White Wine Spritzer and the “it-Spritzer” this season is called “HUGO”.
    You take some white wine, add elderflower syrup, soda, ice cubes and some mint leafs. Refreshing and the right thing for summer

  • How fun, here in Austria “white wine Spritzer” (or Gspritzter as we call it – it’s sort of our national drink) is more simple: just cooled white wine and sparkling water. Sometimes you get a lemon or a cucumber with it (I prefer the cucumber).
    But I guess your white wine Spritzer is tastier than “ours”.

  • Love me some spritzers! I do the lazy version quite often (because I’m lazy, duh). It’s a good way to have a white wine that you aren’t too fond of on its own (ahem, birthday presents of wines I don’t like…).

  • I don’t drink but I do love 30 Rock. So, I appreciate to reference. lol

    – tianna 🙂

  • Lovely!!!! Thanks for sharing!


  • great ideas for summer drinks (including the comments). i will have to remember them for next summer when white wine is back on my personal menu 😉


  • White wine spritzers are dangerous…but I love them! I must try these recipes

  • BLAMMO! I love white wine spritzers, they feel very “80s old lady” which is never a bad thing.

  • I have seriously never heard of these and they look great! Bring in summer in Australis so we can enjoy too!!

  • White wine spritzers are my favorite summer drink. However, we make them a little differently. Trader Joe’s has this carbonated French Berry Lemonade that is absolutely fantastic mixed with white wine (pinot grigio, or else it’s too sweet). It’s DELICIOUS!

  • I LOVE white wine spritzers! They are my go to summer drink! In Australia we just add Soda Water, and sometimes a little mint, but the recipes above have me inspired!

  • I’ve never had one but it sounds delicious. I love Liz Lemon. I’ll be so sad when 30 Rock is over but there’s always syndication!


  • Remove the mint and try it with soda and lime….squeeze 1/8 lime in and then drop it in the top. The slight tartness is perfect on a hot summer day when sometimes the sugar can get a bit cloying.

  • never tried that one. Oh m this recipes of yours are full of surprises Emma! lov’ that


  • Love 30 rock too! And I think adding mint is such a nice touch. Looks so refreshing! 🙂


  • I love creative ideas like this for parties and gatherings. Part of the fun of having a party is preparing everything in my opinion.


  • Lovely…I always forget about white wine spritzers! And living in Jamaica where it’s warm all year, it’s a very refreshing drink! And such a nice change from just a glass of wine all the time…

  • Interesting what you Americans call a White Wine Spritzer :-))) If you ever come to Austria, don’t be surprised. I am not sure but I guess we invented the “Spritzer” as it’s called here. The German (Austrian) word “aufspritzen” means to add sparkling water (which is called Soda – but it’s just tap water with gas *gg*)to any kind of juice or wine. Therefore a Spritzer is just wine and sparkling water – of course there are variations now, very popular these days is Aperol Spritzer or Hugo (mixed with elderflour syrup)
    Your recipes look very yummi though and I think they are exactly the right drinks for these warm summer nights.

  • I am watching that episode RIGHT NOW on syndication, and wondered, “What IS a white wine spritzer?”. Well timed! -LEMON OUT!

  • i love WWS! perfect summer drink. plus you feel ‘like a grown up’ (from the 80s) drinking it….it kind of reminds me of a ‘pretend you’re an adult’ type drink.

  • It really is all in the garnish, which is what I usually forget… as I’m too excited to gulp it down and all 🙂 Love the colorful melon balls and mint! First: Patience. Second: Melon Balls.

    The Secondhand Magpie

  • Emma, both you and Liz Lemon are ladies after my own heart.

    Now tell me how to make the perfect waffle so I can make Leslie Knope’s favorite food at home. I already know how to make the whipped cream to top it!


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