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How to Make Cakesicles

Author Ren Padilla



  1. Melt chocolate in a microwave safe cup or bowl starting with 30 seconds. Take out, stir, and repeat until melted 10 seconds at a time. Pour melted chocolate in your cakesicle mold. I’m using yellow chocolate.

  2. Rotate your mold around. Let chocolate run to each side of the mold until all sides are coated with chocolate. I try to do this several times so it gets a nice thick coat. Make sure you clear the opening for the stick so this area won’t crack later.

  3. Fill the mold with cake pop dough and leave enough space on top for a thin layer of chocolate. Insert the cakesicle stick into the mold cavity. Here you can leave the stick in or take it back out. I like to take it back out because it makes it easier to release the cakesicle when ready.

  4. Pour melted chocolate on top of the dough. Spread chocolate until the dough is fully covered. Place in freezer for 20 minutes.

  5. Release the cakesicle from the mold gently or it will possibly crack. Cracks happen when the chocolate walls aren’t thick enough. Adhere the stick to the cakesicle with a little melted chocolate.

Recipe Notes

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